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  1. Zrender Augur

    I thought it was supposed to add the entire group to the encounter (according to faq). Maybe that item got lost in the shuffle. I think you just hit on a really difficult part of this to solve. If they add the entire party to aggro then it makes it impossible to split pulls with FD and if they don't add the party then what you described happens. Almost need to group mobs in the specific encounter so that if aggro is dropped they still socially aggro together but ONLY with other mobs that were in that specific encounter.
    Then again, people are pulling whole zones and killing them all at once anyway so not sure how much of a big deal this would be. I mean at the end of the day the monk would be singling all those mobs anyway, this removes extra steps :)
  2. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I think they are suggesting that the puller isn't in the group to ensure that nothing locks to the group unless they want it.
  3. Khanfu Elder

    Monk was OOG.
    made it trivial to split encounters that shouldn't be easy.
  4. Fuelforfire Lorekeeper

    Adjust your volume before watching and at 7:50 in...

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  5. BetaFTE'r New Member

    Your test about splitting mobs needs to be done on level appropriate mobs not grey mobs. It's pretty easy to single grey mobs out. I did a test on level appropriate mobs and they definitely still social so its not as easy as just FD and tag as you make it out.

    Pretty sure you'd have to do a little more finesse to get single pulls, but I'm sure you could use the system to get singles regardless. There's tons of different ways to split taking advantage of different game mechanics so I don't think its some massive issue personally, it'll just make it easier for people who aren't already using the more modern methods.

    Your bard could of just sneak turned in for the Dain head too, regardless I agree they should fix it to where you cannot skip faction grinds with the mechanic and I'm sure it'll be fixed. ;)
  6. BetaFTE'r New Member

    Are you also testing on grey mobs that can be easily singled regardless if FTE is on or not?
  7. Moraeulf New Member

    So now Ping is King -- sorry to all of you East Coast and Overseas players -- you'll never win the tag race to the West Coasters!
  8. Khanfu Elder

    I was social aggroing with monk but this seems correct. I was in area where I didnt have to worry too much about dying. They are not all pulling solo.
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  9. Zansobar Augur

    Is there a reason they don't just make it so if you drop out a raid in an AoC instance, it kicks you from the instance within a somewhat short amount of time? Would it just make it too easy to avoid deaths by abusing this mechanic?
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  10. Go Take A Nap Augur

    Yea but it shouldnt happen instant if you did it that way. if you are kicked from a raid or drop then it should just remove you from the dz after 2mins. Wow does something like this: you are not part of this zone and will be removed in X amount of time.

    Im not sure which is easier to implement but something needs to be done. Even if you turn it off for aoc there still is OW to worry about and how these exploits are being used. So its just a temp fix until they come up with a good patch.
  11. xxar Augur

    This can also be done on live , using Invis and being out of los.

    There was a post about perhaps adding in a default status , if that is considered please add the status flag when a player is invis as well.
  12. AethDW Elder

    If the holder of the encounter lock goes LD while in a raid, the mob is still aggro on the whole raid but they cannot fight back until that character is removed from the world.

  13. AethDW Elder

    The status of the encounter lock is not reliable while a mob is mezzed. In the example here, a mob is mezzed, an ungrouped character clicks a shield of immaculate on them and sits. When the mezz wears off, the mob charges that character despite the grey nameplate since the time of last action taken.

  14. Zrender Augur

    I second that it's a bug that FTE is enabled at all in AoC raids or other instances where the members of the zone are explicitly chosen. It has no function in AoC raids outside of exploiting. If your guild mates are training you or KSing in AoCs then the problem is not with the game but with the guild :) The Oakwynd release would probably survive it if it's difficult to remove FTE there, assuming the other minor issues and LD FTE lock are fixed, but it should definitely be in the queue to be removed asap.
  15. Zrender Augur

    Nah, if the mob has visibility for >~300ms before FTE unlock happens, then it's not a function of ping that determines who gets the tag. It will be determined by who's attack lands closest to the time that the unlock happens. Why? Because, for example, if you have a 10ms ping and attack instantly on visibility then your attack will not land because the mob is still locked. Their solution to wait a bit after visibility is very smart because it eliminates pre-visibility targeting AND ping advantage.
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  16. Ankarv Harbinger of Nightmares

    Just sack this encounter lock thing already, there are so many problems that are being discovered and there will be many more and rare situations that will arise later.
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  17. jeskola pheerie

    Yeah they needed to do all this months earlier
  18. AethDW Elder

    For events with multiple mobs (or where a mob enters a deaggro stage like in Zoo in Qvic attached), the locking is not linked, so someone getting there at the end can still "kill steal".

  19. Cirise (Juvia) Journeyman

    Why the obsession with trying to see if it doesn't work properly in content that's a year removed from launch of Oakwynd exactly?

    They need to make it work for Classic mechanics first for Oak. Things like deaggro states and even rampage they have MONTHS to get working right.

    Classic Nirvana fallacy in play. Don't get me wrong, I'm dubious they can perfect it for Classic pre-launch, but pretending that GoD is having issues with it matters for the launch is absurd. IF they are to make it flawless the only result is distraction from potential launch issues for ones a long time away.
  20. Dalyrina Elder

    How does this solve the ping issue?

    If a mob removes it's invulnerable state and 1 client with 350 ms sends their attack command at the exact same time as another with 125ms who do you think wins?
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