Universal Chat server instability

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Underbrush, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. Loratex Augur

    Non-ingame Voice client is where its at. If you aren't using one then your guild COULD be suffering greatly
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  2. BoomWalker Augur

    Strange that CENSUS is game specific still....must be that it was created after the games existed.

    Would expect the core system to be working and then it is simply a need to add/update/modify the game back end system to work with CENSUS. Perhaps that is what the v2 versus beta thing is all about...

    Guess it is time to look at those horrible webpages about CENSUS again...to see how far away EQ Players is from completion...still think it is 2016...and UCS will follow soon after..2023 or something....
  3. Riou EQResource

    It is game specific yea, basically the server sends data to their census db, then the API builds info off that, problem with EQ1 I guess is that EQ1 was built on flat file system of database that isn't easily compatible with modern methods within their budget (it is possible, but has huge overhead, more work on the server then they would want to do/can do for the budget they are given :p)
  4. Fenthen Augur

    Limited budget is silly since EQ1 is SOE's cash cow.
  5. Perplexed Augur

    I find it hard to believe EQ is still in the cash cow category, would think it has moved to the "not losing money category" by now.

    Either way, it's a poor excuse for not responding to, or fixing the chat channel problems.
    If it can't be fixed, SoE should post that or at the least "we are working on it".
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  6. Fanra https://everquest.fanra.info

    Ok, what is "EQ Causal"?
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  7. BoomWalker Augur

    You may know it as EQOA Next or EQ Casual....the console driven abomination that is abusing the EverQuest franchise name....
  8. Underbrush Elder

    Another night of Autojoin spam followed by UCS being unavailable
  9. Langya Augur

    Voice clients are not for everyone. Personally, I find them a determent to cranking up music, and drinking IPA's which is part of the whole unwinding at the end of the day routine. The routine does not need to involve a bunch of chatter from 30-40 people. I work at an animal shelter so there is enough cacophony there. That is just one case in point. Some people have hearing problems. Maybe some players who role a female toon don't want their guild to know they are actually a man....

    EQ for most of us started off as a typing game and still is, even though some of us can't type for S. Plus, it should not take a 3rd party software to fix this. We pay for maintenance with our subs, unless that has been siphoned off to some of the other dubious titles in SoE's catalog. If so, than there needs to be some reevaluation and some getting of ducks in a row.
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  10. Falos Augur

    EQ UCS, and planetside 2 are so unstable that it bodes very very poorly for everquest next.

    Planetside 2 is supposed to be soe's "baby" at the moment too so the fact that it is so unstable means that any hope for stability is a lost cause.
  11. Ruinedmyownlands Elder

    It is absolutely pathetic that nobody from sony even cares to reply to this thread. They just simply don't care if the game is broken, they probably don't care but things like this will hurt the company's bottom line in the future when people go with other games instead of a new SoE product.

    I sure as heck know that I'll never play another game from SoE. Horrible company.
  12. Ozni Elder

    This seems like the strange sort of information vacuum that results from everyone waiting to see if someone else is going to step up and say something. Even if you don't know whether or not an actual fix is imminent, acknowledging your awareness of the issue and letting us know it's being looked into would still be helpful.
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  13. Langya Augur

    If you remove cross server class channels from the equation, SoE might want to treat it the same way as EQPlayers. Why buy the cow when the milk is free? AKA Magelo, Ventrillo and TeamSpeak all fill in very well for what SoE has let go to seed and some guilds make the third party stuff mandatory. Just like EQ will never have a built in log parser or anything as elaborate as GINA or GTT for AT's. Third parties have solutions that are better than anything SoE might put out. I don't raid so I could really give a flying F about voice chat requirements, but I get why people get wrapped around the axle about it and deny apps membership who refuse to use voice chat programs.

    I want to see this fixed, but I will understand 100% if they chose to just let it decay and than the Universal Chat system gets taken completely offline. Maybe the people who conceived it got fired or laid off to save money and the code is best understood by someone who has long since moved on to other paths in their career. Who knows. If they cared to fix it, they would say they are working on it or at least acknowledge the situation. My guess is they do not know why it is broken and do not care to, or can't afford to be bothered to figure it out.
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  14. Iksarmikscar Lorekeeper

    Have you played EQOA? Because it wasn't casual at all. EQN may be shaping up to be a casual more action based mmo but EQOA was very difficult. I know a lot of PC elitists think EQOA was a casual game but the thing is none of them played it, i did. I've played over 100 mmo's since 1999 EQ and EQOA when they first came out were two of the most punishing noncasual mmos i ever played.
  15. Xslia Lorekeeper

    Thursday Jan 30th - chat channels started it spasm about 8:00 pm est - took a small energy break and then started again and continued till I logged about 11 pm. est.

    [Thu Jan 30 20:03:35 2014] The Universal Chat service is available.
    [Thu Jan 30 20:03:35 2014] Autojoining channels...
  16. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Frustrating thing is it isn't just the channels we lose, we also lose friends lists and in game emails.

    Teamspeak/skype is all well and good, but it is impossible to have multi conversations with different teams of people, I also like being able to review what was said later.
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  17. Camou the Persistent Augur

    MMOs like Everquest - or especially Everquest - are living from a healthy community. Every MMO-Game publisher lives from this community and the success about it. You can have the best MMO ever produced - if the community fails connecting to each other the game will die before the first expansion is announced.

    Everquest lives from its community. Decapacitating the INGAME few possibilities by pointing on the dozens of communication options outside of game is a definitive business failure. I just fear that the end of life cycle of the most genuine online game and standard setter for a whole game genre shows up on the horizon.

    The times when Internet Gaming was a matter of enthusiasm and heart have vanished and have been replaced by profit orientation and investment relations. Of course income is important, but it wont replace the satisfaction of the gamers. Maybe SOE should think of Everquest not as a cash cow, though it has been one over the last decade indeed. Perhaps changing the point of view to make Everquest become what the "Volkswagen Beetle" is and has been for the car industry.

    "A Monument". A milestone of Creativity and Community with the Internet.
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  18. Fanra https://everquest.fanra.info

    Chat channels (UCS) are a different animal than voice chat. It's an apples to oranges comparison.

    The ability to have different channels for various raid teams (debuff channel, healer channel, tank channel, raid leader channel, etc, etc.) vs. having 54 people constantly talking over each other on the same voice chat might give you some hint here.

    Setting up different voice chat groups doesn't work either, because you might need to be in several groups at once.

    My guild uses different chat channels for our raids, with many people in several channels at once. This is in addition to raid chat, guild chat, etc. Some of us also use TeamSpeak and Skype. But TeamSpeak and Skype are not substitutes for chat channels but are extras that help but are not even as necessary for raiding.
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  19. Zanarnar Augur

    I couldn't agree more with Fanra. Sure voice chat is great and we use it; but we also use chat channels for various things during raids. It is extremely disruptive to have the channels drop during say Chapterhouse or SL as we use separate channels for the wrath groups; and for the who-dun-it part of SL.

    I can't understand how such an important game feature seems to get little-no attention from Sony even though the issues have been ongoing for a while now and are only getting worse. (Wondering aloud if its time to setup an external chat system and have every raider run multi-monitor so they can watch IRC chat as well as play...)
  20. Bikmer Journeyman

    Bring back the old IRC based channels... That never crashed and was awesome!
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