Update Bugs 11/18/15

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. Warpeace Augur

    We had the same issue also, but I think some new class spell / ability, not warriors was causing it to fail. Might double check that.
  2. Dalsina Lorekeeper

    The slot 5 and 9 augs all say they fit for example Ear slot but they have Armor Only restrictions on them. So they don't go in to the slots. :mad: Edit: Also I don't see any augs with Charm slots?
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  3. Twinbrow New Member

    AA Arcane Overkill - I see the text proc from time to time after I get the kill shot but I see no Icon in any window showing it's running or when it ends. Verified this with other players. Bug?

    Delay Death - When this actually happens the toon falls down but continues moving forward more often then not, (If you happen to be moving when it happens), falling off ledges, floating into mobs, and getting stuck in corners. Should you get a heal and pop back up, the toon goes on its own running spree straight ahead that's hard to stop. [ People die 99% of the time with this skill anyway. They just get to fall down before they die as the mob continues hitting. Should there not be an agro wipe for the less than 1% who actually see this AA in action? Or at least a % based possibility of an aggro wipe? <---- just for wizards though :) ]

  4. Twinbrow New Member

    Seeing the same thing. See pic below for example. Not highlighting brown and can not be slotted.
  5. RPoo Augur

    None of my gear seems to give a focus to our new Gravity Twist spell. Sources point towards magic focus but I get the same result gearless as I do fully geared, with or without magic focus helm.
    Edit - I mean I know chanters haven't had an AE damage spell since 36 so a bit inexperienced with them, is it like that for all classes with a green damage spell that it doesn't get focuses by whatever resist it says it is?
  6. RPoo Augur

    waahh no fair targeted aes excluded =(
  7. Iila Augur

    AEs don't get focused.
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  8. Quality Lorekeeper

    The augs not working in non visibles was mentioned several times in the last update post, why did you guys ignore us? You weren't too busy to try to push more crap merchandise on us with your Black Friday update?

    Also a NEW bug to report. If you have "Crypt of Crimes" in life, if you don't kill your Varnor Clegg or you wipe. It can apparently bug and make him not attackable. The only other thing that happened after my wipe is another group started one I saw the zonewide emote. So the other thing is it could have despawned mine but then made him unattackable for me. This is stupid, if you're going to have an open zone mob, either don't link them directly to groups current task or if you're going to don't let the spawning of another screw it up.

    However I am sure like the aug issue above, you will read over this one and it won't get fixed until two patches from now. This is why I've waiting, I have 2 extra accounts I'd buy this expansion for but I am refusing until you can get this pos working. They're both staying bronze until then as well. If you don't get it fixed in a timely manner, I'll just let this one go bronze as well. This is why you don't beta test for 10 hours before launch and then have the paying customers beta test after launch. You guys are getting pathetic and it's not saying much about Daybreak taking over. You know, if you were a new company coming in you'd want to shine, not get by.
  9. Arcainos Augur

    Weapons still have a 21 aug slot (for armor) vs. slot 20 (for weapons)

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