Update Bugs 11/20/15

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. Lonye Augur

    Thank you for the continued fixes. The communication is appreciated.
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  2. Makavien Augur

    The Personal Trophy Tribute timer stays on even when you have the option to automatically turn off tribute benefits when you camp enabled.
  3. Greymantle Augur

    Both visible and none visible group drop items have no tribute value.
  4. Benzarden Augur

    One other issue that may or may not be a bug in Enslaver. Immediately upon transitioning into Damsel phase, she is casting Mortal Decay. The tank could drag her around to the rotating auras, but it is one heck of a PITA when she randomly ports back to the middle and summons the tank. It would be nice if Mortal Decay did not hit the highest on her agro list, aka the tank. Moving a mob around to specific areas that randomly teleports and summons can be damn near impossible at times. It doesn't really matter for the achievement right now b/c it's bugged and still being awarded even if the tank gets Mortal Decay. However, healing through incoming Anashti damage + 70k/tick from Mortal Decay is just good clean fun.
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  5. Bamkan Augur

    Plane of Fear
    Dread - the adds don't seem to do anything, they just spawn and despawn.
    Terror - The totems continue to spawn if you aggro him early.
    Fright - Nice event.

    One measy chest for all 3 of them doesn't seem very christmasy :) The time/reward ratio seems out of whack. I also think the lockout mechanism could be bypassed also - i.e killing Dread, then bringing in Alts for lockouts on Fright/Terror, and then requesting the instance again on those alt , so you only have Dread up.

    Dracoliche - 1 tic fear. For some reason folks were getting feared under the World and then "appearing" in the center of the zone.
  6. Kirkisx Augur

    clicking and illusion with a buff attached without tbm will not give you setbuff
  7. Tobin Augur

    Note bug in list under Vim and Vigor:

    Note no graphic for TBM in achievement window:
  8. Riou Augur

    think that missing graphic is cause you're using a custom ui
  9. Arcainos Augur

    Just got the pridewing mount from completing Mirror Master, and the stats on it say it increases endurance mana by 1100 and AC by 500 and hp by 1500.

    I click it, and it gives me mount blessing beza, which is just 300 to hp/end/mana and 120 AC.

    Yet another broken item from The Broken M'expansion?
  10. Tobin Augur

    I'll look into that - thanks
  11. Tobin Augur

    You were right the EQUI_Animations.xml was out of date. sorry

    The other bug is still there
  12. Tobin Augur

    Did you go to the Key Ring and change the Stat Mount?
  13. Machen Augur


    We are experiencing a reproducible/Unavoidable crash bug in Sepulcher Event 5 on Fippy Darkpaw since this update. See my PM for more details. Thank you.

    Guild Leader of Citizen, Fippy Darkpaw
  14. Orbital101 Augur

    Idols of Rot:
    Shard of Cabilisian Diamond is missing
    An once of Fetid Flesh only drop of mobs inside the missions... none spawn as ground spawn intended?
    Double Check Putrid Poisons from Crypt of Decay... pretty sure they dont drop or spawn from anything inside any tasks

    Hunter of the Plane of Health'Bhaly Adan(Bane of Decay) doesnt spawn
    Hunter of the Plane of Hate'Lord of Ire is missing

    Can we have a extra reward for Spirit armors, thx
    Three for One is broken, conflict with the raid achievement

    Fearsome shield no type 3?
  15. Repthor Augur

    you have to change your mount buff in the mount ring tab to update it.
  16. EQgamer23 Elder

  17. Arcainos Augur

    Tried that, and it didn't work.

    Maybe it required a relog. I'll try again tonight.
  18. mtgdragon Lorekeeper

    The partisan task: "Fate Rewards the Bold", has no text in the quest window. The first objective just has ??????.
  19. JinkGuk New Member

    Not sure if this is a bug but i wanted to report it. Ever since this patch i've had issue running 2 clients at once on the same machine randomly i will get disconnected from both clients at the same time. Then when i try to log back in i get an error that one of the log in is invalid or that i need to log out and log back in before i can proceed. If i only run 1 client then i do not see this problem. I'm wondering if there is some code for the new server "that is running wild" so to speak. Both accounts are on tunare. Its just very frustrating to get disconnected mid fight or while camping something so i was hoping someone could look into the issue.

    Also every time i get disconnected i make sure its not an issue with my connection. i will usually open a browser or something of that nature to make sure i see a page load.
  20. Chichiaz New Member

    I was so hoping Damsel of Decay mission was going to be on the patch news today...the bokon get stuck upstairs near the tunnel and the ooze get stuck near the center downstairs. =/
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