Update Bugs 09/24/15

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  1. Azlynx Elder

    Combat Dummy Dena on 9/25/2015

    Rimelure - 28
    --- Ethereal Fuse Rk. III - 3
    --- Ethereal Rimeblast Rk. III - 13
    --- Ethereal Skyblaze Rk. III - 12

    Produced by GamParse v1.5.1.5

    /GU Combat Dummy Dena in 110s, 8203k @74570sdps --- Rimelure 8203k@74570sdps (74570dps in 110s) [100%]

    completely oom using frenzied devastation

    That is all I can manage to cast before being completely OOM. If im doing something wrong please let me know. but I had 17 casts of Frenzied left. I cannot use Arcane destruction if we were in a longer event and started with less mana we wouldnt even get this far. This is completely rediculous.
  2. CazicThule New Member

  3. Azlynx Elder

    I just did a full burn. It got fubared. Each cast with ITC takes 2 charges of Frenzied. I was out of Frenzied casts in no time. If I use Frenzied without a disc I dont have a shot. Im still not sure why each ITC eats up 2 casts of FD. It was never like that before it does make it doable. But if your guild starts off with AD and IOG for a burn and you use ITC you still will not even come close to having mana for FD.
  4. Azlynx Elder

    Just completed a burn. Using ITC I ended up with about 35% mana. So using ITC makes it bearable. Not using ITC makes it unusable since ITC will burn up most of the Frenzied pretty fast. If you go AD IOG ITC then use PD you are not going to make it. Youll definitely have to PD ITC Spire then AD TC IOG kitchensink to have mana for a fight.

    /GU Combat Dummy Dena in 99s, 17280k @174549sdps --- Rimelure 17280k@174549sdps (174549dps in 99s) [100%]

    Combat Dummy Dena on 9/25/2015

    Rimelure - 27
    --- Claw of the Flameweaver Rk. III - 1
    --- Ethereal Fuse Rk. III - 2
    --- Ethereal Rimeblast Rk. III - 11
    --- Ethereal Skyblaze Rk. III - 12
    --- Forceful Rejuvenation - 1

    Produced by GamParse v1.5.1.5

    used flameweaver instead of a fuse on accident not that big a deal but ITC being used is huge. If you use ITC with AD forget using Frenzied.
  5. mythinker New Member

    eqhost.txt file not being update on conversion from test to live. Running validate does fix the problem.

    *Warning: Fullscan found CRC mismatch on C:/Users/Public/Sony Online Entertainment/Installed Games/EverQuest/eqhost.txt, even though size 56 and time 1442970021 matched. Expected 2568604924 but detected 531362033.
    Found 1 file(s) to update.

    Also noticing that disk access is maxed out most of the time on the test client but not on live.
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  6. Apoc Augur

    I'm personally fine with the changes I just hope they fix twincast eating two charges of a disc per cast. I can deal with the mana cost.
  7. Azlynx Elder

    it eating 2 charges is the only way its feasible to be honest. If you go to hall and cast a round of frenzied on the dummy youll be oom before you get 60% through it.
  8. Gr8fuldave Augur

    Bold Attacks is not auto-granted to my 105 Shadow Knight. Not sure if this is a bug or not, but the requirement for rank 3 is lvl 70 and my SK is lvl 105.
  9. madiaxe New Member

    Ive replied to his thread. It is most of the mobs in the heroic instance a fateful arrival have either not changed or got worse. I would like clarification to what has actually been relaxed in regards to mezz, stuns, run speed etc
  10. Aeular Journeyman

    Imperator's Charge (atleast rank 3, maybe others) when pulled to a hotkey becomes:
    Imperator's Unknown DB String 17200-3
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  11. Venaki Elder

    Still Pyromancy procs in myself, not always. Maybe it's only when it procs with our claw line. Wasn't that fixed with last patch?
  12. Vetplayer Elder

    Recent changes are not good for live servers.. its been years and we have evolved. Please leave live servers along.

    We don't want to be set up for changes that we have to buy AA 's on the next expansion to get it back where it WAS.

    Am I wrong?? I KNOW that is what you are going to do in say.. 2 expansions. RIGHT??

    That is what we already bought. Bait and switch.

    These old ideas are OLD they don't work.. they are old.

    make something NEW.



  13. Vetplayer Elder

  14. Vetplayer Elder

    takes to much mana for fade on bards.
    Game has become not fun.

    plz make staff changes for the decisions are weak and negative against players.

    the recent changes are live servers.. need to be adjusted to progression.. not live..
    WE HAVE EVOLVED from that area.. that was 16 yrs ago.
  15. kizant Augur

    Even if fixing the twincast issue makes it impossible to get through all the FD charges I'd at least like the option of having more and clicking the buff off.

    Can we get a comment from someone about whether this issue is being considered a bug? Frenzied Devastation uses two charges when twincasting, fuse procs, or when casting wildlfash barrage. It was introduced when the change was made to base charges off 'casts' instead of 'hits' from the initial update. The pre-update version of the ability did not have either of these problems. They were fixed long ago.
  16. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Seem to have lost some of my abilities, when I hit my hot keys which have worked fine for months, I get a couple of messages about not having that ability. No idea which ones aren't working. :(
  17. kizant Augur

    Look at the patch notes for the AA lines that we're merged together. It was probably just renamed and you need to make a new button or the alt code changed.
  18. Quirog Elder

    Was killing one of the gurrak shaman type mobs in Ploane of War this morning and noticed a peculiarity with haste in that when I had a drowse spell cast on me which before last patch would make me look I was standing still most of the fight, I now melee at almost the same rate as not having the slow on me.
    My stat tab says I went from 216% haste to 189% haste when before slow would negate all haste effects.

    I am bringing this out to verify it is not causing unexpected damage from raid mobs due to not removing innate hastings that are not shown in the buff window.
  19. mackal Augur

    Sounds like they forgot to make haste negate AA granted haste :p
  20. GaryDgeorge New Member

    falmonius appears to be missing from plane of knowledge. he is not on find or on track and is not were he used to be in the library by the mag spell vendors I have even tried looking all over the rest of the library to no adval. he is the final turn in guy for the quest this can't be good. he al,so gives out 2 other quests once that one is finished.

    for give me if this has been mentioned or not I tried a search for it but didn't come up with any thing.
    and ive tried asking around and no one seems to know anything.