Unobtainable achievements on TLPs

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  1. Jedis Arch Mage

    Please flag the following Slayer achievements as optional (much like the other optional achievements) so that Banestrike ability can be advanced. There are a number of these achievements already optional due to era issues (especially Agnarr). These achievements appear to have been missed.
    Vanity category - Skill
    1. Drackity Drak - Kill Drakkins
    2. Corathus! - Kill Corathus Beasts
    3. Army Ants - Kill Cliknars
    4. What Has Science Done!? - Kill Sokokars
    5. A Fallen Empire - Kill Shiliskins
    6. You Can Call Me Alaran - Kill Alarans
    7. Re-Extinction - Kill Kedge (only Phinigel counts)
    8. They Call Me the Riftseeker - Kill Gelidrans and Pyrilens
    9. Discord Sounds Out of Tune - Kill All creatures of discord: ... Nekons, Nocs, Ra'tuks, Taneths, Vitriks, and Ukuns
    Vanity category - Special
    1. Drawing Life From a Stone - Kill Apexus, Bellikos, Blind Dreams, Genari, Gigyns, Marionettes, Sandmen, and Telmiras
    2. Natives of Taelosia - Kill Cragbeasts, Hynids, Stomemites, Taelosians, and Tureptas
    3. Natives of Kuua - Kill Bazus, Chimeras, Dragorns, Ferans, and Murkgliders
    4. Natives of Alaris - Kill Alarans, Braxi, Gorals, Grendlaens, Hadal, Kangons, Scavengers and Selyrah
    5. Such Anguish - Kill All creatures of discord: ... Kyvs, Lightning Warriors, Mastruqs... See Discord Sounds Out of Tune
    Vanity category - Conquest
    1. Invaders in a Strange Land - Kill All creatures of discord: Aneuks, Discordlings, Girplans, Huvuls, Ikaavs, Ixts... See: Such Anguish
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  2. Iuwene Augur

    This is hardly a bug. You could also complain that you can't get level 125 on TLP.
    You will eventually be able to get those achievements when your server progresses into those eras.
  3. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Agnarr is locked at PoP and will not progress any further.
  4. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Honestly, encouraging flagging a bunch of achievements as optional so that one 7-year-old TLP that's perma-locked in a 21-year-old expansion era can complete slayer is a wild take
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  5. Iuwene Augur

    And during PoP era those achievements didn't even exist yet. You have to decide. You can either eat the cake or keep it, but not both.
    If you want to experience the vintage feeling on Agnarr you have to live with the restrictions there. If you want the full menu, play on live.
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  6. Bewts Augur

    I deeply appreciate the view here as at certain point on Agnarr, which has limited content, a player would seek out the achievement system to continue to “complete” things on their character.

    We already have folks with multiple toons that are best in slot.
    With the addition of persona we now how folks that have maximum trade skills on a single toon.
    We also have folks actively building personas that are also best in slot (in addition to their main persona).

    It’s only logical to consider, where possible to enable slayer / hunter achievements that may have certain criteria from future expansions preventing their completion.
  7. Jedis Arch Mage

    Incorrect outlook. If you take a look at the achievements, you will see a number of the slayers are optional, precisely for this issue.

    We can't get the first rollup Slayer achievement completed because these were missed in the flagging of optional. There is precedent for this too, if you look at Heritage crates and others, they were updated to flag things as optional that we are unable to obtain.
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  8. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I have only one comment listed at the end, on the rest of this post at this time, other than we will consider changes.

    As fro the Heritage crates, this is about spending money outside of normal subscriptions and having an "impossible" target for that extra money.
    Slayer and Banestrike are both part of the normal subscription. Agnarr, as part of it's ruleset, has limited access to the normal ruleset.

    The only reason I am not immediately saying yes to the requested change, is, that that seems a lot, and I want to research if this change makes banestrike upgrades too easy and if there might be other options.

    (As an aside, this is not a bug but a change request, so moving this to the TLP forums)
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  9. Jedis Arch Mage

    That makes sense. I guess there's four options that I can see:
    1. Flag all of the above listed achievements as optional.
    2. Ability to variably control achievements based on a server's ruleset, that may make the most sense for Agnarr.
    3. Flag some as optional (Skill category) and not all of them.
    4. Do nothing and leave as-is.
    There was a power change on the server after the Banestrike skill revamp went live last year. I'm not sure by how much, but it's definitely noticeable at lower levels compared to how it was previously, if you're not being power leveled.

