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  1. Anhur Journeyman

    That was fast.

    I echo the sentiments of others: it was an enjoyable and simple enough feature that I could spend a bit of time, and money, doing - predominately to complete those elusive collections I have already spent a fortune of time chasing, and failing, to get: it was a pay off for the hours I already spent on ToV collections.

    It now looks like it'll be a pile of steaming dog turd.

    I dare you (the EverQuest Team) to show us what impact your changes have done to this system you're so proud of: how many users engaged in Overseer activities between launch up to the changes? How many after? Yeah, no chance we'll be privy to that - what we'll get is some redundant statement about further changes to mask the realisation that you swung the pendulum to far the other way;

    "We're so pleased that many of you have enjoyed the experience so far. We've listened to your feedback, and to further enhance your enjoyment of the Overseer feature, we're going to double - yes double - the rewards you can earn, as a thank you for your continued interest and support".

    I doubt I'll bother with it much in its new/upcoming state, probably just look in on it every not and again.
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  2. Ragbert Elder

    Sometimes it would be good to do the math first.
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  3. RainbowCane Elder

    TLDR: Here's a great system! Jk we made it too good, so now we will make it useless.

    Did I miss anything?
  4. MyShadower Newer Than Newest Member

    The fun of this is wearing very quickly. How many times can I read the same quest and agent descriptions for fun? I've done less than 40 missions and it already feels predictable what I am going to see when I open the system. I am mildly interested in the agent recruiting/progression aspect but that will die if there is no incentive to send agents on missions. Upping my "success" rate is not going to make it better, especially when the value of success is about to be "worthless" according to forum reports. Repeating the same original content over and over at least requires a bit of thought, sometimes planning and coordination with other players.

    Just make Overseer a delivery time tracker for something buyable with DBC. PixelLater.

    You just want people to pay to obtain this stuff but you want rarity by making it take time. You feel the need to disguise that by making them click things repeatedly, setting timers, randomizing, counting, sacrificing hamsters,etc. Yet, all the while, dangling the easy button(s) of just pay for it in installments. So...just let them pay for it up front and keep the perceived rarity with timing out how long it should take to "earn" it by just setting a delivery timer. Overseer will let me see all my PixelLater item delivery timers. If you really need them to stay subbed and logged in for it, just make the timers pause/resume based on user activity. Maybe playing real content will yield a chance to reduce my PixelLater timer. This sort of thing could be banged out in a lot less time and you get the same end result, you get cash, people get their desired pixels.

    I'm not sure the fun is all that important based on the comments here. You are trying to make a fun, new way to reward things from old content that are not fun to obtain. Your fun, new way seems to be going in the direction of the same boring, old, time consuming grind for people that respect intended play. Those that do not respect intended play will bot this button pushing system and just wait for the rewards to fall out.

    P.S. If you go this route, please allow layaway. they may not have the full DBC now...but over six months. If someone fails to make their layaway payments, you can put the pixels back in inventory and keep their prior payments. This could have the added value of more ForumQuest entertainment posts.
  5. Caio_Xegony Lorekeeper

    So we went from a really good way to finish all those old collections to a 75% chance to not get a single item every 12h? Way to go DarkPaw!

    Now if only the team could fix QuickTime as fast as they destroy fun, supplemental systems
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  6. Monkman Augur

    This is Everquest,

    no matter what type of system you implement, there will always be those that abuse or go overboard to hoard materials/rewards.

    From the beginning I knew the tradeable currency was a bad thing, it rewarded those with more accounts more currency. This change makes sense.

    However, whomever is placing prices on the rewards is wrong. Yes the brews were cheap, they could have been bumped up to ~1000-2000 currency per and that would have been acceptable/fair. However, 70k for 1 ornament of a set is absolutely bonkers.

    Please reconsider how "game-breaking" a cosmetic suit of armor is. People like myself absolutely love the cosmetic game and enjoy collecting nearly every set of ornaments available. They provide zero player power and should be kept at their current pricing (16-22k per piece / 63k robe). If they are adjusted I will just ignore that they were ever implemented, I'm not going to spend that much time on a cosmetic suit of armor.

