Update Bugs 11/28/12

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Liliana Augur

    I wasnt allowed to choose the 5 LoN packs I was granted with RoF. It automatically gave me Legacies packs.... re-do please
  2. Uxtalzon Augur

    The zone between Fear Itself -> Upper House (empty room outside the dead cazic throne) is too dangerous now.

    An elemental will sometimes catch aggro through the door, and the entire room floods at you. Killed me once before I even finished zoning, the second time I ran over the throne and zoned with 10% health.
  3. Liliana Augur

    Can't find level 96 Shaman Spell: Slaunk's Spear of Venom rk1 on vendor, but rk2 is available with Minor Dreadmote hand in
  4. Endaar Augur

    Level 96 Wizard spell Wildether Barrage is not on vendor.
  5. Aldren Elder

    Slaunk's Chant of Poison (Rk. I) doesn't seem to be available for purchase in Shard's Landing. I haven't checked to see if it was available in rank two or three form.
  6. Endiment Augur

    Finishing Blow before:
    [Sun Nov 25 20:43:27 2012] Endiment scores a Finishing Blow!!
    [Sun Nov 25 20:43:27 2012] You gain party experience!!
    [Sun Nov 25 20:43:27 2012] a lava mephit worker's corpse falls to the ground in a shower of sparks.
    [Sun Nov 25 20:43:27 2012] You slash a lava mephit worker for 227420 points of damage.
    [Sun Nov 25 20:43:27 2012] You have slain a lava mephit worker!
    [Sun Nov 25 20:43:27 2012] You go on a killing spree!

    Finishing blow today: (@ lvl 96)
    [Wed Nov 28 22:26:04 2012] Endiment scores a Finishing Blow!!
    [Wed Nov 28 22:26:04 2012] Your faction standing with Devout of Oseka could not possibly get any worse.
    [Wed Nov 28 22:26:04 2012] Your faction standing with Minions of Prexus could not possibly get any better.
    [Wed Nov 28 22:26:04 2012] You gain party experience!!
    [Wed Nov 28 22:26:04 2012] You slash an adherent for 105533 points of damage.
    [Wed Nov 28 22:26:04 2012] You have slain an adherent!
  7. Lighteningrod Augur

    The mana and endurance display bugs started last patch and was reported in that patch's bug thread also.
  8. WDWolf Journeyman

    I can not find any RoF items in the Buyer Window.
  9. Troutfest Augur

    I seem to be taking more damage since I dinged 96, felt like it anyway so pulled out an parse from yesterday to compare it with. All but my blocks have gone done doing same mission as yesterday, did more of the mission today so have more data points on todays run though. I had gotten the new CA, CS, Shield block aas for lvl 96 also. Just want to make sure something is not amiss with the new aas as I seem to tank worse now then before, same mobs with new level and new skills and aas. Sorry for the poor formating.

    CoB Mission 1 11-27-12 CoB Mission 1 11-28-12
    Someone -0 vs Someone -0 vs
    Attempts 2909 100% Attempts 5977 100%
    Missed 662 22.76% Missed 1102 18.44%
    Dodged 419 14.4% Dodged 801 13.4%
    Parried 414 14.23% Parried 783 13.1%
    Blocked 197 6.77% Blocked 446 7.46%
    Riposted 319 10.97% Riposted 617 10.32%
    Absorbed 0 0% Absorbed 0 0%
  10. Yinla Augur

    Collection item at 508, -69.93 in shards landing resulted in no item on my curser.....I bet it was the last one I needed for this area.

    Small shards still now spawning.
  11. Tobynn Augur

    Same here. Three accounts, all three got 5 Legacies packs. Although the ads didn't specifically state Choose-A-Pack (simply Legends of Norrath™ – 5 Digital Booster Packs), I expected to choose. If Legacies for everyone was intended, then so be it, but to give away packs from a nearly 2-year old set was kinda lame, particularly with a new set being released next week.
  12. Tobynn Augur

    Scouted around the giant shard and the surrounding crevasse in Shard's Landing extensively and repeatedly throughout the evening. Zero ground spawns to be found. Numerous other players on server (bristle) report the same. At this point, the quest Shard Experiences appears to be broken.
  13. Drewie Augur

    Druid spells Granitebark Skin and Granitebark Blessing are missing from the rk1 vendor in Shard's Landing.
  14. Toquillaw Augur

    This doesn't work. All it does is shows 4 icons in the task bar, but all move as a group and a mouse-over on any one pops up all of the small windows. It also works on all other programs as well, which I don't want. If I wanted that, I would have turned it on years ago. It also makes it impossible now to reorder the windows, which I do frequently (ie. whichever character is pulling at the time is my rightmost window).

    This change is pure junk, not even vaguely useful.

    This is a trivial fix for them, it was working properly before.
  15. MercurieMeuze New Member

    While doing Rubak task at level 95 for Lesson burn - once I dinged 96 - I was repeatedly snared by mobs.
    T4 raid geared Bard - now level 96, songs active: Terasal's Spry Sonata Rk. III and Selos.
    Have never once been snared in Rubak with 700 resists and songs active during entire VoA expansion.
  16. Venaki Elder

    When I cast the Holgresh Metamorph Totem on my familiar and then I remove the illusion, my familiar grows at the same size as Trakanon. I really enjoy having an enormous dragon as a familiar, but it's a bit uncomfortable. That's a strange, funny bug.
  17. MercurieMeuze New Member

    Completed RoF Shards task given upon entry.
    Reward: 3 AA
    No sound for experience given, No "You gain Alternate xxx" - I had to check my AA to see that they had been granted.
    Same thing applied to 2nd task from Councilor
  18. Riou Augur

    They are all like that because they are Flat +AA adds and not "+ enough exp to ding 3 AA", they will also go overcap
  19. Riou Augur

    This is fun, wonder what else grows a lot! :D
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  20. Drewie Augur

    After I right clicked "Red Shard" (collectible item from Shard's Landing) it's still unchecked in the collection "Fear in Pieces" even if it's now at 1/1.

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