Upgrade to Grim Momento?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by redline, May 9, 2018.

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  1. redline Journeyman

    I have not found a upgrade to the Grim Momento in any of the newer expansions, am I missing them?

    lvl 100 range base dmg 12.
  2. Imak Augur

    Doesn't get any better than 12 for range slot.
  3. Prathun Developer

    Uno momento, por favor.
    Making a ticket to change all instances of momento to memento. :eek:
  4. Sheex Augur


    Went through both iterations, didn’t it?

    So there’s clearly precedent.
  5. Allayna Augur

    Since you're talking ranger dps...hasn't been a new BiS arrow in a while either.
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  6. Brohg Augur

    He's not. He's talking spelling.
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  7. Jhenna_BB Augur

    The funny thing is, we can't even blame poor Ngreth for the spelling. Aristo was item Dev then! :D
  8. Sokki Augur

  9. IblisTheMage Augur

    Un, not uno :-D
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  10. Cstoner187 Lorekeeper

    Rangers should NOT be using grim momento NOR insigni saevus in their bow. Venomous tear & siren's demise are better dps........................ go parse it
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  11. Brohg Augur

    The rangers I know like their bows to function still when doodling around in the wild, vis-a-vis rooting things. The proc augs don't mesh with that, so they put the Tear&Demise in their melee weapons instead. It only takes a couple hundred plats to change them up, but that more than most want to mess with.
  12. Jhenna_BB Augur

    I just auged my bagged Phlogiston Bow as a HS bow with a 12 dmg aug and a Dex 7/8 for root and shoot situations. In general, Rangers need to Bandolier in a different shield than Book of Obulus anyway so we can cast our DoT. I'm late to the party on placing proc augs in my primary Bow and now that I have I'm kicking myself. With all the Spell Damage on Dex augs in RoS, Rangers have the ability to squeeze out the maximum ability out of level 100/105 proc augs. Procs can only be increased by their own damage number (or can only be doubled) so a 306 dmg proc is a 612 dmg proc. Boon of the Seeress makes it a 1112 dmg proc. This crumby 306 lifetap critical heals for 13k. It does work this way for Heal Amount as well. The 500 point heal from Brell's Balm now heals for 1000. With full EoK raid gear it was healing for 850.

    At this time my spell damage score adds 1043 dmg potentially to weapon procs. Some easy math off a non-crit 5k Katana proc showed me this. There isn't a damage proc in the game from an aug that isn't the maximum spell damage benefit now for a full Raid geared and RoS auged Ranger.
  13. Jhenna_BB Augur

    I wish I knew the name of the high damage arrow that can't benefit from Endless Quiver, it fell out of my brain. The damage added by that arrow is negligible. It's such a disappointing increase over Ancient Arrows it's not to be bothered with. The damage increase Ngreth would have to add to a new arrow would be some ludicrous amount of damage (like as in as much damage as the Bow it's being shot out of) that would likely take a lot of his time to pinpoint. As such, his attention to everything else he spent time on for new tradeskill recipes for RoS was much better spent elsewhere. It's an unfortunate limitation to bows Rangers will just have to deal with. From my perspective now, Rangers are in a good place at this time and fixing this issue would again be better spent doing other things - like a Necro DoT revamp. #NecrosWRU
  14. Brohg Augur

    Shadowspike Arrow, 50 damage

    Brell's Balm for hp not Brell's Strike for mana?
  15. Jhenna_BB Augur

    No, Rangers use the the one with the buff to all damage that happens to have a heal. All of those effects are splitting hairs at this point, anyway. Does the 850 point rune for Tanks even matter at this point, either?
  16. Brohg Augur

    Mana one adds damage, too, just adds it to a nuke instead of melee
  17. roth Augur

    Run a test yourself. Bow "weapon damage" is the sum of the damage ratings from the bow, the arrow, and the augs. A bow with 220 damage, 20 damage in augs, and 3 damage arrow will do the exact same damage as a bow of 220 damage, NO augs, and a 23 damage arrow - and if you can find one, a 159 damage bow, no augs, and 1 damage arrow will do the same damage as either of the either two.

    In this day and age, using a 220 damage bow with 23 damage in augs and a 23 damage arrow, increasing the arrow to 50 damage (by making the Ancient Arrows work with EQ) would only be a 27 damage increase on top of an already 266 damage weapon - a gain of around 10%. It would not be an earth-shattering increase, any more than getting that 27 damage in base bow damage, or that much of an increase in range augs.
  18. Cstoner187 Lorekeeper

    What? no.. god, no... use the caster version of brells (brells divination). why wouldnt you? also, rangers should be using the boromas belt from tbm (Runed Belt of Boromas). Sigh, your dps must not be very good by the way you are explaining things.
  19. Fintank Elder

    I have personally found the melee version to be better overall. Slightly more damage added, slightly better proc rate, heroics that affect DPS albeit to a smaller not very "parseable" extent. Some rare added benefits, if you're OOM the caster aug does nothing for you but the melee aug will still proc off autofire/autoattack.

    The mana return on the caster version is extremely poor for its proc rate, I initially chose that one then when I went and fooled around with it I was very disappointed. I ran a few couple minute parses of straight spamming Summer's and was averaging roughly 2-3 procs a minute. Which is roughly 750 mana back a minute assuming the regen runs its full course and isn't overwritten by a new proc of it at random. In my guild and with how I play, I typically don't struggle too much with mana on raids unless I die. Certainly not to the extent that 750 mana a minute would sound better than passive DPS gains that are always present. This is even with doing things like using Poison Arrows and using our large dot 2-3 times during Scarlet, aka "wreckin the manaz".

    As Jhenna said though, both augs are essentially interchangeable because their affects are all but stagnated and very close DPS wise. In the end it's basically going to go off your personal preference and of how you and your guild play. Basically boils down to 2 scenarios: Got mana issues all the time, maybe this can help. Don't have mana issues, use the melee version for more DPS.
  20. Jhenna_BB Augur

    The fact that you don't see how splitting hairs this is tells me I'd crush you on parses and that you don't try things out enough. You can ask anyone in RA where I am on the parse. They will have the same answer.

    No Ranger uses anything but the the version of the of the Shawl aug I use. There's a reason for that - giving up Dex on even one aug doesn't make up for the lack of mana you get back for the mana proc. But hey, you go on right ahead and do things the wrong way and mislead people in your posts.
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