    It does seem more like a bug, as there are a number of them that are already flagged optional and can be skipped by all servers.
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  10. error Augur

    Honestly I'd rather not see banestrike completable that early into a TLP, it's not something I'd want to feel obligated to grind out immediately on every new server. Could also be detrimental to server health as high level groups monopolize low level zones to grind out slayers during an era where content is more limited and those zones are actively being used by leveling characters.
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  11. Fangster Journeyman

    I play on Yelinak and completed rank 2 of banestrike when it became possible with Gates of Discord release in April 2023.
    It does feel a bit frustrating having to now wait until Veil of Alaris in May 2025, more than 2 years later, to complete rank 3 and 4.
  12. modsiw Augur

    The behavior is inconsistent. Unless you purposefully set out to make it inconsistent, either this is a bug or the achievements that currently work as requested are a bug. Maybe its a bug with design or planning, and not development, but still a bug.

    Doesn't mean that it's worth fixing though...
  13. CdeezNotes Augur

    Why are these unobtainable? Last I checked, I got them all on a TLP.
  14. Fangster Journeyman

    You can get the first rank easily.
    Then you have to wait until GoD to get the one where you grind the most.
    Then you need to wait 2 years to get rank 3 and 4 and get those instantly in Veil of Alaris.
  15. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    I'm also against the change. Part of TLP is that some content is locked behind later expansions. You can't complete GoD raid achievements on Agnarr, you can't complete HoT quest achievements on Agnarr, you can't complete some slayer achievements on Agnarr. The server is designed to stay at PoP and that's what people signed up for, asking the game to change to cater to one server seems kinda silly.

    Your banestrike ability works on the creatures you have access to, you may not be able to get the higher tiers of ability but that ability didn't even exist a few years ago and certainly didn't exist back in PoP.
  16. Aiona Augur

    As a TLP addict, I agree with the above.
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  17. Zeltari-Ragefire Lorekeeper

    Agreed. 100%
  18. MischiefMage00 New Member

    Props to you for finishing rank 2 on Yelinak! To make it clear, the way the achievements are currently obtainable on TLP is a bit backwards. In order to get the second rank in GoD era, you can finish the much larger "Force of Nature" achievements. With some slight tweaks, the Progressive achievement would be possible and it would still be a reasonable amount of effort.
  19. Captain Video Augur

    This was argued at length when the current Banestrike system first went live. There was no Banestrike of any kind in the earlier eras of the game, so the ask is for something substantially out-of-era, which is against the whole philosophy of a TLP. Beyond that, the max 10% damage bonus you would get from rank 4 Banestrike is trivial compared to gear stat escalation benefits in each unlocked expansion. Meaning, if you're under-geared for your TLP's current content, that 10% will not get you over the hump. If it was my call, I'd take Banestrke out of the game entirely, and have alternate rewerds for Slayer ranks that have some value on every server, such as bag or lillusion. Press hard on the issue, and that is the most likely outcome.
  20. Jedis Arch Mage

    We had Banestrike on Agnarr when it was implemented in its original form. Saying that it was never intended is a moot point. Agnarr is frequently forgotten and subtle reminders need dropped occasionally so that it's thought of during the design/feedback/go live/feedback/design/patch iterative process.

    Even Live has some of those Slayers marked as optional. The logic that we shouldn't have other achievements flagged as optional for content areas we can't even access doesn't hold up. Live can access the content and complete those optional achievements, so it begs the question on why they were even added in the first place. Having those optional is making it easier for Live and bypassing content if you want to apply the same argument.

    Those achievements should progress linearly. They do not currently with the way they are grouped together. The "Progressive" Slayer achievement should have all of the base achievements in it for classic content. If they were organized in a way so that TLPs could achieve some of them, it would make sense. Rank 1 of Banestrike is autogranted at level 1 and we can't get rank 2 at level 65 with LDON unlocked? That seems flawed.