Upcoming Overseer Changes

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  1. Vdidar Augur

    As someone who has seen all the stuff live has had happen to them because of what something did on TLP I honestly don’t care.
  2. vylo Augur

    Yeah, thats a good way to build alliances. You know we get on for things they do to live too, right? it is a 2 way street.
  3. rawr80 New Member

    If the changes happen, then players deserve a refund. The "Bait and Switch" tactic isn't something you should do to your customers that are enjoying something. It's not our fault you let it go live without implementing changes before hand. Was enjoying overseer and actually telling friends about it that use to play EQ. Some even considered returning to check it out. Again, if changes happen, customers deserve a refund. Otherwise players should just avoid buying anything from the store. If they have to wonder if changes will be made to items that get purchased.
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  4. vylo Augur

    Here is another thing. It was stated that overseer was meant to supplement, not replace gameplay. That was what was happening, even on Selo, where it had the most value. People were still running non-stop OMMs for brews. They were just able to get even more with overseer.
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  5. Kinadorm Augur

    Please keep the current expansion collection items as options. Some of those are such a pain to get that having an alternate method of getting them was great. That is the only thing I currently have any interest in obtaining from Overseer so removing that really removes my interest in using Overseer.
  6. Bobokin Augur

    So much for using Overseer to "catch up".

    If it is more work than playing it out, what's the point?
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  7. Caio_Xegony Lorekeeper

    Such a well thought out and written post it will be a shame when the devs ignore it.
  8. Quatr Augur

    Granted, MMOs are dynamic environments and nerfs/boosts happen. However, there is a big difference between nerfing newly introduced in-game functionality which you can access:

    • using in-game means vs.
    • using real-world money
    If DBG rolled out a new anniversary mission with a reward that granted a 100% DPS increase and then said "Oops, it was supposed to be a 1% increase, not a 100% increase! Our bad!", it would be unpleasant but ultimately just one in a never-ending stream of nerfs and boosts. However, if you could buy the same 100% DPS-increasing item with $100 and then it was nerfed to a 1% increase without a full refund, it would be a whole different story. It would make customers hesitant to use the cash store since they couldn't be sure that it wouldn't happen again.
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  9. Pikollo Augur

    Thereby making the raid gear basically useless. UF group gear is basically the same as omm gear aside from AC/focus. The "catch up" mechanic overseer was supposedly built for is only viable in SoD where the omm gear rivals T3 raid gear. If it unlocks in UF you may as well just raise the price cuz no one will buy it anyways.
  10. Lothnor New Member

    I would like to say thank you to DayBroke for the early announcement about the nerfs. I had already spent money to purchase extra agents on a couple of accounts and was wondering about adding station cash to buy more and to buy for other accounts. I now know not to do that. I will allow this added game feature to have the same status of other such wonderful distractions as Gems. It will serve about the same use. Thank you for removing yet another novel and wonderful feature that could have had great potential.
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  11. Lorewood Lorekeeper

    I'm with the crowd here without current content items this feature is pretty worthless to me also. I still don't really see what the point of overseer is anyway, does it grant you actual gear at higher levels? I mean for collects ..lower levels are not that big a deal to get anyway, ground spawns just need a rogue and mission drops are trivial with lower level content, time sink yes but no more so then trying to keep up with overseer. TS items are a product of actually playing the game. tedious yes ..but that is the reward for playing ( oh, and didn't you just reduce drop rates on TS stuff ?). You are basically rewarding folks for NOT playing. I don't get it !

    You say this is pretty ambitious, I just don't see where this idea came from and what it contributes to game play other then as a distraction (time sink) for dubious reward.

    I'd rather see time spent on things like fixing shammy pets so they stay shrunk after a port like mage,beast lord,chanty and necro pets do, or heaven forbid a AA/clicky to shrink them (sham)..or..or a few 100 other little bugs and irritations in the game.

    not even mentioning that once we get addicted to this, historically when this gets to be to much of a burden to maintain it will probably just get poofed away like Legends of Norrath did and added to the store as another pay to gain scam.
  12. Zandez Lorekeeper

    Well another blunder from Daybreak/Darkpaw who ever it is now!!!. While I love the Overseer concept, you're DRASTICALLY GOING TOO EXTREME ON YOUR NERF/ADJUSTMENTS!!!! While I agree some fine tuning is required, your posted changes will make Overseer useless to the community and to you as a business.
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  13. Cimbaeth Elder

    Let's speak plainly. This is bad timing in the middle of a Coronavirus shutdown when many old players are coming back to the game and potentially spending money. Bad word of mouth and bad publicity for introducing a feature and then when people are returning to game completely fubaring it is BAD FOR EQ. Don't make such a stupid blunder please for the sake of the franchise. If TLP people are abusing it then break it some on TLP. All it's doing on live is spoiling the baz collectibles market and saving some people from 5 minutes of farming mats. You're about to nerf that into uselessness and piss off all the players.
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  14. Vumad Augur

    My view after using the system some...

    Leave the currency tradable, but do not give currency to free to play. At a minimum make the currency heirloom. I should be able to sell my currency to other players.

    Leave collections at 100% or close to it, but only older than 2 expansions. So in ToV Era, no TBL or ToV collections are available. That will let people catchup collections without wasting all their time in old zones that give almost nothing for XP. Honestly I would prefer no collections given if the XP wasn't so terrible in old expansions.

    Add AA XP as a reward, but not for FTP accounts.

    Cut FTP account XP by 50%, or cut it by 50% and give 100% bonus XP to paid accounts, whatever is easier to code.
  15. Gafgarion Elder

    Just take brews off the vendor. problem solved
  16. vylo Augur

    Then the entire system is essentially worthless.
  17. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    For you maybe but not for others
  18. vylo Augur

    A handful of crafted items and collectibles vs actual usable gear.
  19. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    which is only desired by 1 server.
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  20. Gafgarion Elder

    Nah. The collectibles and stuff are still useful to everyone else. You can just go farm brews like everybody else did in those eras. They are already very easy to obtain and the rewards are equivalent to mid-tier raid loot.