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  1. Rasper Helpdesk Augur

    Also, I didn't even know you could buy a new common agent from the Tetra merchant since, for me at least, I had to uncheck the "show usable items" box.
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  2. Symbius Augur

    I swear the Developers don't like to be employed.

    Let's take a system that some people actually are having fun with. On top of that, they are spending extra money to the company and then completely obliterate any possible enjoyment from it in one fell swoop.

    The rewards were already pretty pathetic and now with those prices it is completely pointless to even bother with attempting.
  3. ScottyBNTG2 New Member

    If you take away anything I have already earned playing the app that YOU added to game, or change it's description, use, amount or value in any way or on any level, I'm going to need every single USD I paid to purchase extra agents and DB cash refunded to me, and you can just take back all the items I was rewarded. That's fair. Just saying....
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  4. Boze Augur

    What happened to this system being designed to help players catch up? I saw no reason to use it before the change, and see even less reason now. What a waste of Dev time.
  5. NightKing Journeyman

    This is unfortunate! I was having fun with Overseer and spent quite a bit of money buying more agent packs and upgrading agents to acquire elite and rare agents. This really is a slap in the face after just a week or so.
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  6. vylo Augur

    It was a great way for folk coming back to Selos to catch up before underfoot.....and then they are nerfing it right as those people ding 85. So those of us already with some raid gear have been able to fill up our slots and are in a good position for when underfoot drops.... and those who are trying to get back into it are going to be wayyyy behind on a very unforgiving expansion with a 1 month lockout.

    Not only are the angering the veteran players of Selos by taking away a key way for them to fill out there gear, a way many of them shoveled RL money into, they are going to kill the server for many returning players who were on the fence due to having to catch up. We had been telling several of them "don't worry, you can use overseer to get some gear before underfoot drops". Now just as many are hitting max level, the rug is being pulled out from underneath them, and for some guilds, having a another 5-10 geared raiders could make or break their capability to clear or even push significantly into underfoot, which is pretty dire considering we have a whole 3 active raiding guilds left.

    There is just no reason for the price change to brews. They only matter for Selos players (aside from a rez stick), and only for about 6 weeks before the gear quickly becomes useless. You are killing a cash cow that was already going to be dead within 2 months, and agitating a large part of your player base as a bonus.

    You would have literally been better off to have never made the overseer system than to make these changes. If you follow through with them, all of the manpower and resources you poured into creating this system will be wasted in one fell swoop. All that you will have gotten for your trouble is a few fast dollars, and the hatred of your player base, which may end up quickly eroding any financial gain you made. Trust will be even further broken with the player base, and the next time you make a feature like this or even another game like you have been hinting you are working on, it is likely to be met with contempt and distrust, no matter what the actual quality is.

    You are actively poisoning the your relationship with players. STOP.
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  7. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    Typical out of touch dev over reaction. Maybe DPG needs to replace all the devs with people who actually know and play the game instead of burnt out bitter people who think every aspect of EQ needs to be a tedious boring grind. Why do they always punish everyone when some players abuse the system? Such a silly and negative method of doing things that ultimately hurts the bottom line.
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  8. Pikollo Augur

    This is something that should be addressed. That was my plan too.
  9. Tucoh Augur

  10. SubEffect Journeyman

    I'm in general agreement that these changes are too harsh. You gave us something fun that had high value and are proposing to reduce it to something to ignore and, to me, that is a huge waste of whatever time went into developing it.

    I'd like to suggest some alterations to the suggested changes:
    • Reconsider the currency changes in terms of costs to buy - you can't have items that will take weeks EACH to attain. That's way too long for a single reward.
      • Setting the currency to no-trade makes sense. Locking it to subbed is fine (like loyalty, correct?)
    • Change the collection item reward to be a random item (100% success) from a SET but do not allow a SPECIFIC item.
      • Or, allow a ZONE if not a set, which gets you closer to that 25% chance as most zones have four sets. This could help curb people from targeting specific, high-value items.
      • Add current expansion back in with the above.
    • Reconsider the TS rewards to include current expansions or consider locking current expansions to subbed accounts only - similar to how autogrant AA stops at the F2P limit.
      • Or, add a random element where you may get XX items but you don't know exactly until the reward is given.
    I'm trying to be constructive here to "save" Overseer as I really enjoy it, but these proposed changes for sure will change my enjoyment and honestly may lead me to skip playing it at all.
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  11. Jaenisch Elder

    lol so true
  12. Vdidar Augur

    Invest the development time in separating live servers from TLP so live players quit getting screwed all the time.
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  13. vylo Augur

    TLP are getting screwed a lot more by this honestly.
  14. enclee Augur

    The collection items were the only reason, I was doing the Overseer tasks. I, even spent down some of my free DBG for some agents so I could try to get more of the collectibles. It was so nice, being able to track down individual items that I've been missing.

    All in all, this isn't even a good implementation of this style of game. The UI is awful, windows can't be re-sized, weird movement when accepting quests, failure rates are too high, rewards are too little, quest timers are too long, the cap on quests are too low, the agents aren't easily sorted through. I really can't emphasize it enough, but this system is bad. Either do something right or don't do it all, but please stop giving us a system that is half-finished.

    Thanks for trying something new, but it's pretty pointless. Is this a refund for the agents or for the failed instant completion missions?
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  15. kimbotta Journeyman

    This; ToV EXP,ToV raid nerfs, ToV rare spawns, ToV type 5s, Engage timers, Overseer. The only design mechanic they employ is massive time sinks...that has been the norm for 3 expansions.
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  16. Seij New Member

    As it had been said before, Selo's is majorly impacted by this change. Moving forward a better way to go about this is to either change the cost to a reasonable amount OR for TLPs, leave everything in place and just disable the Tet vender (that converts to Brews) for the first 2 weeks of SoD. Post 2 weeks, open everything up. This would allow some gearing up still without a huge impact on gear at the start of release of SoD. For Selo's, I think 42 brews is a little low, but if you decide to not throw money to auto complete, you are looking at a few pieces of gear prior to the next unlock. Another reasonable solution is to only allow DBC to be used X number of times to auto complete. Limiting to roughly 3-4 pieces over the course of a month. With these changes, either limiting the usage of DBC, changing the price to a reasonable amount, or locking out the vender you leave the mechanic in place to catch up a bit, but at a good level.
  17. Cadira Augur

    Collections: I think making it so you can't get current day collections is a good enough nerf. A couple old collections every day if you're hardcore into /overseer? Psh. People can still farm the hell out of current day collections and make their money.

    At least make the % chance a bit more reasonable then 25%...Jesus
  18. Flat Toad Lorekeeper

    While I understand pigs just naturally turn everything they can reach into crap...that doesn't mean I care to pay for the privilege of smelling it.
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  19. Buster_Shruggs Augur

    Oh goodness, glad I didn't hit "post reply" when Overseer went live; " Is the currency supposed to be tradeable?" :p
    Thanks for the advance warning on changes.
  20. Leelaz New Member

    I was enjoying Overseer quite a bit myself since I had taken a break last year after a death in the family and I thought that this was a great way for me to catch up on my missing collectibles without having to bother people to go into 'older' content. I feel disappointed now and I hope that a full refund will be given to people who spent station cash/real money on this. I really hope that this turns out to be a 'first-born' in the negotiation of changes, as in, they'll have something to give up so the actual changes they do make won't seem as bad.

    From another Leela...


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