Upgrades to enchanters for next expansion

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  1. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    Are you for real?

    Illusions of Grandeur III
    Enchanter (AA)
    Slot 4: Increase Chance to Critical DoT by 13%
    Slot 5: Increase Chance to Critical Nuke by 13%
    Slot 6: Increase Critical DoT Damage by 120% of Base Damage
    Slot 12: Increase Critical Nuke Damage by 160% of Base Damage

    Cleric, Druid, Enchanter, Magician, Wizard all have 15 minute timers on ITC.

    Group BW is on the same reuse time as all class spires.

    You have to be someone who has it in for enchanters and/or casters, right? No way someone who is a caster would not know this information.
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  2. Belkar_OotS Augur

    Or.... Another alternative is that I failed to fact check every detail and that I play these classes as alts but still want to see them grow and develop in fun but logical ways. Also I suppose I may have been overly ambiguous in some statements/intents.

    I saw an earlier comment about IOG needing 160% dot mod. My mistake.

    I was thinking of making ITC 7.5 minutes for all classes. Poorly written statement as I knew they were all the same currently. I just wanted them adjusted the same way too.

    I couldn't remember if spires were all 7.5 Or 7 minutes. I recall thinking a few classes had different Spire reuse times after AA at one point so made a blanket statement.

    You could have just corrected the misinformation. Thanks for the troll though.
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  3. Alythea New Member

    1. A decent upgrade would be a simplification of the entire Charm line so that doesn't break early. It wouldn't increase damage or upset the balance of the game, but it would make Enchanters easier to play. It would encourage more use of Charm in groups. It would also simplify the game code, and AA trees.
    2. An AA to cast group buffs all at once: Haste, Mana Regen, Magic resist, and so on would be greatly appreciated, instead of having to swap spells. This would not unbalance the game.
    3. A general upgrade for all players would be a few ranks of Tracking. Rangers and so on should have better, but this again would not unbalance the game. It would make it easier for people to do their quests, nothing more. EverQuest 2 already has this via tracking mercenaries or choice or race - and it didn't impact the game overly much other than to make questing easier.
    4. A nice group AA would be to transfer mana to a group member on a 2 to 1 basis every 20 minutes or so.
  4. Ninelder Augur

    1. I would still never use charm unless I absolutely had to. I have 20 years of useless druid charms that have left to many scars to ever trust it.

    2. Magic resist hasn't been needed in ~10years. Take it out and add in one of our spell or melee runes and its a great idea.

    3. Tracking isn't that great. You need to go make a tracking class alt and find out that its not some Give-Me-I-Win button. I could write a thesis on how misunderstood tracking is to non-tracking classes. Its a tool but not a very good one. Also under what weird lore would explain an enchanter having track? Its completely non sequitur.
  5. Vumad Augur

    Honestly I don't think the balance in NET is from making it cast-able more often. I think the improvement NET needs is to be on an AA. I mean the wasted spell slot vs the quality of the buff is the real problem isn't it? Group version would be great too, yes.

    As for tuning, my only real complaint is our crystals. I think they should recover more HP and mana. I think my crystals are recovering like 3% atm. I would like to see these rebalanced. Health crystal should recover a large amount of health (like 30%) but the AA is only usable out of combat (so you get one per event, period). The mana crystal recovering a significantly larger amount of mana, on par with gather mana, mana is what we do right?but it takes like 25% more mana to use the AA than the crystal recovers, so even though it's usable in combat, why would you?

    I think we are in a pretty good place right now. We are very strong at times but we take a lot of risks during those times. I really don't want to get nurfed and I'm not asking to be stronger. I enjoy tanking the risks and the rewards reflecting those risks.
  6. Vumad Augur

    Unifying Haste, C and magic resist would be awesome, in line with other classes and would not throw off our balance.

    An AA that cast Mily, Skriz and Auspice but is ONLY usable out of combat would be a major quality of life improvement but would not affect our balance. We would still have to load a spell and MGB in combat.

    Enchanters have 5 (leaving out magic resist) spells to TB. More than any other class.
  7. Verily Tjark Augur

    These were nerfed back in what 2015? I haven't popped a red crystal in ages. Honestly can't remember when I did last. I still pop a blue crystal when I log on. I only use it for after death when rez effects are still on. It doesn't give much mana back, but meh it's something.

    The fix for this was real simple. I suggested it then and still think the same way 4 years later... Make the thing cost as much mana as it gives back. However, I have just accepted they are what they are and probably won't ever change.
  8. Verily Tjark Augur

    Also, Silv had a pretty good meme from back then...

