Upcoming Server Merge and Downtime - July 21, 2021

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    Characters on Selo will be transferred to Povar as the two servers merge on July 21, 2021.

    On Wednesday, July 21, 2021, Selo is being merged with Povar, and characters on Selo will be transferred over. To complete this work, there will be up to 24 hours of downtime for all EverQuest servers. Please note that this is also the date of the Live Update which will be included in the downtime.

    Prior to July 21 and the actual merger, we are currently considering providing all of you with the opportunity to test the merge process in a test environment. We will let you know if and when this is happening at a later date and prior to the actual merge.

    In order to make the merge go as smoothly as possible, below is a short list of changes you can expect as well as a brief list of answers to some of the questions you may have. If we receive additional questions about the merging process, the FAQ section below will be updated accordingly.

    Naming Conflicts
    • If, as a result of the server merge, two or more characters have the same name, the conflict will be resolved as follows:
      • The player who has logged into game within 60 days before the merge will retain the original character name. If there is still a conflict, the character with the highest number of minutes played will retain the original character name.
      • The renamed character will have additional vowels (or 'x') added to the end of their name and be flagged for a free rename. Characters who have been renamed can open the rename window to pick a new name with /changename chat command.

    Guild Transfers
    • Guilds and guild halls will remain intact after the merge.

    Real Estate
    • Real estate will merge completely onto the new server.
    • Neighborhood names may change in the event of duplicate names.

    • All items in banks will be transferred completely.
    • Overflow items will appear within the overflow interface after the merge.
    • Shared bank items from Selo will appear in the item overflow window on Povar.

    • Overseer agents, experience, and active quests from both servers will be combined.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Will there be free character transfers off of the servers before the merge?
    • Free transfers off of Selo will continue to be active until the merge is complete. Use /servertransfer on Selo if you would like to go to a different server (or go to Povar early).

    What will the server be named after the merge?
    • Since Selo is merging with Povar, Povar will be its name.

    If I only have 8 character slots available on my account, but after the merge I now have 12 characters on the server, what happens? How is it determined which characters I can access?
    • If, after the merge, your account has more characters on Povar than you have access to, the characters you cannot access will be grayed out in the character select screen. You can regain access to them by subscribing if you are Free-To-Play, purchasing additional character slots, or deleting characters from the un-grayed portion of your list.

    What happens if there are guild name conflicts?
    • This very rarely occurs, and we currently do not see any guild name conflicts between Selo and Povar. If, however, there is a conflict, GM discretion takes over for a final decision. The guild with a forced name change will have “of Servername” appended to their name and the guild rename flag will be enabled. (In exceptional cases, an X will be added to the end of the guild’s name.)
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    Welcome to Povar, Selo players!
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