Update Bugs 11/30/12

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Elegist, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Elizabeta Augur

    Snow bunnies = Quillmane 2.0

    On another note, since the beta post is locked away, where should we send/post the locations of uncollectable collectables? There are at least two spots in SL and CC that have these spots. One of the CC ones can actually stack up 7 items that cannot be collected, the other two. Also, when these are fully "stocked" there are no groundspawns in the Coldain town.
  2. Kaenneth Augur

    There is a mission in Shards Landing where you collect 5 'blood red ink' by it popping into your inventory upon a kill.

    However, my inventory was full, so as an 'awarded' item it popped into my bank. but did NOT update the quest to 1 of 5 collected...

    I pulled the one from the bank, and cleaned out my inventory, and proceeded with the task. however, after collecting the 5th ink, he step remained at 4/5 done and killing more mobs would not award more ink, or update the task. so I had to drop it and start over.

    I suspect a general bug in the task code not seeing the item entering my inventory if it went straight to the bank, I'd guess it might affect all tasks where items are awards on kills instead of looting.
  3. Kirkisx Augur

    so LDON deepest Guk is broken only gives missions that you have to enter through a rotting ree trunk yet no direction on compass and the log you cant enter
  4. Izcurly Augur

    They're not that rare at all. It's just that people expect them to pop without having to kill the placeholders that have filled all the active spawns because they're ONLY killing the bunnies. Start killing stuff and you'll have no problem getting bunnies after a while.
  5. RVDRVD New Member

    In the Grelleth's Mission "The Machinations of Kotul" the task won't update when "you pick up the scrap of paper that fell from Kotul's robe when he fled" thus you cant hail and get credit for completion and receive exp or the chest drop
  6. Sarayu Journeyman

    Collection groundspawn at roughly 636, -1991 in East Wastes is underneath a box instead of like... inside it. It is at the moment unclickable from any angle, regardless of ducking, shrink, etc.
  7. Jondalar Augur

    Shaman spellSlaunk's Spear of Venom is missing from vendor.
    Shaman Spell
    Talisman of the courageous(ranks 1/2/3) is missing upgrades to the spell lines:
    Preeminent Foresight and Mammoth's Force.
    This causes us to have to cast the Rk3 95 version to get max.
    Shouldn't these have been upgraded such that the rk1 version of the new lines was > than the rk3 versions of the others? or at least start out equal? This has been bug reported in various beta threads and in game but was never responded to.
  8. Sarayu Journeyman

    There are also numerous collectibles bugged within and on the top canopy of Evil Oak. Specifically around the huts on the canopy they are stuck inside the texture and cannot be clicked. Truthfully, all of these "pickup" bugs would be solved by making a keybind that picks up a groundspawn within like... 5yd or something.
  9. Sarayu Journeyman

    Kael Drakkel collectibles bugged:

    202, 1976 - spawns on top of a torch out of range, even with grow spell
    -1660, 1889 - spawns inside the texture of a chair, unclickable
    similar location, -1643, 1908 - spawns on a torch that is out of range
    -239, 2531 - spawns either in the fire or in a log, either way not collectible
    "Looted" 18+ collectibles in the northern section of Kael (Arena and building and northern most portions). All of them opened inventory but gave no item
  10. Sarayu Journeyman

    Chapterhouse of the Fallen collectibles bugged:

    -336, 267, -91 and every collectible that is on this level that spawns on a torch does the uncollectible bug. Meaning when you click on it your inventory opens, but no item is there. This applies to every collectible that spawns on a torch in this zone.

    On the lowest level, there are numerous ground spawns that have the gold ball icon but are really "A Shiny Thing." This may be by design, but leads to a ton of Shiny Things picked up thinking they are collectibles. Would just suggest a different icon when on the ground to avoid confusion.

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