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  9. Saer-tse-tao Journeyman

    Im responding here to keep this thread going because as a person that plays an enchanter as her main and does not box, this is my world.

    Also I read a lot of great posts, including in this thread, but what I rarely see is people addressing the group game. Some of us have schedules that deny us the ability to raid. I truly wish I could, but alas its just not to be. That being said I know some terrific players that cant raid and some amazing raiders that get groups killed repeatedly. The one thing they both have in common, of course, is a lack of experience and thus skill/understanding as to how things work differently with less/more players...

    I dont mean this as a slight to either side of the game nor am I implying that this is the case with all raiders or non-raiders. It would just be nice to see a more active community speaking up for the trials we face in the group (Or s(m)olo) game. The couple of times I have initiated or replied to a thread speaking totally from a group-game perspective people responded in a rather condescending or dismissive manner. Ya that sounded whiny lol, but what the heck. My point is it damages relations for casual players, devs and the over all game to think purely from a raid perspective when 70% of the game is not raiding.

    *Note: I did not mention boxing intentionally. This is just another factor that I personally dont want to get in to. If I wanted a group that only I played I would be on an old Final Fantasy game. That said I have no issues with players who choose to box either!*

    -Saerza, Enchantress of FV
  10. Verily Tjark Augur

    My preferred play style when not raiding is molo with a charm pet. It's always risky in current content. I'm just hoping with 115 and new gear/spells I can go back and molo some RoS hunter achievements I'm missing.
  11. RPoo Vox.Dandin told you, 'your better then me =D'

    Great example as a raiding chanter grouping casually recently with a raiding sk and his boxed zerker and cleric and a monk buddy just getting back into the game after several years. We're in a GMM mission and SK pulled about ten mobs. I was typing and i thought to myself - he's got this I can finish typing and then mez. Well haha he didn't have it. I should have stopped typing and done my job but only two out of five died!
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  12. Saer-tse-tao Journeyman

    Exactly!!! Lol, this is a perfect example. Just different reaction times and expectations with some group content:)
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  13. Lannin Elder

    Sad to see now that expac has dropped we seen almost none of these things addressed :(
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  14. Verily Tjark Augur

    Considering how far behind they were in beta, I'm not surprised. Maybe if we keep beating the drum on some things it will eventually happen.
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  15. RPoo Vox.Dandin told you, 'your better then me =D'

    Mind coil is nice and balanced now =)
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  16. enclee Augur

    I'd like to see Chromatic Haze counter increase or the timer decrease, 12 minutes for a 2 counter ability seems to be on too long of a timer or too few a counter.
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  17. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    CH is 10 minutes, but it's hard not to use concurrent with IoG which is still 12 minutes.

    I don't think they are looking to increase counters, but it never hurts to ask I guess.

    Definitely agree that a little boost in time for the buff to be up would be beneficial. With everything going on in raids (and the lovely lag), it can be hard to time the big stuff just right. Making it last 2x as long (24s base) would certainly give folks more time to line up the big stuff.
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  18. enclee Augur

    Thanks, I confuse the timer between the two frequently.
  19. enclee Augur

    This will never happen, but I'd like to see the Clarity and Mana Flare line just joined together as a single buff. It'd be nice to have some variety in aura options. I'm pretty sure everyone has been running it since they took the single cast buff and made it an aura in SoF. Then, combine Haste/NDT or bring back Boon of the Garou. They always seem to stop upgrading some of our spell lines for expansions at a time (Whirl till you hurl, NDT, Boon of the Garou, Gravity AEs, Mana Storm, etc).
  20. Jordis Augur

    As a high end raid, full time, old-school enchanter main I would very much miss NET. With extensions AA's and the slightly reduced refresh time it's become more feasible to use but a group version would be useful as a spell or as an AA. I have been the only enchanter on raids that keeps it memorized and uses it for ADPS. There are usually more people that want it than I can keep it on. The parses on the healing and additional damage monks, rogues, beastlords, and berserkers can do with it make them my highest priority makes it well worth a permanent slot on my spell sets. I was very happy to see the conflict with NET and the Jann illusion buff resolved.

    I have a similar timer for NET and it does cover a lot of the screen although I use a transparent background and a small font.

    One word of caution, NET does not drop off a mob that has been charmed after the charm drops. You can get a direct demonstration of just how much damage NET can do if it turns on you. Hopefully, this will be corrected some time.
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