Upcoming Overseer Changes

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  1. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    This seems a total over kill, please when making these changes consider how much a player can earn in a week, I think it is around 1000 a day, 500 X 2 12 hour quests, so for the Heros forge stuff you are talking years to get a complete set and half a year to get a robe. 44 days for a rez token, half a year for an unattuner, 88 days for an aug, and 5 days for illusion potions. 27 days for a Special Brew, if this is only a problem on TLP servers how about restricting when they are available.

    I was a little surprised to see they were tradeable, but please leave them as heirloom, what I decide I want may change over the course of a few months, especially if you go with the large hike in prices as you have posted.

    Please reconsider this, at least for older collectables that no one is doing anymore. I'd personally prefer to see the lastest expansion not included in the item, but still be able to complete RoF, CotF, TDS, TBM and TBL without spending months on end there trying to complete sets.

    Maybe even do the reward per expansion instead of as just a general collect item that does everything. We have to turn it into an expansion item and zone item before it is usable anyway.

    I hope this is done per server, so the only items that are available are those 1 expansion behind the current one.

    While you are removing the current expansion from this can you look at the rewards for other expansions?
    Copy Cat - TDS only gives 1 ore, 1 pelt and 5 relic fragments - while all the other choices give far more
    Best in Show is another one where rewards are unbalanced per choice - CoTF gives 1 Ethernere, Essence, HoT gives 1 dream dust and 2 fantastic silks, Underfoot, 2 immaclate silks and a cosgrove powder, compared to RoS which gives 10 different items. A lot of these look like someone started to do the rewards and then stopped.

    Can you also look at giving us more choice for tradeskills, items from Planes of Power, Depths of Darkhollow, Dragons of Norrath, Gates of Discord, Omens of War, Lost Dungeons of Norrath, etc. Something from each expansion would be nice.

    Overseer was marketed to us as a way of catching up, some of these changes will mean it will take months to even see an upgrade, especially the type 5 augs.......88 days!.......and players need what 13 of them?

    Please don't make changes that stops the Overseer from doing what it was designed to do.

    Thank you for your consideration.
  2. rawr80 New Member

    The only way things will revert to good. Would be for most players to just ignore the overseer feature. Just playing the game like it was before the feature was added. It was a nice feature but honestly making the tetras untradeable isn't a great move. For players that have multiple accounts. It's handy to move currency around to balance things out.
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  3. Coas Lorekeeper

    This really is a bummer. I was having fun with this Overseer thing, but I'll be completely done with it once you implement these changes. No point at all once this goes live.
  4. Derd Augur

    Wait a second... Are you really doing this solely because traders who hoard and overcharge for collection pieces you've made rare (entirely at random it seems) Instead of leaving a system you designed , coded and even in the last couple days acknowledged was bugged because the velks collections were not there. And was being used by most everyone that I know of and applauded how great it was of you to do this to help your players out? Maybe you should tell us why you thought we needed this system, since you appear to have decided to not make money with it.
  5. Seear New Member

    Someone has posted some math, but there calculation is a bit off.

    You can hold 5 quests, Lets say you are completely efficient and do the 275 mission every 6 hours
    1,375 Every 6 hours
    5,500 Every 24 Hours
    38,500 Every Week
    165,550 A Month (4.3 weeks avg)

    So during a month, You can at MOST get 165k Tetra's
    You can get 6 Brews or 3 Ress Tokens a month. and not even get a robe augment.

    There is no reason to get the Tetra rewards if these changes are implemented, All that time and energy you put into what could be a good system was completely wasted.

    You can not use this system until you are 85, TLP's die within a year of launching, usually as the new classic - pop TLP is released, Let this be a catch up mechanic for people who want to see content and not go back to classic.
  6. Sissruukk Rogue One

    Seems kind of like gambling to me.
  7. Derresh Augur

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  8. Allayna Augur

    Just over 2 weeks ago...
  9. Aegir Augur

    I was actually having a bit fun with Overseer and saw the rewards to be very fair.

    With these changes, it will just be a complete joke.
  10. Boxen New Member

    This entire situation should really cause someone at DB to reflect on how decisions are being made. Was it difficult to see how the Overseer system was going to impact collectibles? Hardly. Difficult to see how your overreaction was going to play with customers given, and in some cases paying for, a new toy with which to play? No.

    I get you guys are likely very overworked and decision making suffers under those conditions, but perhaps take a little more time to reflect when making significant changes, and in particular, changes that result in your customers spending money on new features, before implementing those changes and then needing to immediately pull the rug out from under their feet? Most businesses wouldn't consider it good policy to leave customers with the feeling they were ripped off.

    If you need more testers to help evaluate changes, and you are not getting that help, make it worth while for people to do so with in-game rewards that people would actually want? Tweak the reward until you get the result you want?
  11. Morigaine Elder

    Adding to Allayna's quoted intent of overseer, I would really like a developer to explain how this system will actually help any player catch up.

    Tradeskill materials are easily farmed since the only available materials are the most basic ones.

    Collectibles being only a small chance means using this system is wasted effort. Collectibles were never hard they are just insanely time consuming if a returning player wants to do them. Under the new proposal, you might as well go back to running circles in old deserted zones.

    The currenc prices are now so high that materials such as Mackenzie brews are actually slower and hinder catching up.

    The ornaments are not related to catching up.

    So Dreamweaver - please indulge us and explain a use case where someone uses the new PoS changed system and in any way shape or form expedites catching up.
  12. cadres Augur

    Add me to the 'not happy with these changes' chorus.
    I do not want currency. There is nothing at all that is useful to me that I can buy with the currency atm (unless that changes - perhaps offer a collectible dispenser for currency?)
    I agree that the collectible reward is perhaps over-generous - but it's the only thing I'm interested in from these quests - so I won't do them unless I stand a decent chance of getting a collectible (unless you were going to add a new reward that would actually be useful?)
    It would make sense to keep the currency tradeable (but I feel less strongly about this) - what is there for endgame accs here? Nada - except the chance to get odds & ends for alts - so we need to be able to pass things to alts
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  13. HoodenShuklak Augur

    The 26k pricetag on omm brews seriously needs to come down by a lot.

