Update Bugs 05/19/15

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, May 19, 2015.

  1. JChan Developer

    Please post about any new bugs found in the update. This thread is not for discussions about anything other than bugs and how we can reproduce (and therefore fix) them.
  2. Riou Augur

    The newest TS NPC's by the small bank in PoK are missing, they were updated in patch to be made available with TDS launch. TDS is like half over now and they are gone :p (this is on Cazic if it is the only busted server :p)
  3. guado Augur

    The bags on sale currently in the marketplace are ridiculous and intended for Ragefire. Any way they can be hidden on Live servers?
  4. RPoo Augur

    Enchanter bugs:
    Gift of chromatic haze and chromatic haze are not critting all the time like they should be.

    When using Ward of the Enticer line of spells: When Enticer's warding effect procs, mobs continue to hit enchanter while mezzed for a round, resulting in additional unwanted damage taken by the enchanter and mez breaks from damage shields.

    When attempting to cast Perilous Bafflement line pb ae mez, if enchanter has itself on target, the spell will fail with the message "that spell can not affect this target PC." But if any other PC or NPC is targeted it will cast fine. We don't have to worry about having our self targeted if we use the Bafflement line, why can't we have our self targeted to use the Perilous line?

    AA Crippling Aurora (can be used every 3 minutes) causing AA Dimensional Shield (can be used every 30 minutes)
    was fixed, cool!
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  5. Silv Augur

    Consideration of fixing the following issues/bugs, not necessarily new with this patch but longstanding, would be appreciated:

    -Enchanter. Perilous Disorientation/Bafflement: This spell will not cast if the caster has themselves on target. As a PBAE spell, the target should be irrelevant; no other Enchanter PBAE effect suffers from this flaw. Perhaps changing the spell category from NPC to Mesmerize or altering some other flag will fix this? This was the only major difference I could find between it and other PBAE mez effects.

    -Enchanter. Chromatic Haze procs: A PC will receive the Chromatic Haze proc but it fails to give the 100% critical chance. The spell base damage will still be modified by the +375% boost but no critical will occur. In some cases this results in lower damage occuring than if the spell had been a critical hit without haze. Please fix the ability so that it *always* crits as intended.

    -Enchanter. Arcane Disjunction Aura: The debuff granted by this aura/totem is flagged as beneficial meaning it can be dispelled by Eradicate Magic and similar 'beneficial only' type dispels. Please change the spell type on 'Arcane Disjunction Aura Effect' to detrimental instead of the current beneficial flag.

    -Items. Silver Spoon Ornament: This ALL/ALL guide event reward is flagged as PRI/SEC/RNG but marked as BOW ONLY. Please either make it usable in all three slots by removing BOW ONLY, or instead remove the PRI/SEC tag, and/or remove it from the list of mandated guide rewards for events as it discourages participation since almost no one can/will use it. It's a special reward ornament... we should be encouraging participation in guide events. Items like this DO NOT. :)

    -Items. Sarnak Seneschal Mask: This could probably be added to 'Legendary Enchanter Illusion' rewards like all other current in-game quest illusion reward items.
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  6. Pyrite New Member

    An Epic Request (Wizard)

    Still broken, although now the quest NPC's in Freeport when the wizard enters the tower and goes through the quest text, instead of porting you in to the Fair instance of Freeport, it just ports you back in to normal Freeport.
  7. guado Augur

    When you are on a mount and autofollow someone, your character is switched from Run to Walk. Now, this seems like a bad attempt at helping auto follow. Not only does it not help with turning, it is an inconvenience to have to switch 2-3 toons from WALK to RUN whenever you are trying to follow.
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  8. guado Augur

    Call of the Hero
    Call of the Heroes

    When you are summoned, you are removed from your mount. This is an antiquated mechanic that needs to be done away with. If I am a Druid and port to a zone, mount up, run a great distance, and cast the same port, I am transported back to the port spot and retain my mount. There must be a way to allow Call of the Hero and Call of the Heroes to not remove the target(s) from their mounts.
  9. Aanuvane Augur

    Those Tradeskill vendors at the small bank were available with CoTF, not TDS. Since they were removed from non-progression servers all alternate recipes for cultural armor are now broken since the only place artisan materials were sold was on Culturalist Devari. I'm OK moving TDS related items off those vendors and MAKING SURE THEY ARE ALL AVAILABLE on Artisan Antemm, but the vendors themselves and their original inventories need to be restored OR you at least need to get Artisan materials on another vendor. If someone knows where they're are hiding, please let me know. I didn't see them any place I expected they might have gotten moved to.

    I'm not seeing items that are necessary to craft TDS items on Artisan Antemm, so many of those recipes may now also be broken. The newer mechanoinstructions which I don't believe are able to be crafted will prevent the making of some solo elder seals and no boundless armor symbols can be crafted since they require the symbol diagrams and those aren't on him either.
  10. porky Augur

    I parsed it for an hour right after game came back up its still 5pct proc rate with ~30pct chance of having any effect per proc. I like the thought that now chanters can DPS instead of breaking their keyboards trying to proc this; but i was falling asleep waiting for the proc AT to go off(Its that rare now.) Also our stun spells are not procing this like they used to(from what I was told dots wont either???) This totally kills any adps ability it would have in a raid setting.
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  11. Resisk New Member

    Bristlebane is missing the TS vendors as well by the small bank in knowledge. Was this an intended change? Please bring the back ASAP.

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  12. Silv Augur

    It's pretty garbage-y. Broken proc rate and broken proc effect. I was soloing this morning and would get excited every time a haze proc went off... and then quickly crushed as it failed over and over. :confused:
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  13. Mintalie Augur

    I love you.
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  14. adetia Augur

    I'm still experiencing the crash on checkmark issue with advanced looting system.
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  15. RPoo Augur

    Is it possible that on a gift of hazy thought proc, if the following nuke that lands was going to crit in the first place it cancels out the crit it should have gotten from haze but keeps the modifier?
  16. Kirria Journeyman

    Luclin is missing these vendors as well.
  17. Gravity New Member

    I'm not sure when this bug started happening, but if you die with a lore temporary item, that item disappears and you no longer have it. Shouldn't temporary items stay with you until you log off, not when you die?
  18. Maultar New Member

    I've submitted bug reports on things and not sure they were ever noted. First of all in Neriak..
    - firebeetle eye quest offered by necro guild master doesnt seem to work by clicking the highlighted words,
    - none of the vendors in neriak that say armor offer any sort of armor to buy except 1 in neriak commons and that is cloth armor by the warrior guild. in third gate at furier royale they should be selling leather armor or raw hide. In neriak commons they should also be selling plate armor as well.

    Then in Crystal caverns last night we noticed terrible pathing of pets. I had to summon my pet many times especially down the path at the entrance.

    Finally the Rygor Chief when killed did not spawn avengers.

    Sorry not sure if this is related to this patch, or the right place to post, but I just want this info out there.
  19. RPoo Augur

    If an enchanter uses AA Beguiler's Banishment or Beguiler's directed Banishment, and follows up with a longer root on the mob ie greater fetter while the mob still has beguiler's banishment root on it, once beguiler's banishment root wears off it will run around even though it has greater fetter.
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  20. Silv Augur

    If an Enchanter tries to cast the mass-buff AA Glyph Spray but has an NPC or friendly pet on target, the ability will not activate. The exception to this are mercenaries.

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