Unscheduled Downtime

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Pintoy 3, Oct 27, 2022.

  1. Coagagin Guild house cat

    Umbral Plains raid instance needed to reset. No idea about other instances but something was happening. The other possibility given the Friday timing is something to do with network engineering. Since Fridays and Saturdays are the least active times for the Internet, a possible change in routing and pathing maybe in the works but this is purely speculation.

    For the record the busiest time on the 'net, particularly retail is Sunday nights.

    - Coag
  2. TsiawdMS TittyGOAT

    Even if prior to patch. I sent some dz add's to alts before chest was opened and those people did not get currency.

    On the other side of the equation, my paladin got random achievements but not the check mark for the actual raids itself for conq a few weeks back as well.
  3. Knifen Augur

    This is what I am talking about, as early as Enverdaz, Oct 5, 2022 This has been a known issue, and confirmed bug, but then all responses to the issues have dropped and gone silent, like it will just work itself out.

    All Vanq and Special ach work fine, but if you didnt all ready have conq credit for raid win, your not getting it any time soon.
  4. Conq Augur

    I always get credit for conq.
  5. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    Whaaaaa? Friday and Sat least active?

    I think you might have that backwards as most marketing companies will tell you that
    Fridays and Saturdays are typically the days when internet traffic is highest, while Sunday has consistently been observed to have lower pageviews.

    And most internet connections used to slow down on those days and your provider would always point to higher traffic cause the slow down. Internet has improved to where that is not the issue as it used to be

    I mean just look at the chat channel figures in the game on those days. Users listed double on Friday and Sat on my server. In newplayers chat too.
  6. Zunnoab Augur

    Ouch yeah that's bad (ToL raid credit bug)..
  7. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    I wonder if they are also setting the Extra Life bonuses which is set for 8 November.

    The $30,000 pledge goal was crossed a week ago.
  8. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    they just posted the update notes say they fixed the skills box
  9. TommyBoy New Member

  10. Celephane Augur

    Read the patch notes, this got fixed on Wednesday
    How is this 0 communication?
  11. Herf Augur

    It's probably my fault. I was PL'ing a bunch of alts with the massive xp bonus from turning in Ornate :)
  12. Knifen Augur

    I’m looking for someone that can confirm it is indeed fixed. Someone that has done the raids and got conq. Not what patch notes say should be fixed.
  13. Tenafter New Member

    I don’t play during the day so I don’t care. But maybe roll out of bed a little earlier and get this done for those that do. This is still a company at the end of the day.
  14. Gabrial New Member

    True that! I just wish someone would re-release Vanguard! *hint hint* :rolleyes:
  15. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    @Pintoy 3 - A game update on Friday morning is unusual, I'll cede that.

    But the tenor of your post seems to indicate dissent over what is, essentially, great service to their customers.
  16. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    There was a patch on Wednesday that was supposed to address this, do you have actual confirmation that it is still broken or are you just guessing it is based on the bug thread?

    Again, is this something you know or are you making assumptions based on the bug thread, it seems like they would have posted some sort of update if they could not get it fixed for the patch.

    If it was still broken why didn't it get reported just like the currency bug got reported?
  17. Knifen Augur

    Ill have to go back and reread my posts, i dont think I claimed anywhere that its still broke, I have done nothing so far but ask for confirmation from any one that has DONE the raid since said patch and got conq ach. I am literally looking for a Yes I did it and got conq, or no its not fixed. Thats it.
  18. Knifen Augur

    Would appear there are some that came off like I am saying it not working still from me, so let me just clear up my question. Has anyone got conq ach from a ToL raid since said patch.
  19. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I asked you if it was still broken and you made several posts acting like it was. Yes, there was a bug posted for it but there was also a patch note saying it was fixed. There was no reason to suggest that it was not fixed just because they didn't update the bug thread yet.
  20. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    It was in the patch notes as fixed and there has been no reports of it still being broken so why would you think that it is still broken?