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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Miffin, Feb 27, 2021.

  1. Miffin New Member

    Hi all,

    I just starting using Gina and I’m wondering if anyone can share any useful Druid specific triggers.
    I set one up for wolf AA/mana bear and tried to set one up for the ice aura but it doesn’t seem to work. Also I am trying to get one set up for Crits (dot/nuke) but the generic ones don’t seem to trigger. They are set to search for you deliver a critical blast.

    Any input is appreciated, thanks.
  2. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    I have a decent number of GINAs.

    Wolf Form ending is a big one

    Gift of Mana proc is also very useful

    Mana Bear / Twincast / Ice Aura / Seasons Wrath / Bifold / BP Click reuse are other big ones

    Reptile / Growth / Alliance timers with warnings on them ending early in the Proc buff case and 2.5min til end warning on growth.

    I also set up timers for spire/focus of arcanum/improved twincast/nature’s futu/destructive vortex. Of course the AA buttons themselves have timers but seeing bars on my screen helps. Plus you can set end timer warning to let you know when they’re back up.

    The only out there one I can think of is a trigger for you successfully curing your target. It can be nice when there are certain Debuffs that may take multiple casts to cure, so you easily can see that your cure was successful.
  3. Rolaque Augur

    Spells wearing off is very useful, especially for your dots (or your debuffs or wolf form buff)
    --- message format: your <spell name> rk. III has worn off (or rk. II etc).
    --- druid aura fading is a slightly different message: Icerend Aura Rk. III expires (you must have 2 spaces between "III" and "expires")

    My own preference is to use the EQ in game audio triggers for groups, and GINA for raids. The advantage is that it runs directly off in game messages, and doesn't involve your log file. But if does require you make a custom wav file using a text-to-speech app; such as SAP15 TTSAPP: Or to use an audio app and record your voice. But it's all your choice and how it works for you. Your game play and style will dictate which things you like or don't.

  4. Szilent Augur

    I use an in-game trigger for this one in particular because it's more responsive than GINA, no variable milliseconds of delay. It potentially changes what I want to be doing in the next 1.5s.

    For druids in particular, I keep a GINA timer for Great Wolf buffs, for Spirit of the Bear. Great Wolf gets a timer because when I'm in try-hard mode I want to put self Wolf on 30s before group Wolf ends, to maximize the uptime of both. I've had the thought in the past that a Ferocious Growth timer wouldn't be terrible, but I also just don't need it because usage dictates that it stays on when I bring it out - I just cast it when it's up, in a rotation of myself / my (generally two) intended targets.

    I keep GINA speech triggers for dots-ending, for debuffs-ending, manabear blocker falling off, and for Great Wolf ending. Dots & debuff ones are complex-looking, to be as specific as possible. don't want to be catching dumb stuff like folks' invis coming off, or pets going in & out of auras:

    These catch all ranks of each for level 71+:
    ^Your (?<spell>\w+ing Sunray|\w+ Moonbeam|Chill of the \w+( Tender)?|Nature\'s \w+ Wrath|Horde of \w+|Sun\w+)( Rk\. iii?)? spell has worn off of {s2}\.$
    ^Your (?<spell>\w+ Frost|\w+ of Ro)( Rk\. iii?)? spell has worn off of {s2}\.$
    ${spell} off {s2}
    Season's Wrath doesn't get a druid trigger because since ToV it's always-use-it button. I have a more global trigger for it going on an enemy, in my ADPS section. That's helpful to not re-debuff a new add if there's other druids, but also double-debuffing them ain't an intrinsically bad thing, just means someone's button isn't ready for the next mob.

    Proc Aura doesn't have a druid trigger because my general trigger works fine for it. In the Common set of triggers:
    ^(?<aura>.+?)( Rk\. iii?)? +expires\.$

    I do, though, have a timer tucked in the druid section for Faelin Bloodbriar's PH's repop :p

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