Fixed /usurp doesn't solve when a guild has no Senior Officers

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Lejax, May 21, 2020.

  1. Lejax New Member

    Hi -

    I'm in a guild that has had a revival during this quarantine, but the leader hasn't logged on since 2015, and we have no Senior Officers. (We have tried with no success to contact the player who was the old Leader for three weeks now.) We'd like an option to usurp leadership too.

    What's our path to getting someone set as Leader?
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  2. Cannikin Elder

    I second this, the /usurp command needs to be changed to allow regular officers to use it. The old guild I have in mind has no senior officers because the rank did not exist at the time the leader stopped playing.
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  3. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    Just petition at this point. Expanding the use of /usurp command opens it further to potential abuse.

    Just petition.
  4. Dreamrider Elder

    How so? If you add a trickle-down effect, there is no abuse.

    If the leader hasn't checked in for a year, then a Senior Officer can take leadership. It doesn't specify that there is any stipulation which Senior Oiicer can use it, any of them can.

    So you can carry it down: If the leader and Senior Officers have been absent for over a year (or 18 months total: 12 months for a leader then 6 months for any Senior Officer), then the next level of players should be eligible (which are normally Officers).

    Update: Senior Officers by definition imply that there ARE regular officers.
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  5. Lejax New Member

    I did that about 10 days ago. No response yet. I just checked again. The petition was silently deleted with no status. But I've submitted another one.
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  6. ozpunk New Member

    Have this same issue with my guild, will submit a petition also and see how it goes
  7. KermittheFroglok Augur

    Lejax, what type of member are you? F2P, Silver, or AllAccess?
  8. Lejax New Member

    I was Silver, but I've re-subscribed so I'm All Access now.
    When I made the first petition I was still Silver.
  9. KermittheFroglok Augur

    Okay, the Silver status is probably why your first petition was closed. Since it's not a monetary transaction issue its not a ticket they would review from a Silver account. I'm surprised they didn't message you the canned response explaining that, it's possible it got lost in the shuffle of people submitting tickets related to either the patch or merge.

    I suspect you'll get a response under the AllAccess status. It might take longer given what's going on with the patch & merge roll-out.
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  10. Lejax New Member

    Thanks - I bet you're right on all counts.
  11. ozpunk New Member

    Hope you have better luck, my petition request to make someone a senior officer was denied.
  12. Lejax New Member

    My petition was denied too.

    Rather disappointing. I'm sure /usurp is working as intended, but that doesn't help the situation my guild finds itself in.
  13. Funky Augur

    i agree to being rather disappointed with this. i have a few alts in another guild (some are officers) and are also the only toons in the guild over about 85 (and there is not many of those). the guild leader has not logged in since 2014, i have only found 1 or 2 other officers in the guild log in for the past 2 years and they are just bazaar mules.

    /usurp doesn't help me at all..
  14. Mukkul Augur

    is the guild worth saving? For dead or dying guilds it may be better to just leave and join or create a new guild.
  15. lockjaws Augur

    My alt guild got hosed because I moved guild leadership to someone else. When we had the rollbacks last week, there is now no leader. They refuse to do anything, and I have to wait 360 days to /usurp the guild at this point. Because, you know, a problem they started, I now have to deal with, and there's absolutely no real person with any logical sense reading tickets at this point.
  16. Funky Augur

    it's just an alt guild. nothing special other than back in the day, the guild was top 10 serverwide and #1 on xegony back in the day and i enjoy seeing the guild name still floating around. i am not trying to rebuild it
  17. niente Developer

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