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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. Talladore Journeyman

    Since the 9/10 patch just hit yesterday and there is no bug report section for said patch, and since I'm not sure if this patch broke it or not, I am posting this here.

    As of 9/10, I have discovered that the boats to Timorous Deep are nowhere to be found. Someone I talked to who was also waiting for the boats said they could not even run to the zone line for TD to zone in. This goes for boats in Butcherblock, The Overthere, South Ro, and Firiona Vie.

    Also of note, any character with "An Epic Request" cannot use the translocators, effectively making it impossible to complete the quest outside of a very convoluted method which I have not tested, but should work in theory.

    Basically the theory is that you drop the quest if you already have it, go to Timorous Deep, get yourself killed, go back and pick up the quest, rez your character once you're up to the part where you enter Timorous, then continue as normal.
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  3. Talladore Journeyman

    Yes, I am aware. That is why I dated the post as 9/10 so there wouldn't be any confusion. I guess I failed in that regard.

    I was also under the impression that this was the bug section for Test. Am I wrong in that assumption? If my assumption was wrong, then that was my mistake for not clarifying.

    This is an issue on Test.
  4. JChan Developer

    I've sent your report to our QA department. This is the thread for the 8/20 live update. The thread with update notes for the 9/10 update is at https://forums.station.sony.com/eq/index.php?threads/test-update-09-10-14.213539/.

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    Thank you very much. =)

    I wasn't sure when this bug cropped up and if I should post it in that update thread or not, so I posted it here hehe. I'm new to the forum update protocol. Thanks for clearing things up.

    I hope you guys find the problem!
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  7. svann Augur

    Wizard spell ethereal weave does not count down the counter on bucolic gambit.
    Bucolic Gambit:
    Adds 5912 damage to quick casting spells (3.0 sec max). If all 4 charges are used before 18 secs (3 ticks) passes, a large amount of mana will be returned to you. If this spell wears off naturally, you will be damaged and receive a smaller amount of damage.

    Ethereal Weave: Casting Time: 3
    Casts Ethereal Incandescence on your target at a faster speed but with an increased mana cost. It adds an additional 35 percent chance to cast another random ethereal damage spell at the same increased cost, with a very small risk that this cost will be
    I think what is happening is that bucolic gambit is using the ethereal incandescence cast time of 3.75 seconds instead of the ethereal weave cast time of 3.0, so it thinks ethereal weave is a long cast spell and doesnt count it.
  8. zachison New Member

    It was on live. Maybe you should read the thread before you make yourself look even more stupid.
  9. Leerah Augur

    Strange bug! Did you post it in the Support forums or petition it?

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