Update Bugs 09/17/14

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. JChan Developer

    Please post about any new bugs found in the update. This thread is not for discussions about anything other than bugs and how we can reproduce (and therefore fix) them.
  2. Yinla Augur

    Other half (co-owner) logged in and got a message that the Escrow has run out on my alt accounts house, the alt who's house it is has no email! If he didn't tell me I wouldn't have known.
  3. Silvermink Lorekeeper

    The fixed recipe is for Unity of Kolos, level 91. the result is the level 95 spell Talisman of Kolos Unity. The result is NoTrade.

    Blood of Klar is the correct recipe, but also yields a NoTrade spell.

    Strength of the Gladetender, changed in June is also still NoTrade as was reported then.
  4. Shimmerleaf Augur

    Chat window filters are all screwed up. A few particular items I noticed were /who and damage shields. Also can't seem to get archery messages to minimized window (your bow shot did double damage) and flurry was changed to main window.
  5. Gru_Pikeys Journeyman

    Gut Punch AA : text ( description ) in AA window not up to date since it does not damage anymore.
  6. Rathgar Journeyman

    Flash of Anger overwrites dual-wield proficiency. Hopefully unintended. If not dual-wield useless.
  7. JChan Developer

    How are the chat filters broken?

    Also, the bow shot damage uses the "Discipline" filter.
  8. strongbus Augur

    I did notice that when I did a /who after logging in after patch that it went to a different window then what I had it set for before patch.
  9. Crystilla Augur

    I can confirm that when I logged in today, I haven't been able to do "/" enter, "/who" enter and my chat filters are going to different chat boxes.
  10. Hellkat New Member

    At my character login screen after each character's name it says Error" String not Found (####). Every attempt at any chat functions give the same error - Guild, Say, anything. Also cannot /who as stated above.
  11. Shimmerleaf Augur

    The chat filters are broken because they are changed from the way they were working and/or set when I logged off last night. I did not change them. Something in the patch changed them.
  12. JChan Developer

    Thanks, that's the info we needed to determine what was wrong.
  13. Shimmerleaf Augur

    In case it helps, the jumbled filters seen to occur only on the first character I logged in. Or maybe you have already hot-fixed the issue.

    On an unrelated note, one of my chars can no longer drop items such as fruit, pod of water, etc. All are tradable items and there is no indication that the system is trying to drop them. No confirmation window, nothing.
  14. JChan Developer

    We're going to put in a hot fix for the chat filters. Unfortunately, until it goes out anyone that logs in now and re-adjusts their chat filters will need to re-adjust them again after the hot fix.

    Edit: The hot fix for the chat filters is now out there. Closing all instances of EverQuest and then re-running LaunchPad should resolve this.
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  15. Hellkat New Member

    Thank you for the updates, Jenn. We appreciate your taking the time to post here.
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  16. JChan Developer

    It sounds like your strings file is corrupted. Have you done a full scan from LaunchPad yet?
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  17. Hellkat New Member

    No I haven't but I will do that now and let you know. Thanks Jenn.
  18. Hellkat New Member

    I assume you mean the "Validate Game Assets tool. I did that jsut now and it says everything is ok but I still have the issue.
  19. Hellkat New Member

    Ok I figured out my problem. I have Windows 7 and EQ installs to the Users/Public folder which I found strange. I moved the SonyOnlineEntertainment folder from there to the Program Files (X86) folder where programs usually install so I put it back in the Users/Public folder and it got a new update the next time I launched it. Now everything is working fine. I'll leave the folder where it is.

    Thanks for your help, Jenn.

  20. Axxius Augur

    That's a bad idea. You may have problems patching the game there. The best location for the EQ folder is somewhere other than Program Files (x86) or Users subtree. A simple C:\EQ\ is the best.
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