Update Bugs 11/06/13

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. JChan Developer

    Please post about any new bugs found in the update. This thread is not for discussions about anything other than bugs and how we can reproduce (and therefore fix) them.
  2. Uxtalzon Augur

    Spell damage modifier on mercenary gear still doesn't work.

    +49 Spell DMG modifier - 115228

    +0 Spell DMG modifier - 115164
  3. Axxius Augur

    How so? 115164 + 49 = 115213. Looks like they even threw in an extra 15 damage somehow.
  4. Jaylin Augur

    With announcing on for chat channels. Anytime someone zones, you get a message they left the the channel, then rejoined. Had to turn off announcing as i had nothing but spam for everyone in the channel.

    Correction. Every zone, you get dropped from all channels, and it rejoins them if they are on autojoin. So unless you have them set to autojoin, you have to rejoin them everytime you zone.
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  5. Uxtalzon Augur

    Yup, getting that too. Every time I zone, I keep auto-joining channels again and again. lol
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  6. Advenia New Member

    Not sure if related to patch or some other issue - had a character rolled back about a week.
    Was fine before the patch. Have submitted petition. 131106-000244
  7. Uxtalzon Augur

    1 point of extra damage per 1 point of Spell damage mod? I'd like a refund of my merc gear, then. Is that the same for heal amount? Spend 3600+ marks of valor for four pieces of gear so your merc can heal for an extra ~100 points? It's pathetic.

    Before this update, if I dismissed and hired a new merc, its first and only cast did 49% more damage, then the modifier did nothing. Doing X% more damage per point would be outlandishly too strong, but now a full set of gear means it does... a whopping +0.09% more damage, and that's rounded up!

    So much for "powerful equipment and weapons" advertised.
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  8. guado Augur

    It's absolutely pathetic. Almost as much as Leader AA today. (Leader AA when it was first relevant was amazing)
  9. Major_Death_01 New Member

    It appears the new player made weapons are still no drop on FV. The no drop tag on the armor was removed but not on the weapons.
  10. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    AB is still having large lag spikes.
  11. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    That works exactly how it should work.

    Spell damage is a very minuscule damage mod.
  12. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    Tertiary Recall AA is still named "Tertiary RecallPatch Notes" when you make a hotkey for it.

    NM: You have to make a new hotkey for it and it is fixed.
  13. Lighteningrod Augur

    Paragon's Recurve Bow from the new SoD Hero's Journey is Prestige. All of the new Hero's Journey weapons are Prestige. None of the other slots are. Is this intended?
  14. Chandrok Augur

    Not intended. This will be fixed as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  15. Koneko Augur

    it is the same for players it is based on how long the spell casted used how much the spell damage adds from what I understand and the mrc gear isn't meant to be be all end all gear just add little upgrades
  16. crieger Journeyman

    I've put in a fix for this. It should make it in next server downtime. Thanks!
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  17. Falos Augur

    Welcome to EQ
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  18. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    We are also getting a message that people have left the raid when they are zoning, when they haven't.

    Unfortunately that one cannot be turned off
  19. Axxius Augur

    I'm sure that was just a random luck with focus (our worn foci are random). Other than that +49 Spell Dmg does precisely that: adds a laughable 49 spell damage (a little more than that actually, there is some cast/recast time math involved; +64 in your case) to your merc's 100k nuke. You can't get a refund on what works exactly as advertised. And even if you could, do you have something better to do with the HA currency? ;)
  20. Elizabeta Augur

    I got spammed by my reward window, i think SoD achievements. Anyway... all the rewards are no-tribute, which i guess is fine, the delete button it there, but none of the primary/secondary, shields or range items are placeable. If anything can they get the placable tag please.