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  1. Foaming I Drank Bleach IRL Once

    Everyone I've talked to has gone from spending money on the Overseer system to never spending any more money on it over the price changes. Most people will pay out a little so they can see actual progress, but when it takes so much why bother?

    These changes take a new feature and system that folks were enjoying to countless "worthless" comments.
  2. vylo Augur

    No one on live is going to use gear from brews aside from the rez staff.
  3. Kneeo Journeyman

    "Refund a portion of DBC?"

    Absolutely not. Any money that has been used to purchase Overseer stuff should be 100% refunded. Not a portion. Not just the DBC used on fast questing. Every last DBC credit should refunded.

    Honestly, this would easily win a lawsuit in a small claims court. The product you offered (and we bought) is being not just changed a little; it absolutely changes the value of the product.

    Garbage. Absolute trash on DB's part.
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  4. Benito EQ Player since 2001.

    And the froglok illusion, manastone, and maybe bard drums. :)
  5. vylo Augur

    I mean, to be reasonable, the fast question got us gear. Buying the agents, was an investment in the future of the system and should be refunded. They can take all my agents. Heck, they can just remove the overseer system all together, this nerf has the same effect.
  6. Sokki Still Won't Buff You!!

    Any official word on when the patch for these changes is taking place?
  7. yober Elder

    Ya those people on live with hundreds of thousands of mana are really huntin for that extra 20 mana every 11 seconds.
  8. Travestii Elder

    These changes will collectively make this addition to the game nothing more than an afterthought like /gems. Why? Because each correction was done with an Admantium Nerf Sledge of Ultimate Transmogrification instead of a tuning wrench.

    I'm in agreement with those calling for a refund of DBC spent on Overseer; if the changes go through unmitigated it amounts to a virtual bait and switch scam.
  9. Gherig Addicted since Aug 1st, 1998

    PLEASE make an additional change.

    When you accept a quest please stop auto switching the tab to the Active Quest tab. Leave it on the main Quest tab. Its a bit annoying to keep having to tab back then figure our where you left off on the quest list for choosing the next one. You can put a 0/5 counter at the top of the tab and the player can just see the tab number go up.
  10. Swiss Elder

    That alone makes it great to be somewhat affordable, I'm just saying there is an argument to limit current era gear from overseer but the price hike on live is too much.

    I've ran OMM vox/naggy for so many druids and shamans now I really don't want to ever do it again and was so glad to see this. But nobody is going to invest an entire year at it for a rez stick.
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  11. Derd Augur

    I've been defending how great the overseer was on many forums, guess what , you just made it a worthless add on. Congrats!
  12. Airstah New Member

    Classic DBG ... next ban wave is going to be Overseer chargebacks.

    Release something useful and get that sales quota... then NERF into the ground.
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  13. Traval New Member

    The price change seems really extreme. I agree they are a bit too cheap but this we a great catch up mechanic and with the new prices this won't even be worth doing. I hope you can rethink these numbers.
  14. Gafgarion Elder

    I hate messing with collectibles so i was stoked about this overseer stuff. Really glad you all found a way to nerf it into something useless
  15. Allayna Augur

    So we have the following:

    Wasted developer time > concept > planning > implementation and adjusting.

    As so many have stated, the only thing worth buying at the costs listed were the OMM brews. People who wanted a rez stick still had to kill Vox in monster mission format, something not fun to repeat often...
    The Overseer coin was a nice catch up way for people to get the coin within a few days (as coin was tradeable). The only change you needed to make was with the ability to trade the currency.

    The collection item was a unique, new way to deal with absolute garbage RNG. Apparently no developer has ever spent days farming the same missions to get that last collection piece.

    Please check with your EQ community before you "invest" more time or effort into something literally no one asked for, only for you to immediately nerf it into uselessness. I'm sure we'll all tell you to spend the time on CONTENT.
  16. Truthfire Lorekeeper

    Did brews REALLY need to be increased 200x? That's a week of Overseer for ONE brew.

    I can't imagine even bothering to spend the time to wade through the tedious UI for rewards this sh!tty, let alone spending actual money.

    If you're going to cripple rewards this badly, just remove the entire system. It's literally not worth the code upkeep.
  17. illithid mind flayer New Member

    Shameful behavior on the part of the developers. Introducing a new feature, collecting money from interested customers then raising the prices to prohibitive rates. This makes the money I spent on agent packs effectively worthless. If it wasn't for how much I enjoy being around my guild I'd walk away from this company after this. Disgusting.
  18. Guppy New Member

    I agree with others that the proposed new prices are a significant over-correction. The Overseer system has so far been a huge boon to the Selos server specifically, and the 167/brew price tag has been allowing players a fun opportunity to catch up on gear before the expansions march inexorably on. I understand the concern that the current price is too low, but the proposed new pricing seems like it would make Overseer about as valuable as /gems.
  19. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Holy freaking mother of...you guys really are just throwing crap at a wall and seeing what sticks, aren't you?

    In less than a week, you've nerfed your BIG anniversary gift to players completely into oblivion...just like you did with GMM. At least that one took a while to be hit with the nerf bat.

    Here's a tip...when you put fun things in the game, you don't have to take them away as soon as possible! Not everything has to be a painful, punishing, grind for filthy casuals.

    I was hoping that with Jchan taking over, all of this nonsense would stop and you would just focus on making the game fun. You people haven't learned anything in 21 years, have you?
  20. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Free account restrictions are fine, and make sense.

    Not being able to claim current expansion collection and tradeskill items are meh, but understandable.

    Increasing brew price makes sense, but not THAT high (just make you need CotF released before brews are on the vendor to deal with TLPs).

    Increasing the prices of the other items is absurd.

    Giving you only a "chance" at a collection would be more reasonable if you made them 6 hour tasks instead of 12 hour tasks.

    That's my feedback.

    As is, I'll click it when I log on, when I think about it, but no longer care much about it. I certainly won't spend a dime on it, whereas I was strongly considering doing so, but held off waiting to see how this played out.

    You over-reacted again. Raise the price on the finish and only let you pay to finish a quest once an hour if that was the problem.

    Really bad combination of moves.

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