Update Bugs 06/20/14

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  1. Koutarou Elder

    This is as-intended, as all of them have the same delay (20). Only a lower delay will replace, been that way forever.
  2. Apocalyps Elder

    Tested it tonight No issue whatsoever with the Bucolic Gambit counters going down.

    That's with Arcane Destruction Bucolic Gambit Mana Rev Twincast Aura and Arcane Hymn
  3. Binamren New Member

    Bucolic gambit is also still reflecting damage back, this time not arcane fusion but Greater Pyromatic Ignition and weapon procs i.e. sympathetic strike of disease on wand of wanton disease. Please fix this
  4. Stordito New Member

    On Test server - No zone out in Tower of Rot to EWK. Mage and Other spells have level 255 on them as well and can not be scribed to spell book
  5. Yaldin Journeyman

    On live (and my wizard brethren will crucify me) - our AA Prolonged Destruction received an extension with the new AAs, but it broke the spell counter for it.

    It's showing a counter of 40 spells cast, or a few minutes, before it fades, whichever comes first. None of my usual spells (instants, ethereals, claws) are reducing the counter - at all. This means Prolonged Destruction is simply running for the entire duration no matter how many spells you cast.

    I only noticed this after buying the new ranks of PD, I don't know if it effects ranks before the new ones.

    It's actually a huge boost but I know it has to be unintended. I haven't COUNTED the number of spells I've cast yet though so I can't confirm that it's not just a visual bug for the counter. But I did parse much higher than normal on a 6 minute long fight...and it was up at the end. That normally doesn't happen.
  6. Binamren New Member

    This only happens if you also have the new aa arcane fury going at the same time
  7. SOE-MOD-03 Elder

  8. Yaldin Journeyman

    Interesting, I didn't connect the dots on those 2 since I started using AF. Thanks for clarifying.
  9. Freemium User New Member

    I don't want to sound like a complete new player to Test but, is it possible to apply updates to Test without restarting the server?

    This world has been running for 13:11:30:58
    (13 days)

    This forum update post is labeled 6/20 (5 days ago). The only reason I noticed this, was because Test is behind live on the new Spell updates (which may or may not be so unusual), but either way it got me curious.
  10. Zaknaffein Augur

    I'm not sure if this is a bug from the recent patch here, but the group mission in chapterhouse of the Fallen, A matter of life and death, if a player has thier mercenary active and tries to go shroud on the pad it will crash your client instantly, every time. Any player can have their mercenary out and active, except the shrouder, if anyone who has a merc out steps on the pad to shroud, Poof, Client crashes.

    I haven't done this mission yet so it took me a while to figure this out and after talking with some TSR people at Sony and after spending a day of testing and deleting/reisntalling EQ trying to find corrupt files that may cause it, I finally figured out it was a bug with the mission and nothing on my end. I was told to post a report of this bug on the forums so a Dev may see it and address the issue.
  11. feiddan Augur

    Some updates can be hotpatched. This is done regularly (note that Test has gotten the Argin-Hiz prelaunch quests, new Hardcore Heritage zones, etc. since our last patch), but some changes require taking down the server.

    Test has not had any bug fixes or updates since 6/11. What you see marked 6/18 and 6/20 are for Live. Test often jumps ahead, checks on broken content, and then Live leapfrogs ahead with fixes. At some point (often 2-3 weeks later), they sync Test to Live to catch up, or give Test more new things to check out.
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  12. Rhaistlinn New Member

    Don't Know if This is The Appropriate Forum To Post This But i Currently Have A Bug Submitted Yesterday Where Whenever I try to Zone Into Lava Storm My Screen Will Go Black and The Game Will Freeze and Have to Manually Restart Computer. It Only Happens In Lava Storm that i am Currently Aware Of
  13. Teslin Journeyman

    What is up with the 'your spell did not hold' messages in the past few days? Healers healing with heals that landed and definitely had a positive effect on the health of the target have been constantly getting these messages (right after the amount healed messages display!) No idea if this is happening for other classes too but I know it is happening for clerics.

    P.S. I would love to know why, out of the blue, without ANY possible way that I (or a number of people I have talked to) could have clicked on hotkeys for long recast aa's (i.e. ~1 week like Expedient Recovery) and 'executed' them, they are suddenly 'used' - meaning they are then unavailable for many days. And in my experience it is only those 'long recast' aa's (and vet aa's in particular) - and even when they are moved around to another slot/hotkey bank it happens to the same ones, week after week. I don't think I have been able to use that one for over a month now, if not longer - and I have not seen anyone else post about it so I am mentioning it now. I have not bug reported it because I don't know if it is a bug - but it is definitely annoying.
  14. Tobynn Augur

    Healers getting 'did not take hold" is likely due to the recourse effect Copious Healing from the Abundant Healing AA lines. The biggest HoT wins, so anyone without the AA line max'd is going to bounce off the recourse from someone who is max'd in the line.

    The Veteran AA's appearing to be unexpectedly on cooldown is a display bug that has been ongoing for a couple years. Crack open your AA window and check the AA in question, you'll find it shows Ready even though the hotkey overlay indicates otherwise.
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  15. Crystilla Augur

    Been maxxed for years on that Tobynn but I as well here is getting tons of those 'your spell does not hold' since last week's patch. Rarely on heals prior to that. (Yes on yaulp when warriors' IC is running, but not on healing to the extent I am now)
  16. Tobynn Augur

    While you may have been max'd for years in the Abundant Healing AA line, last week's patch added 5 new ranks. Anyone who has not yet re-max'd the line is going to bounce off those who already have.

    This 'did not take hold' issue with heals resurfaces, without fail, every time the AA line receives new ranks.
  17. Uxtalzon Augur

    I don't know what changes if any were made to An End to fear (mission), but Xaric starts becoming vulnerable around 30% health and Cazic is back to doing raid AE 50k damage to everyone. Thought that was fixed before, but now it's happening again.
  18. Fanra https://everquest.fanra.info

    "Tower of Rot: Pre-Launch Event" keeps announcing itself in the Alert History pop-up every single time I log in despite my telling it to Close.

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