Update Bugs 02/17/16

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Hludwolf, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. Sneakers New Member

    Roshen, will the mobs which were up in Veeshan's Peak or Old Sebilis respawn upon the zone repop?
  2. Silv Augur

    Truesight Hammer still has a default graphic of an old school mining pick. Guessing it was missed in the overhaul of TBM graphic fixes.

    Dichotomic Reinforcement icon is still broken.

    The stat progression on 'Halo of the Enlightened' charm might be 'broken' and want to be evaluated since 1) it drops in a non-progression raid (Dracoliche in Fear), 2) it's supposed to be based on group *and* oddly raid progression - which unlike all other raid charms in previous content were based around just group missions and tasks. Having all group content done and a fair chunk of raid content, it's not even coming close to 4k HME yet.
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  3. windomere New Member

    Hi I just killed about 60 giants in Bertox Kael zone , including Vindi and none of the mobs dropped anything other then coin. Nothing but coin

  4. Fehu Journeyman

    Apparently it blocks the bufficons but its all still listed in General AA Item effects, almost gave me a panic attack there gnomie;)
  5. Agrippa Augur

    Just ran In Defense of Health four times and had zero of 24 possible named spawn. Others on the server are saying named haven't spawned in their missions, too.
  6. Uuvin Augur

    similar to windomere ( 3 posts up) ... in sebilis, named ( hierophant prime grekel and baron yosig) drop nothing except a few coins.
  7. Vdidar Augur

    They haven't spawned named since the January patch lol
  8. Weake Aggro Lorekeeper

    The warrior toggle ability Sneering Grin is very rarely firing with a taunt ( You capture your target's attention)
    2 times in 18 ( you capture your target's attention messages) was my test data.
    The way the AA reads it supposed to fire every time not just be a small chance.
  9. Weake Aggro Lorekeeper

    This may be intentional or not.... but the new Stance defensive proficiency says it increases Chance to block. Yet my stats page has no Block stat to know what my chance to block is at.
  10. mackal Augur

    It's shield block.
  11. Brudal Augur

    It is Shield Block not monk block.

  12. segap Augur

    Rogue Smokeshade disc no longer clears aggro when the mez effect wears off. This is a very fundamental change. There is nothing in the patch notes about this change.
  13. Prathun Developer

    This should be fixed across all servers. Affected zones were repopped and all NPCs, including bosses, will again drop items. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  14. Weake Aggro Lorekeeper

    ok... there is no Shield Block stat on my stat page to tell me what my Shield block percent is at.
  15. Brudal Augur

  16. mackal Augur

    15 + AA which makes at 23 for SHD/PAL/WAR. Dzarn said Shield Block is just a straight percent, so you should shield block ~38% of all attacks.
  17. Surfrider New Member

    You repopped trash in those zones but not the bosses. Our Trak that had 1 tooth and no loot as well as our Xygoz that literally had nothing on him did NOT repop when you refreshed the zones.
  18. Iila Augur

    Welcome to Everquest.

    You don't get useful stats on your stat page.
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  19. Weake Aggro Lorekeeper

    I am not seeing 38 percent block with Shield AA at max and defensive prof on.
    /GU Tanking summary for: Weake --- Total Melee --- Damage: 1269325 --- Avg hit: 3711 --- Attempts: 625 --- Riposted: 44/625 [7.04%] --- Parried: 63/581 [10.84%] --- Dodged: 40/518 [7.72%] --- Blocked: 73/478 [15.27%] --- Defended: 220/625 [35.2%] --- Missed: 63/405 [15.56%] --- Hits: 342/625 [54.72%] --- Real Hits: 342/625 [54.72%]
  20. sojero One hit wonder

    That is because it increases it 15% more than your current amount, it doesn't add 15% more blocks. So if you current was 10% block, with DP you would have 11.5%.

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