Update Regarding T3 Raid Unlock

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Mar 17, 2020.

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  1. Emarra Gnecromancer of Ak`Anon

    Tax filing is still due April 15 (https://www.irs.gov/). They are saying that payments you may owe are being given a 90 day interest free extension. Sounds like I am being trivial, but the original point was mid-April is busy tax time and it still is.
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  2. Xinny Lorekeeper

    Wow being pushed out a month?!?!?! Did I pay for this content or not? Do I work for Darkpaw or do they work for the customer? Maybe I'm misunderstanding how the exchange of goods and services works.

    This is completely unacceptable, and as someone from one of the Top 3 guilds racing to be first, I can tell you NONE of us thought a month was needed in order to plan a raid on T3. So lets think logically for a second here....

    If ONLY there were days of the week that someone could raid (and NORMALLY does) that doesn't require time off from work. I mean these days must exist right? But which ones could they be?

    Monday? Nope normal work day
    Tuesday? Nope normal work day
    Wednesday? Nope normal work day
    Thursday? Nope normal work day

    Oh come on now... IT MUST BE Friday? Nope wrong again.

    Sheeesh I mean which days could this unlock had been pushed to that wouldn't require asking for time off from work or being pushed back a month? I think we need some rocket scientist or genius here to figure this out. I'm as completely baffled as the persons making decisions at Darkpaw.

    Does anyone know which days this week the T3 raids could have unlocked to completely fix this whole issue and make everyone happy?

    Hint* There are only TWO other day options..... Anyone? I wonder if anyone at Darkpaw can guess the answer. I'll bet a 5 pack of Krono that they can't.

    El Duderino
    (since as you can see I'm not into the whole brevity thing)
  3. German Augur

    I'm in agreement with you, it was just a discussion and not directed at you. Just southern way of using "you". I do not think second is harder right now than 1. 1 and 3 are probably just tank and healing heavy and that's going to be hard for some guilds to manage.
  4. Coronay Augur

    There is no more equal footing. Not everyone who had the day off is going to be able to get another one.
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  5. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    Stuff happens, people count 31 days instead of 30 due to leap year, daylight savings, or what ever. Thanks for owning that and fixing it.

    Is it possible to activate T3 in the evening raid times, say at 6pm EST?

    I recommend take a pole from all the raiding guilds and find out what time of day would be best to unlock new raid content.

    You cant please everyone, and never the drama queens. Doing what would benefit the majority might just work out better.
  6. Qulas Augur

    This was the absolute correct decision in pushing this back more than one day.

    Thank you for taking all players into consideration for this change.

    Allowing everyone interested in the race a fresh reset and time to replan for this event is a decision that needs to be applauded. If you are already struggling in TOFS than this allows you more time to gear up and complete those raids, making T3 easier in the end. This is a win/win for all guilds.

    In the past a decision like this wouldn't have been made and for that I say thank you again for considering everyone's desires when it comes to EverQuest.
  7. Dovhesi Elder

    I truly think this is an amazing decision, and regardless of the negative feedback/comments from some in response to this decision, I want to make sure you know that there are players who do support this 100%.

    Thank you for considering the feedback and allowing us sufficient time to prepare/plan schedules for T3.
  8. Renotaki Elder

    If raids are ever released like this again with staggered releases, can they be on a Sunday? That's the day that would give you the most amount of guilds who'd be able to go at it at the same time without issues like work. Most raiding guilds have Sunday as a big day. The same goes for pushing it back a month. While I think a month is excessive, can we at least not make it arbitrarily a month and instead have it fall on the nearest Sunday about 30 days out? Like the 12th of April.
  9. Deillusional Augur

    Whatever devs decided would have bought on concerns from the raiding community granted they could have not waited the full month and made a Sunday release or whatever. Overall is a better decision by not leaving everyone out. America has already had their time change, Europe has it at the end of the month on a Sunday. So if it’s a problem with multiple time zones it irons it out, If raids were due to be unlocked tomorrow then it would be a leap year issue but there you go. Most guilds would probably raid on a Sunday so make a release then,,,

    Could devs please look at increases trade skill item drop rates to make up at the lack of loot hide it behind tofs if required or even t1 but make it 3 raids only.
  10. bardlives New Member

    THIS IS A GAME.. so do a reality check

    most of the world have other problems to handle - we are in the middle of a pandemic (if you dont know)
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  11. Szilent Augur

    Sunday morning release for tier2 was great. The ambitious guilds got to do their raid racing outside standard "prime time" so instances were smooth like buttah, and it was outside regular work/school hours
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  12. Arraden Augur

    Thank you EQ team. Once you cut through the over-dramatic outbursts by a minority on the thread, you'll see there are people that support. It's a good, logical decision.

