Update Bugs 11/28/12

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Toquillaw Augur

    "/assist group" no longer works (at least on Vulak).

    Edit: Hmmm now it works. Seems that it doesn't work immediately after the group is formed though. Seems to take some time (several minutes).
  2. Quiptos Journeyman

    Same on Bertoxx ground spawns nowhere to be found for Shard Experiences quest
  3. Endiment Augur

    I found some Small Fear Shards.

    in the bazaar, for highly unreasonable amounts of platinum.
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  4. Bigstomp Augur

    I don't know if it's a new bug or an old one, but last night I purchased rank 1 of Delegate Raid Mark NPC raid leadership ability and it did not work.
    Trying to use it while leading the raid I got a message that the raid leader did not possess this ability.
    When not raid leader I got a message saying I was not the raid leader.
    I attempted to zone out and in and there was no change as well.
  5. Rtugok Developer

    Finishing Blow will now work on all mobs regardless of whether they are fleeing or not. It was also set to go off at 20% health which was incorrect. It should now be going off at the described 10%. Since the mobs will be at a lower overall percent of health, and the ability is much more versatile, Elidroth retuned the damage.
  6. Piestro Augur

    Just to confirm, these were the intended set.

  7. Tegila Augur

    mobs in shard landing, specificly beetles so far..will disappear after puleld and a minute later disapepar off etw, without anyoen else touchign them. also, the firststep in exploring shards landing won't update for some toons regardless of kills even after camping out
  8. Audigy Elder

    Item Bug ?
  9. Brosa Augur

    Ditto. Logged in yesterday and killed a few rounds in CoB with 95 healer merc on balanced and it healed just fine (dinged imediately after first kill so all fights I was lvl 96). After 4 rounds I suspended then unsuspended merc to get the 96 healer merc. It healed very poorly. Had to have shaman patch heal every fight. I ran a parse and the merc cast its new 96 spell Graceful Remedy 4 times during 35 fights (so its not a spell issue) the rest of its heals were the normal lvl 92-95 and under healer spells. Also I had not purchased any new Defensive AA as some have posted were having issues with.
  10. Jiggy New Member

    War(t3-t4 VOA gear-4700 AA all def Maxed and new 96 CA/CS purchased) Routinely do "Pups of war" with added DPS and had no problem holding up to NPC"s with J5 Healer on reactive. Once Dinged 96 merc cant keep me up and have to add extra merc healer to just stay up. Don't know if merc has new spell line and not casting quick spells or something wrong with the blocking. This expansion has made my warrior useless.
  11. Babyruthie Elder

    When I load multiple windows of EQ, it stacks the icons in my taskbar every time. This is a new change with the patch and its just horrible. Please fix if it's a bug, and please consider reverting if it was intended.
  12. Malacath Journeyman

    Tribute Twinge of Pain II isnt working
    testing with a VoA and RoF version of a dot

    Tribute off No detrimental worn focus/cleric spell haste
    Necrotizing wounds 3.0 cast time/Pernicious wounds 3.0 cast time
    Base cast time

    Tribute on Twinge of pain II Tier 1
    Necrotizing wounds 3.0 cast time/Pernicious wounds 3.0 cast time
    No effect

    Tribute on Twinge of pain Tier 10
    Necrotizing wounds 2.0 cast time/Pernicious wounds 2.3 cast time
    Decaying on above 95 spell

    Tribute on Twinge of pain Tier 10 Twinge of pain II Tier 1
    Necrotizing wounds 2.0 cast time/Pernicious wounds 2.3 cast time
    Decaying on above 95 spell
  13. Uxtalzon Augur

    Some dead NPCs in Erudin Burning (Sentinel Belario for example) are now human female monks instead of their usual dead Erudite selves.
  14. Endaar Augur

    This seems to have been hotfixed tonight. I can no longer remove the illusion from my Prismatic Familiar. Really unfortunate as having a giant dragon familiar was sweet.
  15. JChan Developer

    To the people having issues w/ mercs after you level, please zone to get your merc to fix itself. There's currently an issue related to mercenary leveling.
  16. Liliana Augur

    has this been pushed to test as well?
  17. JChan Developer

    There are a few issues related to mercs here. A few of them will be patched to test and live tomorrow in the down time and some others are related to immediately after you level. The issues related to immediately after you level will be fixed by zoning with your mercenary unsuspended.
  18. Nenton Augur

    Enchanter's level 97 aura "Mastermind's Echo" is scribing and memming into the spell gem as "echo" but it's casting as the normal aura that follows the enchanter around (not the stationary version). Rank 1 is the only one I tried.
  19. Khoza Augur

    Old bug interacting with a new feature, to create an newer, more annoying bug.

    Old bug - Selling an item to an NPC who normally has an unlimited amount of said item, sets them to having the amount you sold. They continue to have an unlimited number.

    New feature - Stack sizes when buying items will not default to max stack size, if the number of the item on the seller is less than max stack size.

    New bug - If an NPC merchant has been afflicted with the above bug, say, a merchant selling gems who has said gems listed as having 1 in stock, trying to buy the items a stack at a time will result in buying the amount displayed with each click. Simply hitting 'buy' when said item is 1 no longer brings up a selector box, it just puts 1 in your inventory. So, if you want to buy a full stack of 100 items, you'll be buying them 1 at a time.
  20. Conjurous_AB Elder

    Was doing Find the Gems...Or Die grp task in Xorbb and none of the mobs in zone was giving any xp at all. No xp message at all.

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