unrest keys, oops?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by taliefer, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. taliefer Augur

    dont seem to be dropping, bring a rogue.
  2. Meredyth Augur

    If I recall correctly, there are keys which drop in Najena that were originally supposed to unlock doors in Unrest. There is a backstory relating the two zones, that's why the Priest of Najena spawns in Unrest for example. I think there was also a previously useless key that dropped in Unrest, which was supposed to unlock doors in Najena.

    These keys probably actually work now.
  3. taliefer Augur

    if the keys you need to advance in unrest drop in najena, that is mindbogglingly dumb
  4. MaxTheLion Augur

    Ngreth Thergn - "immersion, mystery, exploration, spoilers, learn by trial, etc."
    This is exactly the kind of thing people who love these "Classic" TLP servers secretly desire. The connected lore and slow pace. Up until they experience it and then come to the servers asking why everything is so slow.
  5. Meredyth Augur

    Ok I did some research and here goes:

    Back during beta there were locked doors in Unrest which were removed prior to launch but the keys remained in game. This lead to speculation that the keys might be used for Najena due to the relationship of the two zones, which appears to be incorrect.

    These keys continued to drop however and were obtainable as follows:
    Reclusive Ghoul Magus - Polished Brass Key
    Undead Barkeep - Scuffed Silver Key
    Undead Knight of Unrest - Cracked Glass Key
  6. taliefer Augur

    undead barkeep either doesnt drop a key or it is stupidly insane rare
  7. Bobbybick Augur

    There are 4 keys which (should) be dropping in Unrest

    The 3 that Meredyth linked above + 1 from Reanimated Hand

    Reclusive Ghoul Magus - Polished Brass Key
    Undead Barkeep - Scuffed Silver Key
    Undead Knight of Unrest - Cracked Glass Key
    Reanimated Hand - Small Stone Key

    As far as keys from Najena that are for Unrest I'm not familiar with any, but I'm also not sure what doors each of the 4 keys above actually unlock. If anyone on Coirnav does figure out the key/door combos the info submitted to alla would be much appreciated!

    Edit: I confirmed that all 4 keys WERE dropping prior to the last patch on Phinigel (3/14) at which point they were supposed to no longer drop past classic era. All 4 keys dropped for me on the first kill of their respective mob.
  8. Meredyth Augur

    I got one perhaps a month ago on Ragefire but yeah it seems to be a low % drop
  9. Meredyth Augur

    I also killed undead knight repeatedly back during classic and I don't remember having to destroy a useless key after every kill. Something like that would stick in the mind, I think. I also have to say that when I got the scuffed silver key off the barkeep, I was surprised and had to look it up again, which tells me it is not something I was seeing in every kill and that it is in fact a fairly low drop rate
  10. snailish Augur

    Bring a rogue if you don't enjoy sadistic spawn rates would be my suggestion.

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