Update Bugs 09/24/15

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  1. Mintalie Augur

    I don't think "spoiled" is the correct term here, given the nerfs that accompanied the stacking abilities. This needs to be fixed, and now.
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  2. RPoo Vox.Dandin told you, 'your better then me =D'

    What minty means is RIGHT MEOW! (please)
  3. Sindaiann Augur

    Totally agree but I have a feeling they did this intentionally on the stealth level

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  4. Angahran Augur

    Attempted to put Shadow of Ward on blocked buff list and got 'You cannot remove this effect'.
    Guessing the same for all the 'Shadow of ...' spells.
  5. Randragon Augur

    Rangers 'Covered Tracks' seems to be failing inordinately more than previous, even though it says we got a boost in our success rate.

    On Praetor Vititio it failed like 3 times in a row.
  6. Riou EQResource

    Highest rank went from like 85% (but worked 100% due to bug) to 90%.
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  7. Sindaiann Augur

    Just use the disable items ability on your general tab and it resets those abilities so that none are up. Then just don't reclick the one(s) you do not want up.
  8. Kirkisx Augur

    can arx range items get real looks rather than brown bags?
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  9. Lenra New Member

    Not sure if its been posted about, but on the test server seems large lag spikes going off , as well as bazaar traders whom are offline being booted.
  10. datnatedogg New Member

    eqhosts.txt doesnt seem to auto update when switching between test server and live server.
    causes problems unless you manual fix
  11. Tippylulu New Member

    The world keeps crashing.
  12. Sindaiann Augur

    Its the end of the world then...
  13. RPoo Vox.Dandin told you, 'your better then me =D'

    I was in the thulissar heroic adventure a fateful arrival and I was able to charm a dark blue a young raptor. Killed stuff till I picked up collects then dropped the mission. Got it again, went to charm another dark blue con a young raptor and this time they weren't charmable.
  14. Draco Journeyman

    People on Test Server keep getting Disconnected. it is really getting annoying. earn exp, then lose what ever you earn. This has been going on. Is this being looked into and what is going on , Could we please be informed of status? thanks
  15. Rumtum New Member

    I agree, four days now with crashing server. Any chance of moving toons back to live?
  16. Kincaide New Member

    Test has been disconnecting / kicking toons to character select every ~ 75 mins (and causing corresponding character rollbacks) since Thursday or Friday. Some sort of response from DBG would be nice.
  17. Dokgoki New Member

    5-6 days with a 4 minute lag and/or disconnect every 75 minutes. people losing loot, exp, pet classes has to make pets all over again even when suspended. Nothing from daybroke personnel who is probably enjoying their Columbus day off sleeping in bed, here is the wake up call: do we have a word on an eta of fix? & if yes please let everyone know. thanks..... :|
  18. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    That sucks! Seems like it was a good time for me to be busy in real life so I missed this crap fest of connection problems and roll backs related to it. Have they fixed this yet? Best place to mention this is Roshen's, Holly's or the Daybreak Help twitter. They don't pay much attention to the forum and take way too long to reply especially around holidays.
  19. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    Since you're taking pre-orders for the next expansion and about to announce its beta, can we get stuff from the previous expansions fixed?

    Arx Raid 1: Every mob in this event, trash and boss alike, use their anti-kite mechanism on players while they are in melee range. Also, Eldritch Binding has a melee slow component which has nothing to do with kiting.
    Tita's Ghost: Same problem as Event 1, but slow/snare is only being cast by a phasmia vitali and a phasmia ledalus, instead of every mob in the event.
    Arx Raid 2: Firiona sometimes decides she's going to chase and attempt to attack invulnerable books that haven't activated yet. She looks very silly doing this, what a hero.
    Arx Raid 3: The random target selection for Creeping Chill of Death (DoT that is cured by moving) is not random. Once the victims are initially selected, they will keep getting this DoT recast on them until the event changes phases or Nomia dies. Also, the frigium letum blob is not actually moving towards the player that receives the warning emote, it just goes wherever it wants.
    Arx Raid 4: The Ignas Maxio spell cast by a magia ignas proloxis and the Humas Maxio spell cast by a magia humas proloxis are not working correctly. They target where the player was standing at the time that the warning emote happened, not where the player is currently standing (i.e. away from the raid) once the spell is cast.
    Arx Raid 5: Lanys T`Vyl's lifescourge beam is targeting pets of all kinds. Standard pets, swarm pets, combat ability summoned pets, AA summoned pets, all of them. This is basically the same lifescourge beam that she uses in the Void's Journey Home raid event, and her targeting script works correctly there. You have fixed the beam's targeting in Arx Event 5 once before, but then a later patch broke it again.

    That is 6 out of 7 raids that are not working correctly in the most recent expansion for almost a year.

    Battle Cat Mounts, a bonus item for The Darkened Sea collector's edition, still has broken/missing particle effects. I'm not terribly interested in buying a special edition of The Broken Mirror if you can't keep the bonus items from previous special editions working correctly.

    Unrelated to the Darkened Sea expansion, the Warrior AA called Warlord's Grasp is not applying the gravitate effect to valid targets that are blue con or lower. The debuff goes onto the target mob and is visible in their buff window, but it does not move towards the Warrior. The ability fails against fleeing gray con creatures in open zones and against blue con raid targets (ex: the Sol`Dal and imps in the Argin-Hiz Burn Out raid event).

    Call of the Forsaken group mission in The Tower of Rot, named A Rotten Heart, is STILL causing the client to crash when attacking Adana Baxter until she reaches 25% health and runs away.
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  20. Dokgoki New Member

    I have wrote to them about the situation, no word back.
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