    You're taking a system that was there to help "catch people up" and turning it into a system where only the diehards will benefit. Like always.
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  7. Really... Meh New Member

    To the changes: Wow, a prime example of the 21st century definition of the term, "nerf." Please take a step back (all of you), and take an objective look at the drastic measures you are taking with these changes. This is one of the most severe knee-jerk reactions I've seen in a long time.
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  8. Dahaman Augur

    Simple, naive questions...

    Does the Overseer system "level up" as you complete missions, etc.? If so, might the Overseer system start to generate this Tetradrachm at a faster pace, making the extraordinary priced OMMs more affordable over time?

    That would make the changes make a lot of sense if that is how the feature was designed. Otherwise... WHOOPS!
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  9. ironball New Member

    I am also in disbelief - what you had was a good thing going is now going to be garbage . I have already spent time , effort and money on the Overseer quests , I wont be spending anymore time / effort / money on them . I can see the reason for the coin not being tradeable . but making the reward changes are just out there , A lot of statements made here I hope you realize once you change these , no one will want to use the /Overseer command ever. anyone for /gems .
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  10. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    These are massive over-corrections.

    Not happy about this at all, the price escalations are orders of magnitude of crazy.

    Making the currency no trade, yeah I get that, but man, this system just went from pretty nice to almost entirely pointless, really does feel like a slap in the face.
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  11. yerm Augur

    No response? Pathetic.
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  12. Bobokin Augur

    Ha ha ha ha ha! What a joke this company is!

    Barely open, and it is gutted already.
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  13. kimbotta Lorekeeper

    Everquest has become such a joke. In every instance they release content that is to easy, spawns to quick, drops to much etc. A select few take advantage of this and get everything they need early on, the people who don't have 20 hours to play or be on for a week straight suffer when they Nerf things into oblivion. EVERY single time this is just their standard operating procedure.

    They have no middle ground, this is just like the Nerf to rare spawns, or making TOFS 1-2 harder for mid level guilds. Their Nerfs are always designed to hurt the low to mid play time subscriber.
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  14. YetAgain New Member

    Don't know about the rest of you LIVE server players but I am completely fed up with TLP servers impacting what happens on LIVE servers. You make the rulesets for those servers why cant you adjust ONLY their server. EVERY SINGLE TIME something happens on a TLP the LIVE servers are punished and while I agree on the ToV items being removed and the currency should have been no trade from the start, your pricing gouge is way out of scale. Here's a novel idea -- Verrant never had these issues because they had a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for exploiters/ cheaters -- they banned IP addresses. Take some time and POLICE your precious TLP's. Stop punishing everyone for the actions of the few.
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  15. DeseanJackson Augur

    Pretty unfortunate to see the nerf bat hit so hard. Sure, maybe no drop is ok, and maybe adjust some prices, but why not do a more sensible increase rather than make Overseer basically worthless as the stated catch up mechanic in the original pos about it?
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  16. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    I have to agree with basically everyone. This seems like an over reaction.

    In the case of the repricing the Overseer currency vendor, those values all need to be reduced by a factor of 10. They’re all mostly fluff things. If this is a reaction due to Selos players exploiting Brews to buy current raid gear with it, just flag the McKenzie Brew to not unlock on TLP servers until the Underfoot or House of Thule expansion.

    In the case of the current expansion removal... I think this is fine for the first 3-4 months on Live expansions and about 1 month on TLP expansions. But this shouldn’t persist for the life of the expansion. As the expansion gets older and people aren’t out grinding missions, hunters, currency and collectibles the available market for collectibles and Tradeskill drops off precipitously. Let us use the Overseer system for the back end of an expansion cycle to grab Tradeskill or Collectibles we could never get.

    In the case of the collectible reward change... I think that this is fair for the common mission. But the chance should be increase in higher tier missions. 25% Common, 50% Uncommon, 75% Rare and 100% Elite. To encourage people to level up and do harder missions for better chance at collectibles.

    While we are on the topic of Overseer though... I have some suggestions for additional changes!

    I’d like to see the recruitment missions changed. Currently they appear to grant 5-6 new agents on a success, take 48 hours to complete and not offer a new one for 48 hours. I’d like to see there be this version available as well as shorter duration, quicker reuse recruitment missions that only reward a single agent or maybe 2. For example a 6 hour 1 agent mission or a 12 hour 2 agent mission.

