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  1. Nyxe New Member

    I'm not sure if the new recruit program was included in this patch, so i'll post this here just in case. Invited a friend to come and play and he got his New Adventurer pack - and there was an item in it, 8 units of "Complete" consigned armor bundle. Which was really neat, because it's basically 8 full sets of gear as he levels. There's just one small problem. Since when do players only have 1 wrist slot? these "complete" bundles are only awarding 1 wrist. Instead of 2.
  2. Tobynn Augur

    Teleportation to Fellowship campfires is disabled in Heart of Fear mission instances. Works fine in the static zones.
  3. Kullster New Member

    Really need to revert what happened with shaman epic. It overwriting/blocking glyph of the cataclysm is not cool.
  4. Teslin Journeyman

    Eyes Wide Open - I understand that you are not going to 'refund' any aas already used to purchase this ability (and in my case it was 30) which is fine, but why have you taken away 30 aas (from the number of aas required for 'achievements')? I don't want to see this difference in aas I have earned and aas assigned - those numbers should have stayed the same imho. The ability was already paid for ... which is good and fine ... and I have never bought any consumable glyphs so there should still be no disparity between the 2 numbers. And further, since the lower number is apparently used as the measure of whether I have 'achieved' a certain number of aas, even though I actually DID earn them and spend them, it took me 30 MORE aas to achieve the next level. Is this what was intended? If not, will it be corrected?
  5. Izcurly Augur

    That's WHY they have two different numbers. The one is how many you've ACTUALLY spent, the other is simply adding up the CURRENT cost of your purchased AA's. When the cost of an AA is changed to 0, the rest follows. Now I could see an argument that the achievement should be tied to the other number instead, but it's not.
  6. Yinla Augur

    The AA's spent should not have changed as these AAs were not refunded and have still been spent.
  7. Izcurly Augur

    Correct, nor did I say otherwise. My AA's spent didn't change one bit. My assigned AA's went down by 40, but like I said, that's to be expected. The achievements are based on assigned.
  8. Yinla Augur

    Assigned should stay the same as well, if it doesn't when Elidroth starts auto granting AA's some achievements will become unobtainable.
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  9. KC13 Augur

    Haven't seen this mentioned anywhere, but since the last patch, my Chanter's mana doesn't refresh while it is logged out. I logged in a day later and mana was still at 8%. Yesterday, it was at 40something% where it had been on logging the day before. I haven't as yet checked any other chars.
  10. Teslin Journeyman

    In essence then anyone who spent aas on Eyes Wide Open is being penalized because achievements are now more difficult to reach when aas are removed from the assigned totals. Not 'refunding' is one thing but penalizing people on top of 'not refunding' just doesn't make sense to me and I believe it is an unintended consequence that needs to be further examined and hopefully fixed. Why is it not possible to just leave those numbers completely alone (at least for those who purchased abilities prior to this kind of change) when giving 'freebies' to those who had not yet purchased any aa that is deemed to be 'free' from now on. I think Yinla has a very good point about for those who are near the max level for aas who may never be able to reach that last achievement. I do think, if one has to fiddle with the numbers at all, then the change needed is to base achievements on the earned aa number, not the assigned one.
  11. Randragon Augur

    I know this was addressed eariler, but in Rebirth, especially here, there are a few mobs that seem to fall out of the ceiling or appear through a wall and start attacking you.

    I literally have seen this thing fall straight from the ceiling and then down in certain sections.

    Please fix this when you can please. Its annoying and shouldn't be happening.
  12. Yinla Augur

    the zone map in rebirth didn't/couldn't tell me how to get to threshold.
  13. Tobynn Augur

    Follow up on what Creepin posted last week. This image depicts a section of Rebirth that is inaccessible. The area includes a long winding path, and at least one additional room. The room is home to Zixial the Scaremonger or his placeholder, an enraged harbinger. Drawn in red on the map is the approximate area that is inaccessible. There might be more, but I can only peer through the walls from so many angles.

    The zoneline needs to be relocated further to the northwest if that area is to be accessible. That, or simply move the rare/ph within the accessible area and delete any additional mob spawns that may reside in this patch of no man's land.

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  14. Tobynn Augur

    Found a borked zoneline today.

    Starting in Rebirth at LOC neg 1600, neg 1100. Zone to Threshhold.
    Arrive in Threshhold at LOC neg 2070, pos 1010.
    Now, turn around and go back the way you came.
    Arrive in Rebirth at LOC neg 2070, pos 910.

    You are now nowhere near the area you just left; you are in a completely different quadrant of Rebirth.
  15. Tobynn Augur

    Found another rare/ph that is far outside of the accessible area of Rebirth.

    The image depicts the view peering through the walls. Drawn in red is the approx position of a long path with an uphill grade. At the far end of that path is an enraged bat, placeholder for Enasni the Demented. Zoneline needs to be relocated much further to the south - or - the rare/ph needs to be relocated to within the accessible area.

  16. Uxtalzon Augur

    Spawned mobs from gestation crystals in Threshold are sometimes IMMUNE TO MELEE AUTOATTACKS. Your character simply won't swing at them... but bash works and other skills. Forced to use spells to nuke them down. Really really frustrating.
  17. Hamshire Augur

    Bugged zones and or tasks are stacking up fast on progression servers, these are what ive found on server Vulak`Aerr so far.

    Ssraeshza Temple

    Emperor Ssraeshza, Blood of Ssraeshza, and Cursed Cycle are not spawning once killed, currently your only shot at getting these raid bosses on our server is after a server up.

    Sleeper's Tomb

    We have some warped version of the zone, little to no trash, all named are up but the dragons, the named don't drop loot, and some of the trash has weird names that are no listed.

    PoK Potion merchant

    Ralkor Stoneclaw the potion merchant in pok that sells healing, mana regen, haste potions, ect, ect should be in by now. I was looking at expansion release timelines and TSS ( the current expansion ) was released in 2006 and there are posts under this npc on zam dating back to 2005 so correct me if im wrong but he should be in.

    Hero's Challenge

    Razorthorn: Hero's Challenge instance is broke, it should port groups in when you agree to take the challenge and it isn't.
  18. Uxtalzon Augur

    Facing your Fears (Heart of Fear, Threshold)

    If you can get the damn task to even work, the fear name you guess right will appear and... your merc won't attack it. You'll have to fight it yourself. Not much of a challenge, but I hired and pay for a mercenary to nuke stuff down, not stand there.
  19. Uxtalzon Augur

    Can't edit post, but yet another bug. Yay. -_-

    Breaking gestation crystals in HoF Threshold, the mobs that spawn do crazy attacks. From full health self-buffed of around 105k HP, a newly spawned nettling wraith nailed me 10 times instantaneously and I was left with 6% HP. It's like a double-flurry without the flurry message.

    Here's hoping some of this crap gets fixed in the next patch. lol
  20. Uxtalzon Augur

    Finished Master Scavengerof Fear, and that cazic essence thing (when clicked) doesn't give a red countdown timer on the icon.

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