Update Bugs 12/11/14

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  1. Iila Augur

  2. Prathun Developer

    We'll be updating Plane of Knowledge soon(tm) so that if you have reward for one of these tasks or if you are on the final step for one of these tasks, you will get achievement credit for it. The check occurs on zone in. Please note that these New Years events run until 1/21/2015.

    Edit: This change and a few other fixes have been pushed out to Live servers. Please see the thread for details.
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  3. smash Augur

    Sounds good about first part. Second not much, because, they Group tasks with 6 hours on. Meaning you cannot have them ready.
  4. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    By "Reward" he means that you have to own the reward items, and have them on you or in your bank (NOT in shared bank, nor in real estate) when you enter Plane of Knowledge. You don't have to have the task active, though again, that is an option. And it is an OR. Have the task at the last step OR own the reward items. Bauble of the New Year, Jadestone of the New Year, or Gemstone of the New Year For the first part of the achievement where you can do one of the 3, and Emerald of the New Year for the last step of the achievement.
    So finish the task and keep the reward items. Zone into the Plane of Knowledge after you see the note that we have hotfixed. (We are waiting confirmation on another attempt to fix the issue with raids giving rewards on failure, so we can push it all at once.)
  5. Ngreth Thergn Developer

  6. Cerris Augur

    This looks very specific to the drakkin chain set, as the AC values on the boots is set very high. Oddly, their BP has very low AC.

    The August Crystalscale boots, for some reason, have a base AC of 187. The same august chain slot for half elves, as an example, is August Daybreaker, with a base AC of 108. Most chain boots are at 108.

    August Frostwarded (barbarian chain) is the only other weird foot slot - it has an AC of 141. Frostwarded chain also has really high AC on the pants.

    I took a couple of minutes and worked up the following list of aberrations:

    Helm: Most races AC 121. Frostwarded: 109. Nightfall: 109. Crystalscale: 91
    Chest: Most races AC 187. Crystalscale: 121.
    Legs: Most races 141. Frostwarded: 187. Crystalscale: 121
    Wrist: Most races 91. Frostwarded: 116. Nightfall: 116. Crystalscale: 108
    Feet: Most races 108. Crystalscale 187. Frostwarded: 141.
    Gloves: Most races 109. Crystalscale 116. Frostwarded 91. Nightfall 91.
    Arms: Most races AC 116. Crystalscale: 141. Frostwarded: 108

    Plate has some similar weird deviations. Every August plate BP , for example, is AC 243, except Drakkin who get a 157 AC plate BP (and, presumably, like it?)

    This isn't really a plate vs chain thing, it's a race v. race and some munged up copy paste on states. If you stay inside one race (Wood elf, to use your plate example), the plate boots are higher AC than the chain, as it should be.
  7. svann Augur

    Any word on a fix for crashing while zoning. Its not just Degmar, its any zone.
  8. Fnyanea Augur

    In RoF zones, the exp is still not working correctly. This is reproducible by going there with two lv 105 toons with exp set to 100% to AAs. The first toon to aggro the mob gets a few % of an AA, while the other toon in group gets less than half a %.
  9. Heartland Augur

    Seeing this on TLP too
    [Thu Jan 08 17:07:10 2015] Aura_of_the_Poet00 tries to cast a spell on you, but you are protected.
    [Thu Jan 08 17:07:11 2015] Aura_of_the_Poet00 tries to cast a spell on you, but you are protected.
    [Thu Jan 08 17:07:13 2015] Aura_of_the_Poet00 tries to cast a spell on you, but you are protected.
    [Thu Jan 08 17:07:14 2015] Aura_of_the_Poet00 tries to cast a spell on you, but you are protected.
    [Thu Jan 08 17:07:15 2015] Aura_of_the_Poet00 tries to cast a spell on you, but you are protected.
    [Thu Jan 08 17:07:17 2015] Aura_of_the_Poet00 tries to cast a spell on you, but you are protected.
  10. Shadva Del`Shai Augur

    Benediction of Piety (cleric spell haste paired with HP buffs) ranks still aren't over-writing properly. Rank 2 not over-writing rank 1, rank 3 not over-writing rank 2. All 3 versions land and take up buff slots. This happens with single target as well as group versions.

    Divine Indemnification rank 2 (level 102 cleric spell) won't land if Divine Interposition rank 3 (level 97 cleric spell) is on.
  11. Crystilla Augur

    Unfortunately neither of these are bugs and are because of how stacking works. (It's been requested for changes to be made but no ETA and doubtful it's high on the priority list).
  12. Chandrok Augur

    Thanks for the detailed info here. We were able to track down the cause of the issue and the cultural item stats will be fixed next update.
  13. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    Further note: this problem applies to all the new Froglok leather tradeskilled armor, the August Bounder items, but only the leather set. The Froglok plate, chain, and cloth items (Protectorate, Farsight, and Lorekeeper respectively) have the correct required/recommended levels and allow for inserting the Boundless Symbol as they should. Personally (and expensively) tested. :p
  14. Lighteningrod Augur

    Still attempting these tasks on 01/11/2015. Zoned into Great Divide with Frostbeard's Elite Minions Task active. There is not a single Dark Mistletoe Clan Elder in the zone. Nor are there any of the whirlwinds on track for the other quest. No one else is in zone. No corpses at their spawn points. The mobs are gone.

    Per the above post, there is supposed to be 10 days left to complete this Achievement :(
  15. Prathun Developer

    This has been fixed and pushed out to Live servers. Thank you for letting us know. Please see the hotfix notes for details:

  16. svann Augur

    L100+ mercs are not getting any xp running cotf HA's. Or the xp is so small that it might as well be nothing. Not precisely a bug, but Im almost certain that was not intended.
  17. Ratbo Peep Augur

    Not sure if either of these have been reported already.
    1) Ranger - Ro's Burning Cloak is most often falling at about the 39 counter mark.
    2) The big Mage Rain (103?) is mis-labeled as something else in the description.
  18. Lighteningrod Augur

    Halleluljah! It's kinda working. When completing the tasks normally, the Achievement is not awarded immediately upon completion. You have zone out and back into PoK for the "new" completion script to run. But ... it's doable, and I don't have to worry about it all year :)

    Thank you!
  19. Cloudia Augur

    Have not seen this one mentioned yet, looks like a bug in the loot table for the Tempest Temple HA A Storm of Sorts.
    Most likely it is in the loot table for rare global raid level items. Either that or the random spell drops from yard trash is pointing to the wrong place.

    Last night 1-14-15 killed one of the Kedge mobs in volcano, on looting corpse found myself in possession of a Lost Crypt Key ( the no drop loyalty vendor item).
    Maybe this would be sort of cool if intended as loot for a lower level group doing the HA, but as a random rare drop for a lvl 105 group it seems rather pointless.
    I did loot 2 of the collection drops from kills, and yard trash dropped normal sorts of vendor loot. Those tables seem to be functioning correctly.

    Odds of seeing a random global rare or a spell drop are so low this will be hard to repeat as a player.
  20. Lighteningrod Augur

    Those have been random (rare!) zone drops since inception.