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  1. Nudia Augur

    I, too, have noticed this. I was away from the game at expansion release, but came back straight into raiding Arx and noticed it immediately. I figured it was something I just didn't pay attention to, being as I'd rather stab myself in the eye with a rusty mace than read patch notes.

    That said, it's become increasingly annoying. It's definitely NOT a line of sight issue; rather, I think it's a problem relating to the reset mechanic following raids (both failed and successful raids, as it were in Arx). Doing group progression, I'm able to target corpses just fine, but on raids after resets, I'm having to click target. I'm not sure how viable bugging the coordinates would be at this extent, as the corpses will be gone, but toss a few dozen instances of this happening under half-of-our-guild <Triton> in Arx Mentis (raid) on Povar.

  2. Axxius Augur

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  3. Cloudia Augur

    Not just happening in Arx raids. Was unable to use /tar to pull corpses from pile after reset in a Doomscale Horde raid in CotF last week. Could click on then drag about half the corpses but could not use/tar to select a specific target including my own.
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  4. Saroc_Luclin Augur

    Doomscale was where I first noticed it. On resets I usually try to /tar myself so I can rez, mana up and AE rez. After a Doomscale wipe, I couldn't target myself so I /corpse'd myself out and click targeted.
  5. Nudia Augur

    Recondite mobs in Paludal are able to backstab from the front. Game breaking, for sure!
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  6. Melanippe Augur

    On the Rathe server, Spooky Sally and Haunted Jack (Halloween NPC's) are freezing their bums in Halas and standing atop the Frostfell Goblins. The chattering teeth and giggling of the goblins is disconcerting to the nearby merchants no doubt. :oops:
  7. Jondalar Augur

    True. Yet it started just a couple patches ago.
    Previously you didn't have to do this.

  8. Manapause Journeyman

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but we are doing the Daily HA "Hate Hath No Fury" in Neriak and are on the last step, "Place poisonous spider egg sacks within the King's bedchambers". However, we are unable to agro and kill the "a darklight widow" to loot the spider egg sacks. Though they con KOS to everyone in the group, we are able to walk on top of them uninvis'ed and they are not agro'ing. When we try to cast spells on them we get a "Your spell did not take hold" message nor are we able to melee agro it.

    Wiz in the group Evac'ed us back to the spiders from the King's bedchambers after we killed the guards in the previous step. Is it possible that caused our group to bug out?

    With the recent changes to HA's regarding xp, this is more than a little frustrating. We get little if any xp during the HA so depend on being able to complete the tasks. If we are unable to, through no fault of our own, you should be able to fix it so we can continue forward in the task and finish the last step.
  9. Uxtalzon Augur

    On live right now, environmental sounds checked off not play zone music sometimes (bug in the past seems to have come up again), and old MIDI files like player cities don't play at all anymore. Just earlier last month it was working fine. Missing dat nostalgic feel when running through the front gates of Qeynos or Surefall's ranger guild house!
  10. Vran New Member

    My Emblem of Oseka does not show any stats in my August Stonetooth Cuirass(I have a full set). The emblem says gains in power as you complete a set of armor. Are the August sets not considered to be armor sets ?
  11. Sheex Augur

    That one chick named rogue near camp 1 must be a wrecking machine now!
  12. Nudia Augur

    She was! :eek:
  13. Nudia Augur

    Ghoul assassin is also now backstabbing from the front...

    Appears rogue NPCs now have this lovable player ability! :oops:
  14. Eaiana Augur

    Hit several bugs/anomalies in the "Castle Relic" HA:

    - Tank died during the first "Commander Alast Degmar" fight, got rez. Was in instance when dwarf hit 20%. No key was given. Maybe you have to have aggro on him to get the key update?

    - After "Commander Alast Degmar" ran away to the other side of the zone, summoned and killed wizard. Had to fight our way to him to be able to rez.
  15. Edrick Augur

    This happened to us, so I can confirm this.
  16. Fnyanea Augur

    This happened to us too, except ranger was summoned to other side of zone.
  17. Fanra Augur

    After the Frostfell events began, people are reporting crashing while zoning. Tonight's raid had nine people crash with the box that says your client has crashed click to send info to SOE when they tried to zone into Argin-Hiz.

    If SOE is not getting a lot more reports from that box, then you need to let me and others know to send you some more information. But you should know about this if the error reporting box is actually sending you the info.

    Thank you.
  18. Kucaniz Master

    I thought perhaps I had just been unlucky and it bugged out or I wasn't paying attention but, after doing castle relic again last night, I noticed that Commander Alast Degmar and Sergeant Knotlest are giving no experience rather then the 5x the patch notes said they were.
  19. smash Augur

    They quest/mission mobs, and they give close to zero xp, so can multiply by 5 and that still close to nothing.
  20. Kucaniz Master

    No, they really are giving nothing. There's not even an experience message. These are HAs mobs anyway, those don't generally incur the same penalty as quest/mission mobs; they were giving about the same as any other mob in the zone before this at any rate.

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