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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Coffee, Dec 20, 2015.

  1. Coffee Journeyman

    Unable to connect to servers. other account logged in. internet is fine.
  2. basslera New Member

    Seeing similar issue. Receiving the "Connection to the servers could not be reached" dialob box. Internet is fine.
  3. Eoder New Member

    Same here. Client crashed and now can't get back in.
  4. Boav New Member

    Same here.
    Don't even get to server select.
    Just get error message "A connection to the server could not be reached." after hitting PLAY from the launcher.

  5. The Badger Lord Augur

    Me either, what it's doing is opening the patcher/launcher fine, then when I sign in and hit PLay game, and its suppose to go the server list, it instead gives me a message on the old school login screen "cannot login, etc etc, please check our server status and scheduled downtimes"

    Other games and internet are working fine, double checked Router Firewall and other setttings, etc.
  6. Blab New Member

    Same. Saying unable to make connection to the servers.
  7. Razgadz Lorekeeper

    unable to connect to servers here as well - other online games working fine :/
  8. kenmei Augur

    also unable to login both accounts, separate comps/IPs.
    Both passing launch screen, seeing eq mouse, then detoured back to og launch screen saying you cannot connect. need to use task manager to get out of this screen, 100% repeatable bug, win10 and vista64
  9. Animosity Elder

  10. Acidjunkie New Member

    Same issue over here. Looks like a server side issue....
  11. Shash Journeyman

    same here
  12. Berran New Member

    Having same issue.
  13. Zako New Member

    Same here also =(
  14. Bravely New Member

    Same...I've been trying for about the last 15-20 minutes. Checked firewall settings (which had not changed), internet is otherwise fine, rebooted computer, still no EQ.
  15. Limp 3rd leg New Member

  16. Pengarie New Member

    Servers been spiking and acting like crap for 3 days now.Surprised this didn't happen sooner.
  17. Frogmancer Augur

    Here as well. As others have said, it looks like I'm logging into the client fine through the launcher, but when I click "Play", the game window comes up, is black for a bit, then goes to the old-school login window with the "unable to connect to server" message.
  18. Evil.Iguana Elder

    Same here. Login server must be down.
  19. Tidaril New Member

    All the game servers are up so must be the Login server that has jumped off a cliff again!!

    Always on a double XP weekend too yay!
  20. Eoder New Member

    Working again now