Update Bugs 11/06/13

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. Linora New Member

    I also had one of my chars rolled back a number of days. Have lost a level, a number of completed quests that took me hours to do etc. Not a happy camper :( I would put a petition number in but the system is so slow I haven't even had the confirmation email yet! No doubt I will have to wait 24hrs now before I get any response so there goes my night's EQ.

    EDIT I went into my Station account and found the petition number 131106-000543 still no confirmation email after 1/2hr let alone a response
  2. Uxtalzon Augur

    Well it didn't work before, for nearly a full month, and expansion hype claimed "POWERFUL". So no, not as advertised. Waited this long for an extra measly few points of damage. Just a huge disappointment. And yes, nothing else to spend HA currency on. One merc AA beats an entire set of gear. Man, what a gyp. lol /frown
  3. Koneko Augur

    also none of them i have gotten have a personal/guild tribute value
  4. Uxtalzon Augur

    Caster mercs on burn are still ignoring targets in HAs that have huge amounts of hitpoints.

    Jacyll's Jailbreak - Murderous bixies triple attack AND dual-wield (sextuple attacks?) and player avoidance seems to be almost null against them, from my painful experience.
  5. Hiladdar Augur

    Every time you zone chat channels reset now. This is good if the only channels you use "join general channels" under options turned on and do not use other channels.. This is very bad if you use channels other then /general, /your_class_channel, and /continent channel.

    The player work around, to this "new feature" is to create a hot key and press the hot key every time they zone. This new feature is worst then what before, where a player had to zone to fix channels.

    The other issue with the channels, is that if you were in /general and following a conversation there, or chatting in /general, depending on the server population, at the time, it could dump you into /general1 or /general2 or etc. This makes it much more difficult to have a conversation in the general channel.
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  6. Elizabeta Augur

    How long until this happens? This is a real pain in the <insert random body part>. I am not sure i can tolerate this for weeks on end.
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  7. Axxius Augur

    BW HA Assault the Main Hive is still bugged: in the step "Debate Philosophers", about half of the mob types do not respond to the correct keyword.
  8. abzaru New Member

    Ive been having extreme lag off and on today zonning taking forever... only happening in eq and I checked my isp speed... it looked fine. No one else ive asked about it has had the same issue.... worked great before the patch
  9. Naugrin Augur

    Same here....long delays on hotkeys and spells but it's sporadic.
  10. Uxtalzon Augur

    Found out why bixies are beating me so hard compared to before.

    The amount of strikethroughs one bixie can do is incredible, which drastically decreased my chances to avoid hits. Before I was able to actually swarm-tank 20-30 or even more bixies, now I can't even do more than 10. I know the rares and named NPCs were tuned to be more challenging, but regular bixie mobs? Must be stealth_implementation#23751312.

    So far it looks like a 10-1 avoidance, meaning for every ten damn times bixies hit me, I'll avoid one hit. Pretty harsh, though I admit before it was way too easy to swarm-kill anything and everything.
  11. Axxius Augur

    Sounds like it wasn't tuned up enough. Current end game content should not be swarm-tankable at all. IMO. ;)
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  12. Uxtalzon Augur

    Teir 1 content isn't end-game. ;) EDIT: casters (specifically Mages) can just swarm kite and AE anyway.

    Lieutenant Rolth (that crazy guard guy that goes on a killing spree in the middle of Tainted WK) keeps warping to the south of the map before running all the way back to resume fighting. Dude just won't give up!
  13. Axxius Augur

    Tier 1 wouldn't be end game if there were higher tiers available, like in the expansions before RoF. But right now this CotF Tier 0.5 *is* end game. (And why mage beams are still allowed to hit unlimited targets is a different matter.)
  14. Tobynn Augur

    Thanks. Its a good start. Now, remove the confirmation box from the group teleport spells: druid's Primary/Seconday Anchor Circle and wizard's Primary/Secondary Anchor Portal. As a druid, I have Circle spells to about 40 different destinations, and none of them require any confirmation from me or from any members of my group.

    The remaining anchor spells (pushes, zephyrs, and the TL guild hall) should rightfully retain confirmations.
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  15. Uxtalzon Augur

    Cloth caps still dropping in HA's, I have up to 14 on me now! :D

    Me being able to swarmtank doesn't mean I killed my targets, it means I use my abilities to survive and hold aggro while everyone else piles on the mobs. Now I can't do that anymore, whereas magicians could solo swarmkite them before and still after now, so it's not an entirely different matter. Not much consequence to you though, you usually roll into HA's with cloth classes. ;)
  16. Jasmy Journeyman

    Looted a Blood Drinker's Coating tonight. Spell Effect: Unknown DB String 38995-6.
  17. Qualzek Augur

    I believe rogue poisons got fouled up in the update hate from them seemed extremely high when I was grouping with a rogue buddy just getting it on there i don't have many details would need some additional input from rogues on it
  18. Xslia Lorekeeper

    I know a fix is in place for the chat channels and we are waiting for the next server down time - is there an ETA on the next downtime?

    While it's a minor issue overall, it's a major headache for some of us - especially the way our raid force does attends and raid communications. we use the chat channels in various situations to aid us on raids.
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  19. Axxius Augur

    Or your rogue buddy used Phantom Assassin. Which is broken and messes up aggro big time.
  20. Bamkan Augur


    CONQUEST - Lesser Challenger of the Call
    A Timely Death - does not get updated (the checkmark) within this subgroup

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