    To the Overseer vendor I’d like to see some/all of the following added:

    1. Older Group currency. The loyalty vendor already offers currencies from DoN to UF. Perhaps this could serve as the venue for Underfoot+ currencies (fits well since its level 85+). Flag each of these currencies to unlock on TLP servers once the expansion that follows them has launched. IE the Underfoot currency would be available when HoT launches.

    • Bag of Brellium Tokens (UF)
    • Bag of Dream Motes (HoT)
    • Bag of Marks of Valor (CotF)
    • Bag of Pieces of Eight (TDS)
    • Bag of Remnant of Tranquility (TBM)
    • Bag of Sathir Trade Gems (EoK)
    • Bag of Bathezid Trade Gems (RoS)
    • Bag of Fettered Ifrit Coins (TBL)
    • Bag of Frostone Ducats (ToV)

    2. Fragment of Legendary Alaran History - After a certain level (110?) I believe all alaran mobs are now green/grey cons meaning you cannot progress the alaran tear through killing, only through fragment clicks. I’d like to see this added to either the currency vendor at a price point similar to the McKenzie Brew roughly.

    3. Powersources - Offer three tiers of Powersources on the Overseer vendor. Each higher level powersource should cost progressively more currency than the lower tier ones. I left off TBS ones because loyalty vendor offers Phosphite or Orum, and ToV ones because they’re new and sellable. But for anyone returning to the game with a Heroic Character that they’re trying to progress with, having access to decent Powersources as they level would be a nice option for them to use their currency.

    [list[*]RoF - Xorbb’s Caged Hatred
    [*]TDS - Geomantic Steelstone
    [*]TDS - Combine Power Shard
    [*]TDS - Thaell Ew Totem
    [*]TDS - Ocean Purification Stone
    [*]RoS - Cliff Stone
    [*]RoS - Magma Stone
    [*]RoS - Enchanted Dragon Scale
    [*]RoS - Scorpikis Worry Stone[/list]

    For the Tradeskill reward set (Research/Harvesting/Crafting missions) you’re currently offered some generic silks/pelts/ores/essences/etc. from expansions SoD-ToV. I’d like to see a few more reward sets added to this Overseer mission type. Keep the Harvesting and Crafting missions with their current reward sets. Then change the Research missions to offer a variety ofnew reward sets listed below which would help people get items necessary for reaching 350 in tradeskills.

    **Reward Option 1**. OOW Smithing/Tailoring

    This reward grants about 5-10 Tradeskill items that pull from 3 groups. The rare, uncommon and common components. Each reward would grant 1-2 rare, 2-3 uncommon and 3-5 common pieces.

    1-2 Rare Components:

    • Pyrilen Flames
    • Gelidran Ice
    • Essence of Discord
    • Lightning Core

    2-3 Uncommon Components:

    • Magnetic Metal Brick
    • Feran Blood
    • Murkglider Blood
    • Bazu Blood

    3-5 Common Components:

    • Tanned Damaged Feran Hide
    • Tanned Ruined Feran Hide
    • Tanned Feran Hide
    • Tanned Pristine Feran Hide
    • Damaged Feran Hide
    • Ruined Feran Hide
    • Feran Hide
    • Pristine Feran Hide
    • Damaged Murkglider Skin
    • Ruined Murkglider Skin
    • Murkglider Skin
    • Pristine Murkglider Skin
    • Tanned Damaged Bazu Hide
    • Tanned Ruined Bazu Hide
    • Tanned Bazu Hide
    • Tanned Pristine Bazu Hide
    • Damaged Bazu Hide
    • Ruined Bazu Hide
    • Bazu Hide
    • Pristine Bazu Hide
    • Damaged Magnetized Gauntlets
    • Splintered Magnetized Vambraces
    • Gashed Magnetized Breastplate
    • Bent Magnetized Pauldron
    • Cracked Magnetized Bracer
    • Dented Magnetized Helm
      [*[Broken Magnetized Collar
    • Twisted Magnetized Belt
    • Mangled Magnetized Leggings
    • Smashed Magnetized Boots

    **Reward Option 2** OOW Jewelcrafting Augments

    This reward would grant 1 rare augment and 2-3 common augments.