    Dpg needs to do the math on what this "catchup" mechanic will help with... because nobody will catch up making 1 to 3 passive brews per month.
  14. Leinanan New Member

    Started to play again after long break, when i saw that i could get collectible to catch current meta(was it meant to be) i was happy! but with this changes you can take your overseer system and kick it. no thanks!
  15. Kiizze New Member

    Disappointing - Can spend weekss to collect that rare collectible that never drops and people want 2million pp to buy - if it ever comes up - which is rarely - and rarely drops - I finally got a scorched rune from scorched woods which I have spent nearly a month trying to get - if I want to pay to finalise a quest to finally get the collectible I need - and there is only a 25% chance I'll get what I want - I will not bother - I was going to post that finally there was a great alternative in questing that has me hooked on logging on more - and you are gonna screw it up. - so freaking disappointed. The afk farmers will be clapping their hands in glee - booo to you.
  16. rawr80 New Member

    Limiting it to only 5 missions going at a time is really annoying. Especially when you have a lot of units that are doing nothing but gathering dust..... Now regretting buying the extra ones, seems like a waste of store cash. These upcoming nerfs is just gonna make overseer less playable. More of a grind that takes hours if not days even to get anyplace. Seems like the devs here are borrowing pages from the devs on wow. They nerfed there mission table rewards to were it wasn't really worth doing.
    Nerfing the trade skill material gains isn't gonna be helpful much. You'll end up loosing profit from that. Even if its affecting the game economy by keeping hoarders in check. Your missing out on the players spending money on the store to gain more units and to finish missions faster. Seriously someone needs to rethink this. I thought this game was also about making profit for itself.
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  17. Barraind Grumpy Old Bastage

    If those changes go live as is, and we dont learn that we were accidentally making 10% the amount of tetra as you think we are, you might as well cost everything at a billion tetras, because that's months worth of dealing with this system on cooldown for one vendor item, all of which are currently overpriced, to a significant margin, to begin with.

    This doesnt touch that the tradeskill rewards offered include, for some expansions, one single instance of one single drop (looking at you, 1 relic fragment or ethernere essence) and seem to completely ignore that half the tradeskills exist in any expansion. Conflagrant ore isnt a thing I guess? Or reptile skins? Or wood? Or platinum? Those have never been a reward choice. It's the same diamond + silk + gobs of baking stuff for every tradeskill reward. House of Thule rewards have been nothing but 1 dream dust and silk. Underfoot is powder and silk. Veil is 1 essence and, you guessed it, silk. RoF is its version of the exact same thing.

    I guess you're only supposed to get catch-up as a tailor or baker?

    Thanks to trade and testcopy, I've been able to look at the actual rewards of having effectively 16 accounts pooling their resources over the course of months, and it's already bleak. When "you can get an unattuner once every few weeks" is somehow WAY TOO GOOD TO BE A THING, we arent playing the same build of the same game, and this system is basically doomed to die on patch.

    I'm not sure how a catchup mechanic that starts working 2/3ds into the game and is, at best a level a month (if all you take is xp), is actually a catch-up mechanic.

    Uhh... do you think you get more than 1 of those per quest? Because you dont. You get 1. Even on longer, higher ranked missions, it still only ever gives 1 box.

    And it's still the only worthwhile reward.

    So what you're "supposed" to do is do recruitment quests, then exchange from white to green to blue to purple, keeping around 10-15 guys at all time, then retire the purple ones for good rewards and a massive overseer xp boost.

    The problem is, you cant actually accomplish that at present without doing it on, say, 10-15 accounts, funneling all the tetra into one account, buying commons from the vendor and converting them, because completion rates are so buggy, the odds of succeeding enough recruitment tasks to do this any time this decade are 0. And even doing that, its millions of tetra for a purple or two, so if you want to progress through the system, you arent getting any of the other vendor items anyway.
  18. Moege Augur

    I do not understand the reasoning on the collection dispenser, going to stop giving current expansion collection.. this is where most people are currently playing so those are plentiful, if you use a dispenser on current you are wasting it imo. The chance on getting a dispenser is going to be 25% which means you will never see one again (overseer success rate of 81% + and 4/5 quests fails)

    DB button to speed up progress? well that may just as well be removed it is not worth spending cash anymore. Extra agent packs remove those too we will have agents idle all the time as it simply is not worth doing some missions anymore.

    I was willing to put up with the clunky interface for some basic rewards with these changes I will ignore this feature as it is too much effort.
  19. Cimbaeth Elder

    Wow. I was actually having fun with this system and although it seemed a bit pay to win I was fine with it since I thought it was a minor entertainment system that could help pump some needed cash into EQ ie monetization. But with these overkill nerfs why even bother. I spent 50 bucks for a leg up on agents and now you are nerfing it so hard it will ruin it for me, not to mention the people that have barely started trying it out. Gratz on turning a potential money maker into a total flop. Can I get a refund?
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  20. Jam_sandwich New Member

    Across the 5 of my accounts, I invested a lot of DBC to purchase agent packs to increase the opportunities in Overseer. For successful missions, I was investing in increasing my overseer levels as I WAS thinking long term this was a good strategy. I was not choosing the other rewards due to this. Since i am heavily into TS, I am not usually exping so was happy to get the small exp increases when choosing overseer experience.
    Now basically I am disheartened with the whole overseer product and would like a full refund of all the DBC I have spent please.
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