Update Bugs 11/19/14

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  1. Drewie Augur

    I don't think it's related to that specific patch, but anyway. I just did the partisan mission "Trail of Flame" in Fungal Forest with my tank mercenary at level 105 and I got 2 bugs :
    - the 8 first steps were completed all at once by completing the first step ("Find the start of the trail of flames")
    - I found the wandering greken some distance to the south as intended, but my mercenary didn't follow me, it got stuck around +1261, -678. Not sure if he was under the world, or over a giant mushroom, I couldn't see him.

    Another bug that should be easy to fix : using the Compare button in the Achievements window while targetting player A sets the window title to "Achievements (Comparing A)". But targetting another playing and clicking the button again doesn't change the window title, it still says "Comparing A" even if B's achievements are displayed. That's a bit disturbing when I want to trade collectibles with other guild members in the Guild Hall before the raid start.
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  2. smash Augur

    Artifical delayed zoning times ?

    I done a few tests.

    When zoning with a level 101 char, the average zoning time was around 1 min 10 sec.
    Then I did the same zoning with a level 100 char, and there the zoning time was 30 sec.

    This was the same account, same zones, in ROF/VOA/HoT. in fact all old zones
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  3. silku Augur

    Something has gone wonky in the connection to the servers since TDS went live. I have about a 33% chance of actually zoning or logging into a character. Many times it just stops responding. Same with Character Select from time to time. Sometimes I'll click on a character and enter world. Next thing I know I'm back to the server select screen with no message as to why. When I go to connect to the Rathe it tells me I have a character already logged in and then I have to wait for it to disconnect, so the data is getting to the server but not necessarily back to the client?
  4. guado Augur

  5. smash Augur

    There no bug there The spell says: Animals or insects.

    An overgrown tasselvine is a PLANT.
  6. guado Augur

    Looks nature-like and druid-like to me :p

    Additional Thoughts:
    Ok, yes, it is a plant. You've outed me. I've always wanted to charm a plant :cool:
  7. smash Augur

    You once could, Beguile Plants . charm plants up to lvl 25
  8. Greymantle Augur

    Thats a plant , not an animal.
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  9. guado Augur

    Read above, smash beat you to it ;)

    Also, at one point Druids could charm plants, so why not just add plants to the current charm? It's all nature and Druid this & that anyway. (points for extra descriptions)
  10. Retro Elder

    Did bixie 1 raid last night( on test) and the scripting lag has gotten much worse. It used to only spike on first wave spawn but now it is getting really bad all over the place the pathing / spell casting delay / all wave spawns. Adds even stayed up awhile after last boss got burned down making it feel like the zone was going to crash, then it cleared up and ran fine after the chest spawned. Ran Neriak 2 right before this and there were no problems. Netstat seemed normal so bixie 1 is falling apart.
  11. Marshall Maathers Augur

    Our raid had a 15-25 second lag spike in ToR on CT last night. Killed off at least some of our mini tanks.

    Then we followed it up with Bixie 1 and 2, and as you mentioned, the lag in Bixie 1 was atrocious. I never remember any lag there previously, but last night it was really bad. I could use all my aggro tools on a bixie and it wouldn't chase me, it would just stand there. Eventually it would come after me.
  12. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Hrm. When I do my evaluations, I will the definitely consider the aggro of NPC's that spawn in the water. Because, as you say, water pathing is silly.
  13. Axxius Augur

    I played more with these last night and verified that they work normally, but the refresh timers in the AA window are no longer affected by the Hastened AA. They show unmodified refresh times. But in reality MC is still 9 min refresh with Hastened 6/6. The AA window is just no longer accurate. It's a display bug and needs to be fixed, but at least it's not affecting the functionality.

    The case of Stasis was apparently caused by it landing on some ultra-low level summoned pet, because Combine casters in TDS are using lv 50-70 spells that were not a part of caster AI repertoire in several previous expansions. I use Stasis in a debuff hotkey to proc Deep Sleep and didn't expect it actualy landing on anything in TDS.
  14. Maccuul Elder

    Spirit of Urgency for Shaman is a giant Doug for me still.
  15. Goth Augur

    remove all the water from the game...
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  16. Sima New Member

    RoF experience seems to have been nerfed again! If you will not revert this to what it was pre-TDS, at least fix it to what it was pre-November 19 patch.
  17. guado Augur

    Where would we fish!?

    or swim !?!?!?

    or play EQ Water Polo?!
  18. Kollin Journeyman

    From patch notes:
    Horse bridles summoned by Paladin and Shadowknight AAs will now be able to be activated from inside bags on Progression Servers when in a potion belt and will no longer take a slot in the Mount Key Ring.

    My mount keyring on my Paladin is only showing 0/9 with nothing on the keyring. With the following mounts it shows 8/9:
    Bridle of King Kalakor
    Bridle of the Shadow Panther
    Bridle of the Snow Leopard
    Dallyn's Horse Saddle
    Glowing Black Drum
    Hallowed Steed
    Lava Braxi Saddle
    War Bear Saddle

    When I put my Valiant Steed onto the keyring (no matter when I do it weather it be first third or last the /9 raises to /10. So with the above mounts and the Valiant Steed it raises to 9/10 when it should be 9/11.
  19. turlo Journeyman

    I just want to reiterate the above mentions of the rogue problems. All of the abilities 101-105 have insanely bad resist modifiers compared to lower levels. We are being forced to downgrade our abilities to have anything work at all.

    My trap for level 105 is being resisted most of the time (as in, 95% of the mobs I tested) when beforehand it was resisted 5% of the time. (These mobs are much lower level than the 100 trap).

    I haven't seen any replies to the above posts, so wanted to indicate this is still a problem.
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  20. Jonny Panic Augur

    Berserker Demolishing Axe Throw misses almost every time.

    Edit: It looks like the "Big Axe Throw" line was changed from a dd effect to a "Throwing attack for X with 10000% Accuracy Mod" effect. The prior ability, Brutal Axe Throw just did 6163 base damage at rank 1, but Demolishing Axe Throw now consumes a Demolisher's Axe and misses almost every time. I just spammed it at a dummy and it landed once out of 20 uses.