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    So I'm a new 115 warrior and I'm prepping my toon to be able to raid.

    Can anyone who is currently raiding provide some links to the most important tank clickies to collect for raiding please?
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    CoA BP is powerful, but most warriors forget to use it and get by just being worse than they should be, so it's hardly necessary.

    Ditto, Blood Drinker's Coating

    and that's the end of the list.
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    This link, while giving informations, contains lot of SK clickies that don't apply to warriors, and is not saying which clicky is more important than others.

    If you want to retain one clicky that you really should get, that would be the CoA BP with the Warlord Bravery clicky. This is the most powerful of all the clickies, by a big margin. With its 5 min refresh, this thing can be used 2 times during the 7 min 30 you are waiting for your defensive disc to refresh, for a total duration of 1 min 36 ( 2 x 48 sec), and can be used on its own (without clicking additional mitigation tool) to provide enough mitigation

    Diplomatic Paper is also nice to have, it's the 2nd best mitigation clicky imo to get after the CoA BP
    From 15th Anniversary task, so to get during the anniversary period.
    I advice you to use it when Pain doesn't hurt is not up, or Brace for Impact, as it shares same SPA than these ones, to get best effect.
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    Not gonna lie, i still use it.

  7. Axel Furry Hats OP

    "Your defensive disc"
    You mean with Composite (1m, 5m recast 45% mitigation+more HP+more aggro), Ultimate Stand (3m, 10m recast, 45% mitigation), ROS+ BP clickie (3m, 10m recast, 45% mitigation), Warrior's Rampart (3m, 10m recast, 80% mitigation, usually breaks within 30s), and Dragon Glyph (5m duration, 10m recast, 35% mitigation+HP+Endurance+AC+spell mitigation) you have downtime between your discs?

    Use CoA BP on top of using your other defensives. All of those defensives are OP on their own. CoA BP on top of those and use a 2hr!!!
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    *shrug* I tanked a raid boss the other day as an SK with my 2-hander out because I forgot to swap to my sword/board bandolier.
  10. p2aa Augur

    Have you tested them in a raid environment ?
    It's cool to list discs "theory" duration, but most of them don't last this duration against CoV raid mobs.

    Composite last around 40 sec instead of 1 min when used on its own
    BP Clicky last 1 min 30 instead of 3 min
    Warrior Rampart last 5 sec instead of 30 sec.

    So yeah 2 x Warlord Bravery on its own will fill some of the 7 min 30 duration of Defensive Disc down.

    The only tools listed that last their full durations are Ultimate Stand and Dragon Glyph.

    First of all, glyph is not an unlimited tool, you can use max 5-6 glyphs in a raid depending of the number of AA you can win during the raid and providing you started max AA.

    Secondly, I don't see the point using tank glyph when raids are largely on farm, unless in special cases : doing ach that requires very long tanking moment or low healer / tank number and also a longer tanking duration. During new raid progression and you still are gearing up to the new expansion ? Of course sure, use them accordingly.

    Lastly, using a 2 hander means you are causing burden to your healers, with a high chance of death even under a tank glyph and this won't be their fault if it happens, no way.
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    Those all last close to the full duration to me and I tank the COV mobs in TOV gear. IDK what you're doing wrong lol.

    Not using glyphs that you farmed is just wasting DPS and AAs. To start a raid night you should have 230 AAs, to end a raid night you should have 0 AAs and no banked glyphs. Absolutely 0 reason to hold them. Playing in a top guild you probably play more than 3 hours a week, so you'll get them back.

    This is so wrong I can't even.
    With shield, your HP goes from 100-50, but healers heal you for at least 60% of your HP per heal. With 2hander your HP goes from 100-40. Assuming you get heals, you'll be up to 100% before the next swing. Assuming you don't get heals, you die either way. Plus if you have an SK in your group every swing with a 2hr you'll go from 1-100 every time but with a shield you go from 1-30-50-70-100, 4 rounds before you hit 100% HP. Plus, mob dies faster = less time for the mob to damage you = less damage taken overall. DPS = mitigation.
  12. p2aa Augur

    I'm doing it right, don't worry. I use these discs on their own, for example when I use the BP clicky, it's the only mitigation tool running. If you are using them while defensive disc or glyph is running, it will be another story.

