Update Bugs 12/09/15

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. JChan Developer

    Please post about any new bugs found in the update. This thread is not for discussions about anything other than bugs and how we can reproduce (and therefore fix) them.
  2. RPoo Augur

    The Parasol of Flaming Beauty is not placeable. I NEED this in my house please!!
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  3. RGJmidgets New Member

    The windowed gamma changes are very flaky.

    I posted elsewhere, but if there is no gamma slider for windowed gamma then I can't figure out a solution that is anything other than objectively worse than it was before the patch.

    Furthermore, essentially if I toggle the [ ] Enable Windowed Gamma more than once in a game session, it goes to a setting outside of either default windows or default EQ, and unable to be reset without a system restart.
  4. Dzarn Developer

    Thank you for the feedback, we're looking into this issue right now.
  5. shadowgod Augur

    Depending on your PCs video card you can change gamma in the AMD control panel or Nvidia one. I tried it on AMD and it works fine had to reduce gamma to .80.

    As for resetting it after EQ when you use the old way AMD has a reactivate AMD Controls button that will reset desktop gamma without restarting it.
  6. Snaps New Member

    All type 5, 7, and 9 augs should now fit properly where they belong.
    Disregard my first post... a shoulder graphic masquerading as a range item..

    However Charms and range items still have no augs
  7. chronicler Augur

    Am beastlord who soloes and normally do the tanking myself.

    The changes to the aggro is bad. I have no taunt, and companion calm demeanor on. And still pet grabs aggro within 5 second in the fight.
  8. Delbane New Member

    My charm and range items from TBM have #5 aug slots on them, what am I supposed to put in there, all the augs are weapon and armor ONLY ...
  9. Delbane New Member

    also the charm and range items from TBM with #5 slots on them...
  10. Iila Augur

    Looks like all the issues I posted in the test thread are still here.

    This item is not showing for someone who has completed all T1 and T2 raids. The faces drop from T1 raids, so the container should be available to me.

    Some of these are still showing as Unknown DB Strings. Slot placement on clickies isn't matching with the previous standardized slots.



    As shown above, weapons have a type 21 (Hero's Forge) ornament slot, instead of the correct Type 20 slot.

    These NPC still don't respond to hails. They already had info on what they sold under their names in parentheses before this patch, so I have no clue what else this note could mean.

    (Raid armor is on the left, group armor is on the right.)
    Focus effects on Crypt-Hunter level group gear is showing as +100% to 75%. Which is both claiming to be higher than raid focuses, and in the wrong order. Raid gear lists itself as +65% to 100%. None of the test I've seen say that group armor is actually working as a 75 to 100% focus.
  11. svann Augur

    /stopsong is not working correctly.
    If I have a melody going and want to stop it and sing a new song I have a macro that goes:
    /cast 7
    Sometimes it works and sometimes it just stops the melody and doesnt play song 7. I think it is happening when I hit the macro at just about at the time when it finishes one song and is about to start the next one in the melody. What it seems to be doing is stopping the melody then restarting the same melody and then stopping it again, and never getting to the point where it starts the new song. This has been an ongoing problem forever.

    Ive tried using /melody 7 instead of cast, Ive tried using /pause, Ive tried using 2x /stopsongs, and Ive tried using 2x /cast 7. Nothing fixes it.
  12. Karthos Augur

    Darkbrood Mask (TBM raid) has form of endurance XX vs. Arx raid face item having form of endurance XXI.

    TBM raid bow Gilded Prodigal Harrier still doesn't have any improved dodge at all or prismatic ward. For reference the Arx raid bow had improved dodge VII and prismatic ward XVII.
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  13. RoguesOwn Lorekeeper

  14. Benzarden Augur

    Itemization is still laughable. Only the laughter can keep you from crying.
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  15. Hellboy007 Augur

    TBM Partisan Quests (HAs?) not giving Remnants of Tranquility

    Partisan Quests in TBM are not seemingly giving alt currency "Remnants of Tranquility"

    All of the partisan quests seem to be the typical HAs in CoTF and TDS where you have 3-5 steps that change every time. In the past these would reward you with currency.
  16. Tobin Augur

    Still a bug - not showing Vim and Vigor but showing Wither and Decay

  17. Bandeko New Member

    Staff of Undead Legions still has Sympathetic Invigorating Burst Vii on it
  18. Bluebox New Member

  19. Zarzac Augur

    Gamma for me in windowed mode seems to be what old all the way 100 was and nearly unplayable. In full screen however it looks fine.
  20. Silv Augur

    AC on Enchanter TBM raid gear (Deathseeker's Mindlock XXX) is still horrible. The AC on bracer for example is 17% LOWER than the TDS bracer.
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