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  1. Gochan Journeyman

    Been posting on Fate Rewards the Bold for weeks, they had time to alter my topic post title but not time to just answer it. Figures, it's normal policy if you break something you fix it and fix it fast, you broke it in the patch a few weeks ago and its still broke, unbelievable.
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  2. Axxius Augur

    Intended by design. Dichotomic Fire is not twincastable and is not focused by almost anything. If it was, the tears of other dps classes would flood Norrath and drown all kittens.
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  3. FixShamanPlease Elder

    Source? No real reason to set a non modable nuke in the game, especially with this mana cost and recast timer.

    A quick look at the Druid (modable) Dicho Winds shows it's missing the "3: Decrease Current HP by 1" entry on the base Dicho Fire level 101 spell so it can be considered as a real nuke (for TC at least).
  4. Iila Augur

    Aristo will never reveal the Wu Tang Dichotomic secret.
  5. SnowballsT Journeyman

    think I should copy and paste this to save me typing it so much over the last few months but when will the type 9 augs fit into the charm and range slots ? you managed to fix the type 5's eventually so surely can apply the same fix to the type 9's ? It is comical that loot gained in the first week of live expansion is still in bags as it cannot be augged and utilized. Every time is it bought up it is just ignored by devs in the hope people will forget. considering saving some krono this time around and coming back to the game in a few weeks when things might be working, paying for broken stuff is getting annoying.
  6. Kindoluri New Member

    I am not sure if it is a bug or intended, but the fact that the single target DD cast by the final mob in "We make our own rewards" is annoying because it kills the merc in one cast. This is especially true if you have a decent group and your healer merc takes the first DD. The DD should be mitigated for mercs, or give us a way to get better mercs.
  7. Caziku Lorekeeper

    Just re-iterating: Monk thunderfoot is not properly triggering from other abilities, which is bringing it's proc rate to abyssmal levels. Sure, the last "fix" was a step in the right direction, but we are still far from where the rate of procs should be at. Either keep it tied to FK as it currently is, but make the proc rate significantly higher, or add back the ability to proc also on synergy, tiger claw and other monkly abilities as it was in the past.
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  8. Agrippa Augur

    Two weeks since you broke TBM progression and Fate Rewards the Bold is still broken. You had the sense to hot fix broken raid content, but were too incompetent to fix group content? Charms and ranged are still broken. Pet agro is broken. Mod2s on group gear is broken. You sure as hell called the expansion right. TBM and 2016: Year of the Broken Content.
  9. Axxius Augur

    Twincast: the twincast blocker is self-obvious and cannot be there by accident.

    Focus: on Beta this spell was initially focusable. Yeah, it was awesome to land a 4-6 mil crit every 60 sec. Then it was changed to ignore most foci faster than you could spell 'overpoweredtothemax'. Obviously an intended change too.
  10. DruidCT Augur

    They can't fix group missions with a hotfix, they already stated this. For whatever reason it looks like they are just going to wait for the normal Feb. patch date to fix it. Letting it be broken for a month is completely unacceptable, but that is the call they made on it.

    I normally give them every benefit of the doubt and excuse I can come up with. But they have gone over the line here even for me. 1) why change missions that weren't causing people trouble other than being a little too long, 2) forgiving #1 why would you not test these changes internally, 3) and why would you not test these changes when deployed on test. I know there were a lot of changes, but these content changes obviously should have been tested. I won't even begin to mention the augmentation problems on charm/range items, there is literally nothing I can come up with other than THEY DON'T PLAY THE GAME, certainly not at the group level. The first thing I would have done after itemizing an expansion is fully outfit each class in a set of each tier group and raid gear and look at the results and see if they made any kind of sense. Clearly they didn't.
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  11. FixShamanPlease Elder

    The TC blocker is on the child spell, like the Druid Dicho for exemple.

    And It can be twincast just fine.


    It's focused and eating Haze also.

    Maybe this one is bugged then?
  12. Koryu Augur

    Radiant Amber Pridewing Mount
    Radiant Platinum Pridewing Mount
    Radiant Sable Pridewing Mount

    These mounts have the appearance, animations, and sounds of a flying mount, but the buffs are missing the levitation effect. This is the mount reward for completing the Broken Mirror expansion.
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  13. Yinla Augur

    Duality of Life & Duality of Decay - both do nothing when clicked and are not destroyable!


    I hoard enough junk without you adding to it!
  14. Repthor Augur

    the ranger one is the same way some of the piggy back spells also have TC blockers but some dont

    Dichotomic Fusillade
    Ranger (101)

    Slot 1:Cast Best Spell You Have Access To In Spell Group: Dichotomic Fusillade Strike 1

    Dichotomic Fusillade Strike 1
    Slot 1: Archery Attack for 2192 with 10000% Accuracy Mod
    Slot 2: Archery Attack for 2192 with 10000% Accuracy Mod

    Slot 2:Cast Best Spell You Have Access To In Spell Group: Summer's Cyclone

    Summer's Cyclone
    Slot 1: Cast: Summer's Cyclone Burn
    Slot 2: Cast: Summer's Cyclone Splash
    Slot 3: Increase Hate by 603
    Slot 4: Current Hit Points by 0

    Summer's Cyclone Burn

    Slot 1: Decrease Current Hit Points by 6550
    Slot 2: Twincast Marker: This spell can not be Twincast

    Summer's Cyclone Splash

    Slot 1: Decrease Current Hit Points by 5842
    Slot 2: Twincast Marker: This spell can not be Twincast

    Asume its simply cuz they are ok with you twincasting some parts of the spell and not others
  15. Quality Lorekeeper

    Ruins of Lxavon*sp* The partisan for Crypt of Decay is bugged. If you get any scenario that involves the lower level the mobs simply do not spawn. It is testable and repeatable, every time.
  16. Ghubuk Augur

    Has anyone else noticed that mount ac has dropped off dramatically? Only seeing about 39ac from mount blessing beza.
  17. Koryu Augur

    Raid Event: Stem the Tide
    Akkapan Adan has an aggro-lock emote that flashes yellow text across the screen, but this text does not go to any chat window or show up in the logs.
  18. Repthor Augur

    it does show up in logs just not where u d expect it to. its one fo many awsome example of emotes not beeing consolidated in to one place for raid emotes.

    the bug is he dosent allways emote it when his sopose to and the spell just happenes
  19. Koryu Augur

    I have my chat windows well-filtered. The text that flashes in the middle of the screen when he aggro-locks somebody is not showing up in any chat window or the logs. He emotes a Death Strike warning and when he casts it, and when he summons adds. Those things show up in the logs. The aggro-lock does not. Using the yellow text to make an audio trigger does not work.
  20. Repthor Augur

    your not looking for the right text then. the yellow text is not the same as the emote

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