Not A Bug Unable to reclaim radiant crystals

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Edenwrath, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. Edenwrath New Member

    Since the "reclaim all" option have been added to the game, i'm unable to reclaim radiant cristals from inventory tab.
    I can't try with ebon crystals cause i have none of them...

    i tried putting them in my inventory and hitting "reclaim all", in alt currency tab i tried having them in my hand and hitting "reclaim all", to no avail...
    They don't show up in the alt currency list (why would they) so i cannot select them in the list and click reclaim, and when i have them on my hand the "reclaim" button stay greyed out

    I haven't tried to reclaim some in a year or so, so i can't guarantee it's all that recent, but right now it ain't working :)
  2. Edenwrath New Member

    nevermind that, camping out fixed it, the reclaim button in inventory tab ungreyed out...
    should have tried that first... sorry bout the post

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