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  1. Fanra Augur


    In addition to "ear" the distant echo of weeping, I think we might also "hear" it :).
  2. Explicit Augur

    /GU WK Raid in 801s
    Wizard (me playing another person's main) 47499k @59597dps

    So, while the mage beam is a pretty idiot-proof method to winning a parse on the one raid with a bunch of trash...it is certainly not the end-all be-all.

    Wizard dps obtained via full-burning at the start, popping spell TC probably 2-3 times while rotating 4 different AEs on top of a few single-target spells and standing in the middle of a pile of mobs. Roughly twice the amount of casts as a mage with essentially the same results to show for it.

    This is not a slight against mages in any fashion, just showing that their beam -can- be beat with ingenuity. I don't see a reason why it should be nerfed in a raid setting. Group is another story. I realize this contradicts what I've posted earlier but a solution was offered in response to that -- toss mages a couple different AE spells to rotate.
  3. duo13 Elder

    merc disappearing when zoning
    80 ench could be the aura
    turning off aura has helped
    but merc still disappeared with aura off
    sometimes zoning will help to bring back merc
  4. Jarsi Journeyman

    Currently Freedom! task is not working on test due to Grohlok the Tyrant not spawning adds like he should at 70% hps. he just emotes blurs and then reaggros when regens to 100% tried various methods to try to over dps and kill him but best i could do was 1% and he blurred and regens to 100%. thinking without the adds popping when he blurs its currently imho unbeatable (i wasted 4hrs trying to get him dead for the task update!!)
    Also some of the tasks have had the counts changed correctly but the text is still off
    Invading the invaders for example says Collect 4 Wrext Mal insignias 0/2.
    Waves at the end of Beat the Blackburrow boss task were they made invulnerable to melee on purpose?
  5. Gladare Augur

    Probably not related to this patch, but "a Mucktail rock breaker" in blightfire moors is backstabbing from the front.
  6. Tobynn Augur

    The mob named Oozoroze, a rare in the Clearing a Path heroic adventure, appears to be headshotting itself.

    Oozoroze begins to cast a spell. <Headshot>
    Oozoroze is struck by a blow to the head.
  7. Gragas Augur

    From Test Notes.

    - Oozoroze in the Dead Hills Heroic Adventures no longer tries to kill itself.
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