Upcoming Overseer Changes

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  1. Mazame Augur

    Overseer was marketed as a Catch Up tool. Even at 6 it would take a long time for some one trying to catch up to complete all the collections.

    Also the people that were starting to see 2 were not the avg player. They probably spent DBC to get ahead on their level that in return was offering them the higher quest. For the Avg person that is grinding it out it would take months of doing a mix of task and getting agents before they started seeing doubles.

    A change could have been made to the higher levels to not drop as many but by changing it the way it was changed it hurt those trying to Catch up more then anyone else.
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  2. Anhur Journeyman

    I gave it a go after the changes because I had DBC banked: across 3 accounts, of the 30-ish 25% and 50% collection rewards I got 3, the rest crumbles to dust.

    Don't be an idiot like me and spend the time or cash on it.
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  3. Derd Augur

    I believe they have already decided this will be changed.
  4. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Unless it has been changed since last weekend, the vast majority of the Overseer TS rewards do not have pelts. Sometimes the large lists might have 1 pelt. That is hardly the same number as ore or wood.

    The requiring of multiple Silk to make the same item which takes a single pelt or piece of ore is simply a poor design, it always has been. The only reason to require more silks in combines compared to ore and pelts is to provide an excuse for why Silks drop so disproportionately more than the others. Having the pieces drop a equal or close to equal drop rates is far more reasonable, and all it might require is having the silks use the same number of drops per combine as ores and pelts, and when creating recipes to use them equally rather than favor one or two over the others.

    Also, the numbers that are programmed might say that ore, wood and pelts should drop at the same rate in other expansions, but in practice they do not. This is especially true in the last 3-4 expansions which had them as drops. The most recent ones were because the Ore, Wood, and Silk are obtainable practically everywhere, while pelts were outliers and either rare to obtain or were only located in zones which are designed to prevent people from farming. The others it is just a matter of the mobs which drop pelts being spread out and roaming across whole the zone such that one cannot farm them without also roaming across the whole zone, meanwhile the ore, silk, and wood have numerous locations where no movement is required to reliably farm them.
  5. Barraind Grumpy Old Bastage

    Still wondering how

    played into any overseer changes. Unless they were supposed to be for everyone and got changed after the emergency "we have to stop people from getting really bad tradeskill component rewards but not fix the underlying problems until april" patch.

    Overseer rewards are laughably slanted to Cloth tailoring, Alchemy and a little bit of baking.

    I feel like the different mission types with ts mats are supposed to have different pools to pull parts of the table from, but they really dont, or its only a very small portion.

    Research has a few different rewards compared to crafting, but both heavily prioritize silk and food. Research does give 1 pelt and 1 ore on the 24 hour quests, so I guess thats something? The 24h quests are weird though, the rewards are less than 2x 12 hour rewards with the one exception in Ring of Scale, since the pelt has a value of everything else combined and then some, where other 1-off ore and pelts are more common. .

    The most baffling thing across the board is giving fish scales instead of fish, especially on the 24h quests.
  6. Deddentd Journeyman

    Just a heads up, since no one in customer service , or the bug report readers are telling you, some of us cant get the damn thing to show enough on the screen to even try to play Overseer. Just a waste of your time , and my money to do something that wasn't ready for us to use when offered. Please address that Overseer, need s to be adjustable to the screen size of the user, NOT go buy a larger monitor which is what iwas told on several occasions. Thanks
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  7. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Are you playing an a 2001 compaq with a 13" screen or something?

    And the overseer screen can be made larger or smaller like any other window.
  8. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Resizing the main window isn't the problem.

    The problem is that the Overseer window itself doesn't seem to have a scrollbar on it. If you are playing on a smaller screen, like a laptop, and have to resize it to fit, then the bottom panel that lists available agents stops generating it's own scroll bar...making it imposible to see and choose agents.

    The Overseer window itself needs to be scrollable, as does each panel inside it...and all the panels need to be resizable as well. As it is now, only one can be adjusted.
  9. Wyldmn New Member

    Sorry to jump on top of this dogpile but I agree with the above. Prices are way over the top. Ornaments don't do anything and I don't see many going for those. What affects me the most is collection item nerf.
    I'm trying to get my alts their collection sets caught up going out and farming for them. I thought this was a god send but with nerf (you might want to recheck your numbers) 25% and 50% don't mathematically add up. Having to sweep the floor of all this dust.
  10. Barraind Grumpy Old Bastage

    "the only thing worth spending tetras on is common agents".

    4/7/20 patch notes: Fixed: Common agents are now absolutely not worth spending tetras on, though theyre still the only thing worth spending tetras on.

    I really dont understand what overseer is supposed to do now except make sure I stay at 99.999% of my level.

    Its not a viable catchup tool, its not a viable merc aa tool, its not a viable tradeskill mats tool, its not a viable conversion of free to pay player tool, and its core reward currency keeps getting made more and more worthless.
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  11. forum troll Elder

    Well the Devs have hinted at future rewards such as heroic characters and such I don't think they have the rewards part fuly developed yet
  12. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    That is just your opinion, for me the TS mats and the extra EXP has been helpful. I have gained half a level on a char that I don't have time to play at the moment just by logging in for 5 minutes a day and doing overseer, as her levels in overseer improve this amount will go up. But I'm happiest about finishing my conflagrant smithing and tailoring without having to spend a huge amount of time on farming TS mats or spending a fortune in the bazaar.
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  13. HoodenShuklak Augur

    I have a regular size laptop bought new for agnarr as a box and the bottom overseer section is cut off. Its definitely bad code not the end user alone.
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  14. Deddentd Journeyman

    I agree with HoodenShuldak, I have petitioned this several times, and gone back and done bug reports on it, but you guys don't care if EVERYONE can play o rnot, One customer service rep who will remain nameless told me to go buy a new monitor. PFFTT ! like hell I will, ill quit playing before I do that just because you guys cant figure things out ahead of time. I had hoped the overseer size issue would have been addressed with the 13 hour shut down, sure glad I didn't hold my breath for that
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  15. Baldur Augur

    What resolution do you play in?

    I have a tablet that is 1368x768 and I can play overseer on it. Barely, I have to stretch the window the entire height of the screen, but it's doable.

    Anything smaller than that resolution though and I don't think it would be playable.
  16. Deddentd Journeyman

    My resolution is higher and still cant access it
  17. ZoomBox Lorekeeper

    The resolution does not change the size of the Overseer window.
    Maximum resolution this machine will handle and
    1) I MUST slam my graphics card against the wall every time I want to start a new overseer mission because I MUST change to FULL SCREEN mode when I normally played windowed mode (Black Screen, come back in 2 minutes, get coffee, etc), and risk returning to >>DEVICE RESET FAILURE<< because if it is NOT in full screen mode I cannot use the scroll bar in the bottom window to scroll down to the <Agent Name> button to choose that agent
    2) Stretch that F***ing window down to the bottom of the screen EVERY F***ING TIME to get the bottom scroll bar to show me the Other agents not displayed in the first row BECAUSE THE BOTTOM WINDOW SCROLL BAR ISN'T FUNCTIONAL without stretching the window EVERY F***ING TIME
  18. Baldur Augur

    The resolution most certainly determines how big you can make the window.

    I always play in full screen mode.

    And yes, on the tablet, I have to stretch the bottom of the overseer window every time as well to get a scroll bar on the agent area.
  19. Deddentd Journeyman

    Doesn't matter for me if I am in windowed or full screen modes, DB/DP released something into EQ before it was ready, and refuse to fix it.