Update Bugs 05/28/15

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Hludwolf, May 28, 2015.

  1. Hludwolf Developer

    Please post about any new bugs found in the update
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  2. guado Augur

    THANK YOU for fixing the Plane of Knowledge Vendors.
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  3. Croak Augur

    No anniversary quests on Fippy still (missing since last patch)
  4. Gravity New Member

    Unable to gate to bind point if it was to an instanced started zone. Was bound in Qeynos Hills 2, but can't gate because that zone doesn't exist now.
  5. Kirkisx Augur

    Almost a month with no new marketplace updates any word on this
  6. Settun New Member

    Pok Vendor Culturist Devari is missing:
    Iron Artisan Materials (Needed for Smithing TDS Cultural armor).
    She has the Mercurium Artisan Materials but not the Iron Artisan Materials.
  7. Settun New Member

    Please disregard above post, They showed up on the Culturist
    Thank you Thank You.
  8. Inga Elder

    I tried to do 11th Anniversary group Mission.
    I got the expedition Freeport Sewers: Karl's Lair and task Stealing My Life Back.

    However, when I said the keyword "go", the quest NPC Miggles Mistflinger transport me to low level Non-Instanced(?) Freeport Sewers.
    (I get "A strange magical presence prevents..." message if I try to "go" as soon as I am assigned to the task, as usual.)
    Removing task and relog, then getting the expedition/task again does not work.

    I could zone to Freeport West from Sewer, which may be impossible in instanced zone as the quest npc would be the only way to go back to PoK.
    When I zoned to Freeport West, I got the message "The direction to the entry to your instanced zone(s) have been marked on your compass."
    (I don't know if I usually get this message in West Freeport, as I have never been there with this task before.)
    When I clicked at -275, -1205 in Freeport West, I got the window "Choose which zone to enter"

    Type: / Description:
    Mission / Freeport Sewers: Karl's Lair
    Expedition / Freeport Sewrers: Karl's Lair

    However, when I clicked OK and zoned into them, both of them are low level version Freeport Sewers.
    Anyway, if this task is working as intended, the quest NPC in PoK ports to instance directly, so it doesn't matter.

    If this quest is broken, would you fix soon or extend the anniversary schedule, please?
  9. Agrippa Augur

    The Rumor Has It Anniversary Mission is currently sending players to the real South Ro instead of the 90th level instance.
  10. Metanis Augur

    Trophy tribute still not turning off automatically when I camp.
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  11. Tiqou Elder

    1-Sometimes my wiz merc on burn is doing nothing.
    2-Managed to have 2 mercs "with me". 1 grp member logged off, when he logged back in for some reason he was disbanded from grp but his merc was still "with me" and "with him" also. I coulndt invite him back (more than 6 players in grp). Both relogging fixed this.
    3-Not really a bug but I have the feeling my bard and his wiz merc loosing much more mana than before in the same setup.
  12. Tiqou Elder

    4- 3 lvl 95 + 3 mercs in HA "Seeking refuge". Doomscale Diabolist was RED con, he destroyed the group.
    5- Same thing in "A heling hand" with Harlow the Blackguard.
    6- Same setup, in a Bixie HA a named mole poped (Dreadmole?), was ok fight. He poped small adds and disapeared. The group evaced at this moment. When we came back he was still on track but not visible at all in game.
  13. Tiqou Elder

    7-Something strange with mounts. After a port, I need to recast them as the mount seems here but he is not.
    8-Quests window (default ui) step text is sometimes mixed with some old quest text I dont have anymore.
    9-I get lots of client crash with adv loots. I put it on OFF but Im still having random client crashs (less offen) and Im getting big files in a crash directory.
  14. Hostile Meat Wizard Elder

    Oh, this one's been around for ages, and I hate it. I routinely get one of the tutorial quests (specifically, the quest Basic Training) showing up in my quest journal on various characters. It doesn't matter if I complete the current quest or not, the old text for Basic Training will just shift around and eventually come back on another entry.

    Insert image doesn't seem to be working for me, but here's the link to a screenshot:

  15. cphill Journeyman

    Culturist Devari is NOT fixed on test. Still missing completely as of 5/30.
  16. Nelephais New Member

    Cant find the AA cap and spell ranl 2 limitation break in marketplace
  17. Yinla Augur

    Pets are no longer summoned with full health!
  18. Inga Elder

    I checked 11/12/13th Anniversary Quests about instancing is working or not.

    In 11th Raid, 12th Group Mission, and 8 of 13th Solo/Shard tasks, I could zone into instances with no problem.
    (I couldn't check 13th Solo Task: Lucky 13, Group Missions and ToFS Raid.)

    However, in following two quests, I am sent to static zone instead of instance.

    11th Anniversary Group Task: Stealing My Life Back (Freeport Sewers: Karl's Lair)
    13th Anniversary Shared Task: Rumor Has It (South Ro instance)

    Then, I checked other group missions that use Freeport Sewers as instance.

    Ratfink Mystery in Freeport Sewers instance (Quest NPC: Plink Gemtosser in West Freeport)
    The Ooze News in Freeport Sewers instance (Quest NPC: Romiak Jusathorn in West Freeport)

    In these missions, I could NOT zone into instance, and zoned to static.

    These missions are Prophecy of Ro era and may be disabled in TLP servers.
    There is no South Ro instance except for Rumor Has It mission, but in TLP servers, South Ro itself is instanced.
    There are also a few PoR era quests in South Ro.
    Is it affecting Standard servers in some way?

    Anniversary quests will end soon, so I hope this instance issue is fixed soon.
  19. Inga Elder

    Maybe, I'm closer to what is causing this issue now.

    After reading Roshen's this post about new instanced zone list in TLP server, I tested two more missions.

    Sleeping on the Job (North Qeynos instance) and The Curse Begins (Estate of Unrest instance)
    In both missions, I am sent to static zone.

    So if a zone is chosen for /pickzone in TLP servers, any quests that use the instanced version of that zone may send players to static zone on Standard server.
    If this is true, as more zones are instanced in TLP servers, more instances may become unavailable in Standard servers.

    13th Anniversary Group Task: Summoning the Master use Castle Mistmoore as instance, so it may be unavailable in standard server.
    Can anyone confirm this?
  20. Pyrite New Member

    On Lockjaw, if you purchase an item from the Daybreak Store and do not have an inventory slot available, it will eat the item and deduct the DB Cash regardless.

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