Update Bugs 08/21/13

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. Makavien Augur

    Well the pull kinda made sense cause it would pull you back when you tried to run away to let the debuff wear off. Shrug i don't get the change made it a horrible long fight since melee dps was completely ruined. When most are already slowed to begin with.

    Not that the fight is hard or anything btw .
  2. Pouncequick Journeyman

    Likely a well meaning Dev looked at the spell for some new encounter and saw it was backwards, so 'fixed' it, completely ignoring the fact the event was tested with it the other way, and not even necessarily checking to see what event(s) the effect is tied to.
  3. IGiveYouCash Lorekeeper

    Merc window is not up when I log on now on both of my accounts, it always was up before patch. no changes were made to the 'Esc' to close feature on both of my accounts also and are not checked.
  4. Iila Augur

    The Nagafen raid is still freezing/crashing the zone, as reported on test. Had it happen at 3% and at a higher percent, around 20. Might want to look into the AEs interacting with pets/auras, like the Xorbb1 crash.
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  5. Fanra Augur

    Stupid mercenary AI + harmful lava...

    This I consider a bug. Mercs in Naggy's Lair dying to lava. Levitation on them does nothing to help.

    Plus, aren't mercs supposed to be immune to lava and falling damage?
  6. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    We told them numerous times on the Test bug thread & via petition & they still pushed it to Live. I don't think they pay any attention to us on Test. They don't even acknowledge that our guild is a raiding guild doing current content raids on Test (working our way through T2 RoF at the moment) but maybe that's just par for the course.
  7. Blarkey New Member

    Aura of Renewal and Echo of Renewal (both Bard 87) are not showing up in other character song windows, and are having no effect on health/mana regen.
  8. malfurionn Elder

    been having random lag spikes recently, could just be me though but was fine until after the patch
  9. malfurionn Elder

    actually not random at all, it goes off like clockwork, about every 20 mins or so i get a lag spike consistently
  10. Qbert Augur

    bug: Undead mobs in Mistmoore are not flagged undead. le sigh.
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  11. jeskola Augur

    Myself and a guildmate experienced the same issue yesterday while xping in Epicenter of lag spikes approx. every 20 minutes. We are on opposite sides of the country so it wasn't an internet connection issue on our end.

    And please fix the Nagafen Raid - why are we on the Test Server testing stuff and reporting it in a timely matter if we are going to be ignored and bugs pushed live? We tried Naggy a total of 4 times on Test before this went live and experienced the zone freeze bug each time and reported it on the forums and in-game.
  12. Tobynn Augur

    I have also been getting this periodic massive spike. I dunno about every 20 minutes like clockwork, I haven't attempted to time it yet,but will try to now. When it occurs, which is frequently, it is profound. Gameplay screeches to a halt, framerate drops to 2fps? Its pretty terrible. Duration lasts just for a a few seconds, but its a few seconds long enough to get ya dead while in combat.
  13. Yinla Augur

    AB has been having lag issues since it crashed this morning, screens freezes for a few seconds at a time, sometimes resulting in death and making pulling a nightmare.

    Yoyoing while running through a zone, running 3 times past the same building in PoK.

    The stupid welcome screen still needs fixing, so on top of all this new lag we have we have the busy cursor keep appearing..............again.
  14. Feradach Augur

    Merc window is closed when a character logs on, and getting periodic lag hits here as well.
  15. artofnoise Augur

    Health of Target's Target (LAA) window closes repeatedly while playing. May be triggered by zoning, not sure ATM.

    Confirm Merc window issue.
  16. artofnoise Augur

    There is speculation that Beta downloading may be involved. Cannot confirm.
  17. artofnoise Augur

    E.Marr just went down.
  18. Fanra Augur

    Same here. Seems like server lag to me.
  19. Action-MNK Journeyman

    Possibly nothing can be done about it, but 'An Epic Request' cannot be completed with the revamped Mistmoore Castle. Usually updates upon zone in, but got nothing.
  20. Uxtalzon Augur

    Vampires in Mistmoore are not undead, even though the original zone vampires ARE flagged undead and the usual definition of a vampire is someone who is undead. Don't be screwing my pally dps even more than it already is!

    Also being as they should be undead, they should also see invis, which they don't currently.

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