Update Bugs 09/18/13

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. JChan Developer

    Please post about any new bugs found in the update. This thread is not for discussions about anything other than bugs and how we can reproduce (and therefore fix) them.
  2. Axxius Augur

    Just nitpicking the patch notes: extending HH from Sep 16 to Sep 30 is 2 weeks, not 1. ;)
  3. SoroxDrinal Elder

    The cleave effect on Fearlinked Leather Chest Seal of the Warchief does not work.
    It should read Focus Effect: Cleave IX - 32 (Worn).
    However, all it says is Focus Effect: Cleave IX - 32. [Note: (Worn) is missing.]
    I have parsed with and without the raid augment and it is definitely broken.

    This same problem exists on the chain version of this augment.
    The plate version of this augment is correct.
  4. Varashka New Member

    Drill Master Vygan in Cabilis East has acquired a glitch in his quest text. When interrogated along the line of [upgrading your partisan pike], he mentions the geozite tool needed to create the serration for the pike heads. He then asks if you [want a geozite tool], which if you reply will simply incite him to repeat the bit about how a geozite tool is the only thing that can create the serrated edges for the pike heads.

    I sent in a petition about it in-game, and the answering GM achieved the same erroneous result, telling me to submit a bug report while he files the issue with someone more qualified - I had already submitted a bug report about it the week prior, and nothing came of it. Has this been happening with other NPCs in less-than-recent expansion content?
  5. Explicit Augur

    Nagafen raid still crashing for practically no reason, though with only 2 weeks left I doubt this'll get addressed.
  6. malibu66 Elder

    Minor issue with helm graphic and ornamentation. When illusion wears off (i.e. Steam Suit), the helm returns to its un-ornamented graphic. Un-equipping and re-equiping fixes the graphic.
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  7. Fnyanea Augur

    Naggy raid crashed zone on us when the adds re-poped at 4%.....
  8. Genadine Elder

    Re Naggy Raid

    Raging Fury completed it post patch without issue, well only issue was no poxy aug !!!
  9. silku Augur

    Still not finding any viable charm pets in t3 / t4 zones in RoF. We were informed that if that was the case we should consider it a bug. Either charm needs to be bumped up to where we can charm 100+ mobs (say the same level as mez) or there needs to be some attempt at adding some level 99 mobs that we can at least find in areas of the zone and move to where we are.
  10. porky Augur

    Gracious gift of mana still not purchasable since the change to the gift of mana line
  11. Fanra Augur

    Attempting to place Eternal Grove Leather Legs Ornament into Ancient Wurm Hide Greaves gets the following message, "The item does not satisfy the augment's restrictions".

    It is true that Ancient Wurm Hide Greaves have a chain mail appearance, but something called "Hide" and only able to be worn by Druids, Monks and Beastlords should at least be flagged to be able to use Leather ornaments.

    Thank you.
  12. Qest T. Silverclaw Augur

    This is a big issue for Enchanters. I have the AA, and it's not only powerful, but something my groups notice. If I didn't have it and was blocked from buying it, I'd be upset that there are haves and have-nots in the Enchanter world.

    I wouldn't be surprised if this became a guild membership issue with some raiding guilds not wanting to take Enchanters unable to purchase this ability!
  13. Qest T. Silverclaw Augur

    This is incorrect. There are charmable mobs in every T3 zone.

    I haven't checked since a couple patches ago, but Heart of Fear: The Threshold and Heart of Fear: The Epicenter are the only new zones that didn't have charmable mobs when I last checked.
  14. artofnoise Augur

    non-game breaking issues:

    Mercenary window is still closing every time a character enters world and frequently when zoning.

    Transit tube rings are still not rotating in Ssraeshza Temple.
  15. Vanrau Augur

    This. Also this bug has been around forever. I would love to see it fixed. Mercenaries not zoning with you. I just logged on 2 accounts which both had mercenaries up when I had logged them off. Mercs aren't there so I suspend, wait 5 minutes and then I can use them. Can we please get that fixed?
  16. JChan Developer

    Are the other UI elements persisting for you (such as moving the location of a window and then zoning)? We're unable to reproduce this issue.
  17. JChan Developer

    Does this happen immediately or do you need to be logged off for awhile? Also, does this happen every time for you or is this sporadic?
  18. Beimeith Augur

    The mercenary window started closing when zoning/logging in when the bug that caused it to stop showing your active mercenary until you zoned/suspended was fixed a couple patches ago. Not sure if that helps track down the issue.
  19. turlo Journeyman

    The mercenary window problems occurs when logging in (I always keep it up, so when it's not up, it is extremely noticable), also when you perform a load UI command. Other windows stay up just fine, it is just the mercenary window having the problem.
  20. Vanrau Augur

    I was logged off overnight when I logged in this morning to find the mercs weren't there.

    As far as the frequency I'm not 100 %. I will keep track and report back.

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