    1 Rare augment

    • Apatite
    • Celestine
    • Citrine
    • Howlite
    • Kyanite
    • Sodalite
    • Sphalerite
    • Titanite
    • Tourmaline

    2-3 Common augments

    • [
    • Bloodflow Stone
    • Boneflow Stone
    • Emberflow Stone
    • Fireflow Stone
    • Mossflow Stone
    • Mudflow Stone
    • Shadowflow Stone
    • Skyflow Stone
    • Starflow Stone
    • Stormflow Stone
    • Voidflow Stone
    • Waterflow Stone

    **Reward Option 3** TSS Global Gems

    This reward would grant 2-3 of each gem from the following list:

    • Taafeite
    • Harmonagate
    • Prestidigitase
    • Staurolite

    **Reward Option 4** LDoN Forages

    This reward would grant 2-4 of each of the following:

    • Goblin Bones
    • Pondweed
    • Ice Lichen
    • Gargoyle Granite
    • Sand Verbena
    • Polished Quartz
    • Amethyst, Geode
    • Sedge Branch

    ** Reward Option 5** Luclin Tailoring

    This reward would grant 1-2 of each of the following silks/furs

    • Flawless Rockhopper Hide
    • Superb Rockhopper Hide
    • High Quality Rockhopper Hide
    • Medium Quality Rockhopper Hide
    • Damaged Rockhopper Hide
    • Greyhopper Hide
    • Mind Worm Hide
    • Shade Silk
    • Shadeling Silk

    **Reward Option 6** Velious/Luclin Smithing

    This reward is randomly 1-2 of each of the following

    • Windstone
    • Essence of Wind
    • Bloodling Plate
    • Block / Large Brick / Small Brick of Velium/Acrylia

    **Reward Option 7** Velious Tailoring

    This reward is randomly 1-2 of each of the following silks/furs -

    • Othmir Fur
    • Holgresh Fur
    • Velious Hound Fur
    • Velium Mastodon Fur
    • Crystalline Silk
    • Ice Burrower Silk
    • Tigerraptor Hide
    • Black Panther Hide
    • Haze Panther Hide
    • Arctic Wyvern Hide
    • Cobalt Drake Hide
    • Yew Leaf
    • Cobalt Cod
    • Drake Egg

    **Reward Option 8** Assorted Cross Expansion Rares

    This reward is randomly 1-2 of these rare components used in a small number of recipe from the following - Bloodroot, Stone Beans, Bloated Root Worm, Black Bees, Nest Drake Eggs, Bazu Bones, Murkglider Sinew,[/list]
  17. Rasper Helpdesk The Original Helpdesk

    Gotta admit, glad I didn't jump on making a guide for the Overseer.
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  18. Barraind Grumpy Old Bastage

    For the more visual, this is roughly 4 months worth of Overseer as it exists today (thanks to the magic of test), taking collection items first and tetra second, on 3 accounts.


    Its enough currency to buy:

    1 Spitegem (You'll be in full EoK type 5 by then) and 1 brew


    1 Clockwork piece (non-robe) and 1 brew


    3 Crystallized luck


    2 Token of res and 1 brew


    60% of an unattuner


    60% of a clockwork robe

    Even if you assume the failure rates were 3 times higher than they were supposed to be, ONE YEAR of Overseer later, you can almost buy 2 type 5 augs that are already outdated by the time you've bought the first one, or one clockwork ornament, or one unattuner, or 5 special brew.

    You CAN buy like.10 common agents though, because weeks/months later, you may be unable to naturally get one of the two traits that let you get collection items at any frequency.

    Its already pretty dismal. The only saving grace currently is the collection boxes.
  19. Aegir Augur

    I'm a TLP'er but could probably be counted as a soon be live player (Currently about to head into TDS era). But, I totally agree with you on this one.

    IF this nerf is because of people on Selo - or Miragul have much better access to Mckenzie Brew's because of Overseer, I would say it's an incredible over-reaction from DPG. Just lock Mckenzie on the Vendor until VoA or something.
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  20. Caeelar New Member

    I really hope you will be refunding the cost of the agent packs purchased. I spent all my DB coins to get the big agent packs, and thought it was a good investment. It's not a good investment anymore. I'd be better off spending those coins on draught of the craftsmen and exp potions it seems.
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