Fixed Unable to log into Live (Tunare)

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Fian, Dec 6, 2022.

  1. PaulieIrish Journeyman

    AB is now down...
  2. DillyBar Augur

    No acknowledgement of the issue yet?
  3. Bewts Augur

    All Access - Agnarr - Ranger in Great Divide =
    Frozen after Character Select to Launch/Play; Program Not Responding in Task Manager
    Frozen after Character Select to Return Home; Program Not Responding in Task Manager

    All Access - Agnarr - Paladin in Plane of Knowledge =
    Frozen after Character Select, Program Not Responding in Task Manager

    All Access - Agnarr - Beastlord in Bazaar =
    Launches fine

    All Access - Mischief - Necro in Nexus =
    Launches fine

    All Access FV - Warrior Velks Lab =
    Launches fine

    All Access Ragefire - Warrior in Nexus =
    Launches fine

    Free to Play FV - Cleric in Velks Lab =
    Launches fine
  4. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Early in the thread, they asked people to pm server/toon, so I'm sure they know about it.
  5. Fian Augur

    I also think it may be guild related. My top 2 char are in the same guild. I tried logging in my 96 cleric in the same guild, and he couldn't log in.
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  6. TestRat New Member

    Any word on a fix. None of my Guild Mates can log in.
  7. ZenMaster formless, shapeless

    I am able to log into 2 main accounts (all characters, same 2 guilds). I am unable to log in alt account (single character, another guild).
  8. Lendiwen New Member

    I'm thinking its guild based,I have 3 120 and 1 level 11 drinal crimson tempest toon, can't log on any of them,but can log on any other toon, but have no unguilded 120 toons. The level 11 toon is on a free to play account.
  9. Barbarylion New Member

    If I let the login sit and time out I will get a message "your login could not be validated".

    All other characters on all other accounts on all other server logging in normal, just this one character is having this issue.
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  10. DiasFlac New Member

    Check the other thread for log in problems. We found its tied to your guild. Likely all members of your guild are experiencing the same issue.
  11. Inthul New Member

    Same problem is happening to me. My main character who participated in the beta can log in fine. My alts which didn't participate in the beta cannot get past the character select screen. I logged in my alts with no problem the night before the expansion went live. All my characters have purchased the expansion.
  12. TARALAN New Member

    lvl 8 untagged in gloomingdeep fine
    lvl 85 in low activity guild in guild lobby fine
    lvl 111 in active guild in sul vius locks
    lvl 120 in active guild guild hall locks
    lvl 86 in active guild bazaar locks up
    lvl 85 in active guild guild hall locks up
    chat is up ingame, people who can get in are active, lots of theories, none seem to hold up.
    AB has been taken down it seems AND brought back up
  13. PaulieIrish Journeyman

    AB back up! But still can't log in :(
  14. mangenius New Member

    none of my toons on 3 accts in my bot guild or guild can log in. get to character screen and it locks up there.
  15. PaulieIrish Journeyman

    ACtually wait - it's logging in just reeaaaallllly slowly
  16. Dlalron1 New Member

    Category: Other [Crash]
    Date/Time: Tue Dec 06 16:30:09 2022

    Character: Level 1 Rogue (Main)
    Zone: Ak'Anon
    Location: 1231.00, -596.00, -54.09, 489.80

    Description: I cannot log into any of my Guilded characters. THey are in "Chill Mode" on Vaniki. This is a post-patch issue. Other members of the guild are experiencing the same problem
  17. Krelgar New Member

    From What i can tell Rusty WIlsapper and Chill Mode cant log in on Vaniki server the 2 main raiding guilds we are not in beta and some memebers have no ability to connect on other servers with certain guilds that are also having issues.. how could some guilds be effected and some not? achievements?
  18. Revverend New Member

    Can log in toons to Xegony server
    Same Accts, Toons will NOT log into Luclin
  19. PaulieIrish Journeyman

    meh - now stuck on Waiting for zone to finish loading...
  20. Ozadar Elder

    Likely Trump or the Russians. But wait, Biden is in office. I'm so confused who to blame. Let's go with Daybreak and Dark Paw Games until further notice.

    Ozadar of Zek