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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. JinkGuk New Member


    PoFear, Terror raid mob spawns fear totems during fight. However if you fail to kill terror the fear totems continue to spawn making it impossible to CR or zone into instance and finish pofear mobs. I saw this on the last pofear raid i was on cause us to cancel the raid due to inability to zone back in with out fear totem re-spawning.
  2. svann Augur

    Nope they are 100/105, and the augs I used were as well.
  3. Augur Developer

    Can you please provide additional information about what you did prior to this happening -- especially anything that might've been unusual? I'm unable to reproduce this bug on live currently.

    Here's what I've done, so you can compare with it to see if you took any different steps:
    • Joined a group with two characters
    • Got the task assigned
    • Complete steps up to Step 6 (Give Stolen Life Fragments to Fenlu)
    • Turn in 10 Stolen Life Fragments at once
    • Confirmed that I received Shard of Healing
    • Deleted Shard of Healing
    • Hail Fenlu and got a new Shard of Healing in my inventory
    • Complete Step 7 (Travel to Demiplane of Decay)
    • Delete Shard of Healing
    • Hail Fenlu and got a new Shard of Healing (repeat 3 times on each toon)
    It's worth noting that the item is Lore, so if you put it in your bank from a previous run-through of the task (or something like that), you won't be able to receive a new one from Fenlu.
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  4. Augur Developer

    Thanks for your report. I was able to reproduce this bug and have it fixed internally. It should go out with the next patch.

    In the meantime, you should be able to avoid this bug by completing the optional step of the task. Sorry for the hassle!
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  5. Augur Developer

    Thanks for your report. Good catch on the bug of being unable to re-kill Korinth the Crusher if he respawns before you kill Thiroc the Redeemer.

    I've fixed this internally, and it should go out with the next patch. The only workaround for Live currently is to kill Thiroc before Korinth respawns, or wait for another group to kill Korinth. Sorry for the hassle!
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  6. Augur Developer

    We've found the source of this bug and have fixed it internally. The fix will go out with the next hotfix (no sepcific ETA yet, but should be soon! We know this is a big issue.)
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  7. Fjorn New Member

    Rings, Earrings and other TBM items are not accepting TBM augs.
  8. torach Journeyman

    Some notes I have from TBM, maybe a few bugs but mostly just observations:

    I have a Charm with 300ish HME that has slots 5, 7 and 9. The type 5 and 9 augmentations are not able to be placed into this. Would love for this to be fixed as charm is my biggest upgrade slot! :)

    As enough people have said, the 6-rank spell progression must be broken as we have an SK in guild who's got just about all the group content completed and nada. The only things I believe he is missing is Lady of Death (bugged, once she warps to the 2nd location you cannot melee or cast on her) and maybe one other.

    Just a thought to maybe add 30-50 more AC to BP and Legs across the board. I have pretty much a full set of Crypt-Hunters ranger armor and it has all been an upgrade except the BP. Waiting on sleeve to drop to finish my hunt and put on the legs I have. Also, as has been pointed out by others, Sleeves/Legs have had their Cleave/Ferocity swapped, this is why I haven't equipped my legs yet.

    As others have said, Rings and Earrings cannot be augmented with type 5's or 9's. Looks like Neck, Face, Shoulders and I think belts can.

    I'm not sure if any of the other group content folk have mentioned this but just a thought, all the TBM gear fully augmented have pretty rotten mod3's. Honestly I think I'm down 200-300 Heal Amount, Spell Damage and Clairvoyance, which, I know, I can keep up if I choose different augments and perhaps that is the intent, make you choose and customize your gear for what you want without getting everything in a hand basket.

    Started off this post thinking I had more, but that's all I've got for now. I must say that I DO enjoy this expansion very much and really look forward to when I can upgrade my dichotomic spell!

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  9. Silv Augur

    Any update about the other huge raid bug with Damsel of Decay where she is pretty much invulnerable after she ports down and back up (and every subsequent phase where she is upstairs)? This also affects the group mission. I know it's causing a lot of people a ton of grief and I can't possibly imagine it's intended.

    I think quite a few have reported similar experiences.
  10. Blurred_Memories Augur

    you can get higher ac in group gear than raid gear for enchanters.... may or may not be true for other archetypes.
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  11. Kongfoo Elder

    -685, -106, -2
  12. Benzarden Augur

    In Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls group mission, the event does not reset properly if you wipe when the adds are up.

    Also, the achievement for Dancing in the Pain is being improperly awarded, and the achievement for None Shall Fall is not being awarded when nobody dies from Poison Blast. In fact, nobody died from any mechanic in our run, and None Shall Fall was not given.
  13. Duddner New Member

    illusions / mount animation gets frozen since after TBM / patch
  14. Makavien Augur

    Holistic Health still lands on the warrior tanking Anashti Sul, Lady of Life on the raid not sure about the group mission.

    It hit 2 of the warriors tanking her multiple times both times we defeated her.

    Also for warriors Phantom aggressor is still getting above us in hate unless we use projection of fury directly after using phantom aggressor. Projection of Fury also still gets above us and causes pet aggro issues.
  15. Deillusional Augur

    Also with the raid tenticles not despawning ... or no indication that you're about to get one placed so you cannot control where they spawn.
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  16. Sindaiann Augur

    I have been raging so much about this, my desire to play is in the pooper.
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  17. Kiillz Augur

    WTB Thunderfoot fix? or should I report it more as a mount bug or task location fix?
  18. Jarith Lorekeeper

    Enchanter illusion spells seem buggy. Water elemental form doesn't give enduring breath, fire elemental doesn't give a damage shield etc. Air elemental does give a 5 hour levitation buff which is the only one I've seen still do anything.

    My apologies if this was the improper spot or if it has been reported before.
  19. Augur Developer

    We're investigating this and trying to find the cause of the problem, so we can solve it. No update or ETA on a fix yet. Sorry!
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  20. Benzarden Augur

    Augurdev, Champion of the People.

    Thank you for providing updates.

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