Update Bugs 11/19/14

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  1. Benzarden Augur

    I too am having issues with the Captain Mewes merc tasks in Dredge. Got tasks prepatch, finished tasks post patch tonight. The last hail for the tasks The Pirate and the Pea and Research Wrecks will not update properly. The final step for Pirate and the Pea shows green in my task log, but the NPC dialogue never went through, the merc achievement is not updated, and the task is still in my task log. The last step of Research Wrecks is a hail that won't update upon hailing.
  2. blood & gufts Augur

    There still problems with chars below level 101 grouping with chars lvl 101+.

    Grouped with a char lvl 95 and a lvl 100, and then a lvl 95 with 101, and the xp on the 95 dropped by 50%. Went from 10% to 5%.
  3. Croak Augur

    Some more data for the server lag issues - all since TDS went live, and on test since first test update after TDS

    For me 230 ping is normal connecting to live servers (I live in Europe) - ping isn't the issue but it can magnify any connection issues.

    It does seem to be specific servers, maybe those allocated less server resources

    Test server - Currently unplayable whether 1 toon or my normal test setup of 3-5 - zoning times in minutes.
    Sometimes I can pull mobs on one toon and run back to camp, then hit one agro spell and the spellbar locks out for 2 minutes. I can then watch the fight from another window which is still behaving normally, send in pet and slowly dps (less agro generated on tank)
    Frequently I have mobs dead in 1 window, and still 50% alive in another.
    Recently the only way I could get out of guild lobby was origin after freshly logging in.

    Fippy - currently unplayable with spell gem lockups, delayed health etc

    AB - no noticeable issues

    FV - over the last week played extensively on FV levelling 4 new toons 1-75 - not one issue of spell gem lockup
  4. Jonny Panic Augur

    Also, I don't know how old this one is... but Berserker AA Battle Stomp, which we use constantly, blocks Juggernaut's Resolve melee mitigation AA, rendering it virtually unusable, especially in an emergency when it's often most likely to be needed.
  5. Barge New Member

    The Fireshard Ring

    Can still be used from inventory at level 1. It is a 7500 damage PBAE making it very overpowered.
  6. Drewie Augur

    When fighting in Lichen Creep with my level 105 mercenary tank, I noticed that my heals didn't land on him when he was fighting over lava, even with levitation on. Also, it looks like the heal from Frosthowl Breath never landed on the mercenary as the target's target.
  7. arbre Lorekeeper

    I had the same issue with Captain Mewes quests, Pirate and the Pea and Research Wrecks. I have petitioned and hope it gets resolved that way. But this doesn't fix the overall problem.
  8. Drewie Augur

    Upon entering the instance part of the Arx Mentis group mission "The Cost of Balance", our group appeared at a weird location at -539, -208, -513. After a group evac, we found ourselves in the right room at +23, -121, +175.
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  9. Fenudir Augur

    As an upgrade to Brutal Axe Throw, this disc really should stop eating expensive reagents. Masterworks Axe Components aren't exactly cheap for a spam disc that we fire every 10 seconds. That and I can't speak for other zerkers but I don't have a half a dozen 40 slot bags to dedicate to stocking up on axes.
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  10. Fnyanea Augur

    I learned something new RE: Exp in RoF zones. The toon that pulls the mob gets about half the exp as before the patch (nov 19 patch), and the others in the group get almost zero exp.
  11. Hobogoke New Member

    Quest Tudor's Beer not working, Fresh Mesa Streamwater does not appear on cursor.
  12. Jonny Panic Augur

    I would have been game to have this disc eat an axe with every use (axes stack to 100, one tailored bag could hold 2,000 of them and the components to summon more are cheap), because the NEW iteration of this disc, if the accuracy is resolved, can trigger Frenzied Volley, which itself can reiterate numerous times AND all of which can fire Decapitation on dark blue and lower cons (with maximum Decap AAs)...

    ... but I have announced an indefinite break from Everquest due to the deterioration of the "group" game and the rampant excessive mudflation that has sucked all fun from a game that should be an escape, not more work.

    Good luck, folks.
  13. Tearsin Rain Augur

    apologies if this was already mentioned, i skimmed the thread and didn't see it.
    there is a major bug in a partisan quest line which is currently stalling the ability to progress through TDS content.

    Zone: Degmar, The Lost Castle
    Quest: Crying for the Dead
    Issue: the 4th step of this quest states: "take 10 drops of blood from from the dwarves and combine them inside the inkwell"
    you loot the blood, do the combine, you get the item... but the step doesn't update.

    tested and confirmed this twice last night, according to other people the issue started after the patch on the 19th.
  14. Shrinak New Member

    Look up hot fixxes from Nov 20th it had the answer to this.
  15. Uxtalzon Augur

    Mobs casting insta-mez is literally a 9 times out of 10 success rate, and to top that off their own DoTs cast don't even break it. Ridiculously stupid.

    Beacon of Righteousness just recently got its 3 second stun applied/fixed after all this time, but it seems to be still capped at level 103.
  16. Fenudir Augur

    The problem here is that with the number of axes that we'd burn through in a night, it isn't exactly a cheap disc to use. Plus adding the component now is a lot like telling rangers that their endless quiver doesn't work anymore.
  17. Tearsin Rain Augur

    sorry i missed that, and thank you.
  18. RPoo Augur

    When scintillating beam wore off of some mobs that had me on agro, I got hit with scintillating beam root and when scintillating beam root wore off I got hit with scintillating grasp..
  19. Jonny Panic Augur

    Heh I can't not contribute, I guess. I'll get there eventually.

    Plat you can farm before and after a raid, components can stack to 100, axes stack to 100 and take 5 components, so one stack of components will make 2,000 axes assuming the component preserver AA doesn't fire.

    It'd be better for the new version, with it's ability to strike multiple times (via Frenzied Volley) and, against level 104 and lower mobs, trigger multiple decaps, cost an axe each use than more Endurance, IMO
  20. Jondalar Augur

    When did the BP clicky warrior's instinct start overwriting preeminent foresight?