    Here is a post last year I made about ToV raid, post # 10
    There is not any warrior who said I was wrong on these durations and that they were seeing nearly full durations on these discs. Since then, we had an updated Dissident and an updated Roaring Shield click, this got better for Dissident with 40 sec instead of 20 sec, even if not full time, and Roaring Shield went from 30 sec to 1 min 30, still some time to fill for a 3 min disc duration.

    I'm pretty confident that we didn't go from disc barely lasting to suddenly disc that last nearly their full duration in one expansion, on raid mobs.

    I find pretty doubtful that, given wearing a 2Hander is a massive mitigation decrease as you negate all Combat Stability stuff compared to wearing a shield, you go from 100 to 50 on a shield and only to 40 on a 2hander. If you told me with DW, yeah maybe.

    Also, this is often not the question of getting a heal or not getting one, the extra mitigation of shield and the extra HP can maybe save you on a bad round the time the heal comes. Usually what kills tanks is a melee dmg spike or big spell damage combined, and going a 2hander you are clearly reducing your mitigation chance. DW would be a better compromise by far, and the DPS of DW is closer to a 2hander one.
    If it's working for you tough, then cool.

    Regarding your SK story, are you saying while his epic is running up ? Ok, but the epic is not running full time during a raid ?

    Have you parsed how much time you won overall in the raid using your 2hander and DPS disc on the mob dieing faster ? I pretty doubt that this is doing a meaningful impact on the duration of raids, compared to the high death risk.
  13. The real Sandaormo Augur

    Original Poster asked about clicks he could get. These are the ones I use here and there. Most are very situational and again you don't HAVE to have them but I have fun collecting and having them.

    Must Have:
    CoA BP = Use it as a buffer for when Ultimate stand drops and getting other stuff clicked and up and running. In groups click it when its up cuz, why not.

    Situational but nice to have: Ear of Diminutiveness, Chestplate of Dark Flame, Blood Drinker's Coating, Violet Conch of the Tempest, Swiftmantle, Unified Phoenix Feather and or Miniature Horn of Unity, Invis: either Potions or something like Drape of the unseen, Rocket boots or Steam Jet pack ( hard to reach spots ), something with Circle of Power and/or Guardan Circle ( Rage of Rolfron, Symbol of Energico for example ), Fast gate (Gyrospire Relocation Device or Drunkard Stein maybe), Diplomatic papers, Huntsman's Ethereal Quiver, Venenium, Holgresh elder beads, Staff of Viral Flux (for Pulling) .. Some of these are for junk buffs.

    There are situations where you want to be able to throw up 4 or 5 junk buffs, preferably insta-cast but fast cast is fine. For example Sontalak's frontal will strip your first 4 or 5 buffs, to protect your better buffs keep the junk buffs in those top spots. ( having these all on a hot key makes it alot easier ). An instant illusion buff that drops off you is a good reminder to hit your junk buffs again, I use Amulet of Necropotence.

    The reward illusion for The burning Lands and the most current mount stats you can get are also very good to have clicked. These both have permanent buffs but do sometimes get stripped off. Also the Ulthork Familiar is the current best one but there are other ones depending on where you are in progression.

    I am sure I missed stuff.
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    I'm kinda surprised this never gets mentioned in these threads by anyone but me, I am guessing people are just put off by the fact that you have to have the illusion on and it's only 1%, but it's 1% with no damage cap lasts 30 minutes, and stacks with every thing sk/pals have and all but two of the abilities warriors have if you count the anguish bp. It's way better than diplo papers. just gotta accept the mechanical gnome illusion.
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