Update Bugs 11/18/15

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. Riou Augur

    6 Rank Spells aren't upraded via runes
  2. RangerDanger#1 Lorekeeper

    yup.On FV TBM gear is marked No Trade when tradeable gear is unique to the server.
  3. Zarakii Augur

    we got a belt icebelt decent raid belt for t1 but same rk2 spells and group armor otherwise
  4. Behelit Augur

    Missing the Berserker class from the limit on Copsestalker's Enrichment

    [49073/11654] Copsestalker's Enrichment
    Classes: RNG/105
    Skill: Abjuration
    Mana: 1414
    Target: Caster Group, MGB: No
    Range: 100', AE Range: 100'
    Resist: Beneficial, Blockable: Yes
    Focusable: Yes
    Casting: 5s, Recast: 1.5s, Rest: 1.5s
    Duration: 40m (400 ticks), Extendable: Yes, Dispelable: Yes
    1: Increase Spell Effectiveness by 10%
    2: Limit Max Level: 110 (lose 100% per level)
    3: Limit Effect: Skill Attack
    4: Limit Type: Detrimental
    5: Limit Max Duration: 0s
    6: Limit Min Level: 95
    7: Limit Type: Include Combat Skills
  5. svann Augur

    Quest: Into the Temple (from mercenary of Sul Vius: Demiplane of life)
    Last step says to give items to Avatar of Quellious, but the npc that pops is Avatar of Tranquility. Made me think we needed to go back to plane of tranquility to see the avatar of quellious.
  6. Addikeys Elder

    Can't scribe Scroll: Dichomatic Winds (Druid TBM spell). Unless there's some quest or something that needs to be done in order to scribe?
  7. Iila Augur

    Right click it.
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  8. Addikeys Elder

    Worked! You're the best.
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  9. Karthos Augur

    In defense of health partisan mission - Pulling mobs with ranger I would normally grab 2 or 3 plus an additional 2 or 3 mobs that were unseen and did not path to the group. I had to fade off agro on ranger to clear them from extended target once mobs in camp were dead. This happened every pull. Once I healed the 4th Golem I got ambushed by 3 or 4 mobs out of nowhere.
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  10. Gumby Augur

    - Monk - Corrected an issue with Thunderfoot that caused this ability to trigger its effect less often than was intended.

    This pretty much seems to have gone the opposite direction. Spent a night helping someone in Tower of Rot on quests and got 88 procs over the course of a couple hours.

    Spent a good 4 hours tonight after the patch doing TBM stuff and got a total of 54 procs from Thunderfoot.

    This thing has to be completely broken still because even running Heel disc, which makes Flying Kick refresh like crazy you are lucky to get a couple procs.
  11. Silv Augur

    Mob groups are 'aggro-linked' (in this instance at least) but half of them fall under the world [or go on a cruise to Luclin, IDK honestly] and so you get this awesome chain aggro/fade and then maybe if you're lucky they will eventually reach your group. Or unlucky depending on what you're expecting.

    It is some of the worst pathing I've seen in a while. It probably would be a minor issue if the mobs weren't aggro linked.
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  12. Behelit Augur

    Dichotomic Rage is bugged, dmg is capped at ~750k

    Behelit lands a Crippling Blow!(1345086)
    You slash Ritualist of Life for 751515 points of damage.

    The cap can be modded by Increase Hit Dmg Taken debuffs:

    Behelit lands a Crippling Blow!(1694860)
    You slash Anashti Sul, Damsel of Decay for 916333 points of damage

    Behelit lands a Crippling Blow!(966631)
    You slash Anashti Sul, Damsel of Decay for 916333 points of damage.

    ~750k x 1.22 (funeral dirge) = ~916k

    however we're still missing out on alot of damage with the way its working atm.
  13. Lonye Augur

    Demi Life of Decay: Grubbonian's Locked Tower:
    Clicking the Healing Ward to help cripple the named in does not work unless you complete the "optional" step earlier in the task. We chose to skip the optional part, since an optional quest objective in a previous quest completely wiped our quest clean. So, the optional step is not optional. Please fix. Wasted too much time on bugs already.
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  14. Bamkan Augur

    Defenders of the Faith
    Killed Kavilis Adan
    2 infected winged defenders spawned as usual.....about 10% into the first one.
    Kavilis Adan respawned and reaggro me. I switched to killing him again and then finished off the other two defenders to complete the task.

    Kavilis Adan should not spawn twice :)
  15. Silv Augur

    Merc bug as of today: If you get "summoned" by a mob as a PC and have a merc in group... it now also summons your merc with you!

    This is tons of fun when you are the puller for your group and your merc is your tank (if you're pulling with a damage spell) :)
  16. Drewie Augur

    In the druid Class AA tab, Hidden Communion of the Cheetah shows -1/1 in the Cur/Max column.
  17. svann Augur

    Your merc has always gone with you when you get summoned. I learned this in old bloodfields pulling dragorn which summon from 100%.
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  18. Wizdons Augur

    Intended... they getting ready to close down FV..
  19. Malacath Journeyman

    Max rank(not sure if the other ranks) of Quickened Death Bloom Is not working
    Cast Death Blossom 3 mins reuse
    Cast Death Bloom 10 Mins reuse
  20. Zarakii Augur

    we have been loosing players lately and having been here for 5 years now from my last server i cant blame some people

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