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    This thread is for new bugs and how to reproduce them only. Please keep all opinions, discussions, posts about balance, and anything else in the other thread.
    Patch notes and discussions thread
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    To help facilitate testing of the Encounter Lock system, information on the basics of the feature is below. If your experience doesn't match what is described, please let us know and provide as much detail as possible so we can look into the issue.
    • When an NPC spawns, it will be locked to prevent people from attacking it. The lock should be removed shortly after spawning.
    • When an NPC enters combat, it should lock to the person that caused it to do so. It should unlock a short time after it leaves combat given that it doesn't re-enter combat during that time.
    • You should not be able to attack an Encounter Locked NPC if it has a grey name, indicating it is Encounter Locked to someone else. This should apply to all spells, melee, and abilities such as Taunt.
    • Using /yell while targeting a locked NPC will semi-unlock it allowing anyone to attack it.
    • If an Encounter Locked NPC decides to attack someone that is outside of its current lock group, it should semi-unlock (similar to the lock owner using /yell) and allow them to fight back. That should only be possible if someone was added to the NPC's hate list by casting beneficial spells on someone already on it.
    • When an Encounter Locked NPC leaves combat, it should not attempt to attack people outside of its lock group unless it is attacked first. This should be the case until the NPC returns home. This should occur even after the Encounter Lock itself is removed if the NPC hasn't reached its home.
    Thank you for the reports thus far that have contributed to the bug fixes included with this update.
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  3. Go Take A Nap Augur

    Not a bug more of an exploit and concern under current system.

    Turn off Encounter locking in Raid instances. Its far to easy to split mobs with an out of group(dropped raid, but still in instance) player. ALSO, the ability to do the same thing and pull tons of trash away or single pull a boss is far to easy.

    Here is a basic example: Raid group enters Kael drakkal raid instance (velious era) via AoC. 1-2 monks drop the raid and proceed to train ahead toward Arena. Raid follows behind the monks all the way to temple area where they stop and the monks continue back around and out of the arena. We've now skipped all the trash leading up to the first set of boss fights

    Example two: Raid group enters Vex Thall and has all the keys they need to do the raid on their second clear. Rogue opens the locked doors and follows out of group monks as they train away for the raid to follow behind without having to clear any trash. With some skill they can setup for each of the boss fights without having to clear much of the trash and certainly eliminates 90% of the risk in the skip attempt.

    Not to mention the ability to just pull the boss straight to the courtyard or a safe area and /yell it off while keeping all the other mobs locked to the out of raid puller. You cant do this with most of the bosses in VT due to Death Touch but the minis will be super easy to pull out for sure and many many other raid instances will be trivial with good pullers exploiting Encounter locking feature
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  4. BetaFTE'r New Member

    So after some testing it seems so much better!

    Major issue I've observed is when mobs are in the process of resetting, from say a monk FDing, and they happen to path through a player engaged with a different mob they will social aggro on to said player and retain the lock on the FD'd monk.

    A separate issue where I was also able to create the scenario of having locked mobs on players is if a player with the lock who pulled leaves the group/raid while other players are aggro'd on. It seems to keep the lock for the puller and aggro doesn't vanish so now the group has mobs beating on them they cannot interact with.

    Might need to add some safety nets of auto adding targets to the lock list if they have aggro and are getting hit, that or auto unlocking mobs if they are hitting targets not on the locked list. I'm sure this is way easier to say than do.

    Also being on the lock list and then being removed if the original person leaves the group/raid seems weird. I feel like once you're on the locked list and have aggro with the monsters you shouldn't be able to be removed from it.

    Either way good luck and thanks for the hard work! Will do more testing tomorrow.
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  5. Go Take A Nap Augur

    In my testing this only happened after the original timer expired. which seemed to be around 15seconds in the time i actually counted to test it. After that it turned from green to grey and could be pulled or aggroed as usual. This does leave roaming mobs that were trained capable of piling up on a group that is in the return home path.
  6. BetaFTE'r New Member

    It was very easy to reproduce and happened every time.
    If my enchanter had aggro on a separate mob *fighting* and the pathing locked mobs got social aggro on my enchanter they all stayed locked and would aggro him instead of walking by. Would result with him having aggro on locked mobs.
    Could see it being an issue with people training mobs and zoning or FD dropping mobs in the middle of the zone and them pathing into groups mid-combat.

    If the monk just ran the monsters directedly into my enchanter WITHOUT FD while he was fighting a locked mob the new mobs would aggro but would also unlock right away as long as the monk didn't FD and let them social aggro onto the enchanter.

    So it seemed you could still train players as long as they are in combat with mobs. If the monk careful trains them with FDing before they social on and having them path in to other players you could also train players with locked mobs which is a big issue.
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  7. BetaFTE'r New Member

    Can reproduce it easily by FDing mobs on a monk and then having a second character run his separate locked mob through the monks locked mobs.
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  8. Go Take A Nap Augur

    were these undead? I didnt experience this in sol a testing against regular mobs. I ran my mobs around and through a secondary character without problems
  9. BetaFTE'r New Member

    Some of it might of been undead but not every pull. Was in PoFire.
  10. BetaFTE'r New Member

  11. Go Take A Nap Augur

    Some folks reported creatures being set to indifferent while returning home/after attempting to clear aggro. This is allowing trading to KOS mobs. This needs Fixed asap
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  12. AethDW Elder

    Encountered inconsistent behavior with mobs aggroing while pathing back to their spawn points after losing aggro (through memory blur or blur induced from a mesmerize spell). Example shown below where in both cases and unlocked / unaggroed mob is pathing home. In one case it attacks a bystander while in the other case it does not.

  13. Krazeie New Member

    I don't remember the mobs hopping on one foot before. That is certainly odd. Did you train him out to the click? Could it be that you were still considered inside his ago range when it reset and therefore it never detected your collision?
  14. Velisaris_MS Augur

    They've done it since PoP launched; it's a normal animation. I think you're just now noticing it because the video is forcing everyone to just sit and watch what it does.
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  15. Meeko Developer(Code)

    This appears to be functioning correctly. The difference is that in the first clip where you get attacked, YOU were the previous lock owner. The NPC remembers who owned the lock even after it unlocks so it can check for proximity aggro on its way back "home". In the second clip, someone else owned the lock. Had that person been sitting next to you, they would've gotten attacked.
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  16. AethDW Elder

    OK gotcha. So the lock group persists even after the mob is deaggro and unlocked it sounds like.
  17. Zrender Augur

    Thank you. That pretty much covers my request to "normalize target selection time" to prevent pre-visibility cheats. This lets everyone select the target equally. Seems like just a few remaining issues here, it looks like you're going to pull it off. You've probably disappointed a lot of doubters. :) Great (and fast) work, guys!
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  18. Zrender Augur

    If this allows people to buff or heal you in order to allow themselves to then attack and kill steal the target with dps racing then I'd consider that a bug. People added to the lock in this way should not be able to receive credit for a kill. Can you confirm that that has been taken into account?
  19. Khanfu Elder

    Testing on monk.

    Can pull out of group and FD near my party. All mobs become indifferent to the party and you can solo pull any mob out without social aggro.

    Can trivialize lots of content.
  20. Khanfu Elder

    Just watched a Video of someone doing faction turn in without the proper faction requirements.

    I can verify the mobs turning indifferent after FD from my testing.

    Monk aggros, FD, mob becomes indifferent to anyone out of group and they can do faction turn in or solo pull it.