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  1. Cazmac Augur

    Two new servers! Aradune and Rizlona! Get on with it! :D
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  2. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Releasing new TLP when they haven't finished sorting out the technology or coding required for the new rulesets would end up with these servers being straight Mangler clones.

    I sure know a bunch of people are stuck at home right now but these TLP were planned in before the current problems were really kicking off so while I can empathise with your situation I think there are plenty of servers you can doss around on until these TLP are released in their intended state.

    These new TLP opening in their intended state is almost certainly going to be better for the game as a whole than half-arsing them early.
  3. Bruzum Grobbfist Journeyman

    stay safe and keep kickin , eq team!
  4. BlingBling Journeyman

    Thank you all for the hard work, keep safe and stay healthy! We are all hoping that DPG can keep on the original timeline of late sping/early summer, a lot of us are very excited but will patiently wait during this crazy situation!
  5. Diani Augur

    And, like the rest of us, failing miserably!
  6. Bonified Lorekeeper

    To help prevent the spread of CoVid-19 monster pack size has been reduced and aggro range is at least 6ft. Also practice social distancing, you have to play EQ solo the whole time to help aid in stopping the spread of the virus.

    Thank you for all your cooperation and understanding in this matter. Be safe!!
    EQ team
  7. Nennius Curmudgeon

    The age of safe gaming has arrived. After sacrificing a ranger I will no longer dance on the corpse. Doing my little bit to help.
  8. Takhizis Journeyman

    I hope you left the interns there to feed the server hamsters.
  9. dreamweaver Community Manager

    We can feed them remotely.
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  10. Sonus New Member

  11. Nennius Curmudgeon

    But if you did need to leave an intern there...

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  12. dreamweaver Community Manager

    The OP has been updated. Check it out.
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  13. taliefer Augur

    pretty cool. thanks
  14. Goburs The Filthy Casualz Leader

    Thanks Dreamweaver and team, much appreciated.
  15. Xanathol Augur

    Correct me if I am wrong, but current timers are not effected by things like the 50% lockout timer reduction, correct? If so, that basically means that running this for 1 week, it only benefits people who do something on the first 3 days of the timer, no?
  16. MelediWeaver Journeyman

    Thank you all for your work and keeping our servers afloat in this time. For all of us doing the self distancing thing in real life, its wonderful to be able to connect on line.
  17. Iove Elder

    Happy for players on exiting servers, but what about us who wait new tlp?
    We want benefit from exp/rare spawn/shop discounts too!
    Please open new fv tlp now :)
  18. Goburs The Filthy Casualz Leader

    They probably haven't finished all of the coding and necessary things yet. Beyond that, they are probably almost all working from home.

    Play on what you can for the time being.
  19. Botlhan New Member

    Dreamweaver can we get longer on the half lock outs or have current lockouts halved
    some guilds raided last night and have one week lockout on most raids
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  20. Xeris Augur