    Pushing back means everyone is on summer time hours, just about, that it's still a sensible time for all player base. 6pm EST is 11pm GMT for the person asking for it to be moved back

    Allyana - life time sub stops you from cancelling? Just delete the character and the guild if you're that annoyed. Asking people to cancel subs does one thing only - reduces revenue for Darkpaw and means that, if substantial revenue loss, they will need to cut teams and resource. And you know what less resource will mean. So be sensible... and move from anger to acceptance, quickly.

    They missed a potential problem, it caused an issue, they took time to work out what the issue was, and they then tried to resolve. EVERY PERSON / COMPANY DOES THIS. They handled it ok.

    Lessons learnt for next time; if you don't already use RAID tools, do it and create a risk register. And for J Chan, you may just need to do some "we have no new information for you, we know how frustrating this is and we're continuing to do our best (insert a meme)" comms more frequently for those that need hand holding.
  13. Hellowhatsyourname Augur

    Almost no one supports this, so I'm not sure where you're getting your information. I can tell you no one from the top 10 guilds support it. And the people in the top 20 or so after that also don't support it because it means another month of T1/T2 raids.

    I paid for content over three months ago that I now will only get to play for eight months. What kind of business model is THAT?
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  14. bardlives New Member

    Talk for yourself ... i am in a top 10 guild. And i dont agree with all that drama people make about this.

    i dont like the idea farming T1/T2 for a month - but after all this is just a game - life goes on even without T3
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  15. Monkman Augur


    I seriously f*#king hope that a few "pm's" from people like Q and Kym are not what directed this decision.

    A MONTH........ most of us have already waited a month.

    How shameful.

    Get real Darkpaw if you want people to take you seriously.

    If I had to guess, I would guess than Ngreth hasn't finished the earring yet and needed more time.
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  16. Mintalie Augur

    What a cluster. The last gasp attempt that could possibly salvage this is if they listen to the OVERWHELMING outcry against releasing this arbitrarily at midday on a weekday. FFS.

    Make the new release date afternoon or evening of a weekend. For the love of god.

    And for those saying it's just a game and they're dealing with the pandemic also--you'd think that they would do everything in their power to protect their jobs and ensure money continues to come in from their player base, especially now.

    But no.
  17. Hellowhatsyourname Augur

    Count yourself part of the "almost" then. I can tell you, uniformly, there was literally not a single person in my guild who wasn't furious yesterday.
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  18. Jerjamlor New Member

    This is absolutely absurd, we have all played this game for years upon years and i have never seen such a bad call from the developers. they screwed up and had everyone in the top 10 guilds that work take a day off of work. now lets just forget about all that and push it out another month? instead of trying their hardest to honor our word and get the content out in a timely matter.

    While i know they will Blast me for this i want everyone to realize the only Reason RoI is asking for this to be pushed out another month is because they are scared someone is coming for there title. and you can be 100% sure that we are.
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  19. Arraden Augur

    Qualitative data from some people out-pouring their disgust does not equate to "almost no one" - so where are you getting your info from?
    Did you do a comprehensive survey? Couple of feedback groups? no. Stop the dramatising.

    You paid for content, it was delivered... this is three raids in two zones. VERY important content, I won't dispute that, but again, stop the dramatising: you have plenty of time to play the content that was delivered, and have three / four weeks less time farming three raids. In that time, you will have more loot from the raids already available, and more coins to purchase raid items from vendor.

  20. Liljit Augur

    You're right, most people would understand that 6 is less than 9. Common sense is rare indeed.
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